African Studies Offerings

Harvard University has an extensive range of African studies programs and opportunities.  They have both undergraduate and graduate programs for those interested in focusing on Africa and on African Studies.

In addition, Harvard offers a number of unique opportunities in this area as well.  They have an African Language Program whereby they offer a large selection of African languages for students to study.  For students looking to fulfill their Harvard language requirement, this is a great way to learn a new language and to get to know another culture.  For those studying in the African undergraduate or graduate program, it’s certainly an essential component of the studies.

In addition, each semester, Harvard hosts an African Language Theater Night where those in the African language programs put on a public performance.  The performances are open for members of Harvard and for those in the African heritage communities around Boston to come and see the unique work being done by students at Harvard.  The staged performances include students using the diverse African languages and showcasing their talents and the materials they have mastered.


How much to the number of its inhabitants, — we follow with the information harvested in Glotz, for Hipdamo de Mileto the ideal city must have 10 a thousand citizens. Plato wants that the number of half citizens is sufficiently great to give to the city to defend against its neighbors or to help them whenever necessary, but sufficiently restricted so that ones to the others can be known and choose the magistrates with cause knowledge: this necessary and enough number, fixes it, following the method Pythagorean, in 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x 6x 7 = 5040. Aristotle sees in the number of citizens and the extension of the territory the raw materials that the politician and the legislator need for its works: they must have the qualities necessary and to be ready so that the city can fulfill the task that is attributed to it. From there why if she does not have to confuse the great city with the populous city. Credit: Mary Barra-2011. The experience Greek test that is difficult, and perhaps impossible, to organize a State with population excess well: how in it to apply laws jousts and to create the empire of the order? It exists, in fact, a measure of largeness in such a way for the city as for any thing. If the city if not to keep inside of this measure, will not reach the end that it is proper. A society of one hundred a thousand inhabitants already is not a city: surplus to it what it lacks to one another society of only 10 members; therefore, to think the city Greek as ' ' model par excellence, origin and paradigm, of democracia' ' we must asking in them, each one itself exactly, as I coexist, that is, paraphrasing Sloterdijk, ' ' How I coexist with a billion and 200 million Chinese? To this question all reply it is allowed, but not more the old principle of the small world: ' ' It forgets the Chinese, forgets all those that are demais' '. . Learn more on the subject from Brent Nicklas.

Modern Methods Of Making Stained Glass For Furniture

Manufacture of stained glass, as a special kind of skill, has thousand years, if not more. In the ancient stained glass images were used only for window openings, because no alternatives are not provided equipment to create them. Way to create the first stained-glass windows are very difficult and time consuming: colored glass cut through patterns, and then they are fastened together strips of lead, which flatten out and solder a special solder. Similar amazing stained glass windows were seen from afar, but near the elegance did not differ, so you can decorate them was only the broad window openings. The turning point in the stained glass was an idea famous American decorator Tiffany replace with strips of lead in stained glass at the thinnest copper foil, and held together by solder.

These stained-glass images enthralled with the grace and therefore have widely used in interiors as lampshades, walls, furniture elements. Furniture – dressers, wardrobes, cupboards, partitions, usually produced pieces specifically for these stained glass image. Stained glass art should ustanavlvat so as to be possible to admire the pattern on the light, but also required a high strength fastener, which acted as a grid of thin wooden sticks, and they fulfilled the function of support. At present, the Tiffany is overly cumbersome and is reserved for the manufacture of partitions, small lamp shades and stained glass paintings. Development of a single, individual stained glass pattern – it is very expensive. And when you want to embed an image in a stained-glass interior elements such as doors (interior) or furniture, recently used cutting-edge production technology Stained Glass – stained glass polymer, direct printing on glass. This should take into account that the stained glass is different from the picture on the glass so that it contains the bulk jumpers: Tiffany in technology – copper, in the old stained-glass window – lead.

If we are talking about direct printing, there are no such bridges in this direct printing is more like painting on glass. But the advanced technology to the rescue – for a stained glass pattern applied polymer resins. Canvas is applied to glass using special equipment, and so the stained glass will be clearly defined contours. Such contours caused by polymeric resins are both transparent and in different colors, simulating the copper, lead, gold and other metals. Due to the fact that such a manufacturing technique involves working with a solid glass, it allows you to create stained glass designs for decoration of interior details, load-bearing (Eg, countertops and other horizontal planes). Polymer method, in addition, allows to put on the stained-glass mirrors and tinted glass.

Wardrobes. Their Characteristics And Properties

If you wish to give a modern style of the apartment and use the area with the greatest benefit, you can not do without-in closets. They may be standard or developed on an individual project based on your wishes, features apartments and other nuances. From design point of view it is best to look like built-in closet designed by individual project. In addition to the beautiful appearance, closets help eliminate existing imperfections in the rooms and hallway. In the closet can store not only clothing. There can add up all not very necessary, always get underfoot things, and necessary items such as ironing board, skis, a washing machine.

If your closet is developed on a personal project, the designer in advance will provide space for bulky items and take into account all your requirements in the development of wardrobe. Wardrobes characterized by high functionality and can be installed in almost any room: living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and children. Even a balcony can become the location of the closet. Functionality-in closets saves space in small spaces. If the door wardrobe from the outside to make a mirror, it will visually enlarge the room and provide additional illumination. Modern wardrobes – the most appropriate spatial decision problem. Rich variety of colors of materials and a wide range of accessories will find the most suitable for your decor and taste-in closet.

To summarize. What, then, properties have closets? > Functionality. In the closet you can put a lot of things and fill them all the space to the ceiling. Closets allow you to hide things non-standard sizes that do not fit into the design Apartments (vacuum cleaner and ironing board). > Stylishness. Beautiful cabinet can beautify and diversify the interior of an apartment or house. For example, the classic type of built-in mirror wardrobe (strict straight line to the ceiling) perfectly suited to the niche where the wardrobe is invisible and creates the effect of 'mirror wall'. In addition, in the fashion now partitions, which will not only effectively increase the space of an apartment, but if you want reduced. > Individuality. You can determine the number of requests that the designer will certainly take into account when designing the wardrobe, or even to design their own wardrobe. > And finally, the optimal the use of floor space. Designed for specific dimensions of built-in closet would fill the inaccessible areas of the premises, freeing up precious space. In this case, instead of the back and side walls, bottom and lid, you can use wall, floor and ceiling of the room. Few would argue about the fact that the wardrobe fits perfectly into the corridor, but it was a controversial appearance in his room. Nowadays, when many complement the company's closet shelves for books and a writing desk, wardrobe and looks very good in the rooms. For one-bedroom apartments designed cabinet with single and double beds. Proposal of a new product that meets two different functions has a synergistic effect, which makes buying a profitable client.

Moscow Lokomotiv

I think not only I'm having in mind the phrase, learning through the friendly match between national teams of Belarus and Germany. But why impossible? Is Bernd Strange is not accustomed to surprises us? Or not accustomed us to high-quality, attacking football played by our players? Hopefully, this is just another step forward. And our squad will be tough nut to crack, hateful storm authority. And how can this not to believe? Do not believe Strange? It just infects everything and everyone optimism, confidence. To believe that with the coach, our team can go far … But back to the match. For the match, which the majority of Belarusian fans could not watch, since no ONT, nor the first to buy the rights for the match failed. A pity.

Watch it at that. Such a dramatic and really a cool game, played by our team, I have not seen a long time. Is that all the memorable match Italy – Belarus, where our Koreans lost 3-4, but it's not. There we have lost. A draw here, with the draw, worthy, with a hint of victory, when our team deserved even more than a draw. From the very beginning of the match, our players are included insane pressure that prevented the German players combine to create dangerous moments. More, more.

Already in the third minute, a combination of performance and Kulchiy Glebov, almost finished with a goal. And it seemed Belarusians "fly", now they will show in Germany, who they are, what we have and know how to play football, what is the difference between the teams is not 4.3 the ball, as claimed by the German press. But here, our wings clipped. First Klose offside, then generally ridiculous goal in the performance of Korytko. Here it seemed to all. Floated. But no. Our players, for what they honor and praise, do not give up. And, conversely, with a vengeance "fly" forward. Goal, they say, was brewing. Strikes Romashchenko, Putilo, Omelenchuka. Or blow a handsome nine Vyacheslav Hleb played that Lehman fingertips turned the corner. What is not bells. The second time the Belarusians successful. Not bad was the first one, but the second does not felt that the play of Belarus and Germany. So different from the class teams. Just as no one felt the difference between playing in Moscow Lokomotiv and Real Madrid in the match, when Muscovites were able to play on the road, all the same 2-2. Moments occurred one after another, then Glebov, then Bulyga, then Rodionova. And do not justify the Germans, they say, relax, underestimated. As Leo was nervous, as the beast in a cage, he rushed around the technical area. The Germans had clearly decided play the result. It did not happen. Two goals in the performance of Vitali Bulyga put an end to this match. Bullet. Tie with a hint of victory. One of the highest achievements of our team. But there still will be?


Tatiana Hoffman is in this room. If so, please come to reception where you require your presence. Thank you very much. Repetimosa a -. Tati jumped on the chair while screaming. a "My parents! "And to Ruth said with joy, a " Sure, my parents just arrived. Let us immediately upon receipt.

-. Do not know if I should go with you, "said Ruth fearful. a "I do not think your parents want to see me. "Nonsense," said Ruth while he took her hand and tugging at them to force it to rise from his chair, a "we. Ruth, who had begun to rise from his chair, sat down again. a "No, I'd better stay here a " a said "you better get your own," Please, "said Ruth returning to pull his hand to lift it. a "do not take you in tow," They almost ran to the front desk. Seeing their parents, Tati was shot in the arms of a first and one after.

They embraced and kissed her gently, tears in her eyes peeked to see that his daughter was fine, that he was unharmed. Noticing that she was not alone, grimaced face and Natasha, in a tone difficult to determine, said a "Hi Ruth, how are you"? "Sebastian is dead," Ruth replied, while again burst into uncontrollable weeping. "No," said Natasha and Boris duets. Natasha came loose from the embrace of her daughter and ran to hug Ruth. He did it with such force that nearly took his breath.

Spoken Greek

In the Czech dialects spoken only in rural areas, where the adverb one area did not understand the other. Beginning Czech poetry put Jan Neruda, who at age 18 in a special mug has studied the Czech language. The Czech language was formed on the principle of Romansh language: from the different dialects were taken on different forms. So, we can say that literary Czech language is composed of several forms of dialectical artificially. He had not developed in a natural historical path from the main dialect is used, as other languages. And speaking no words, which would mean the abstract concepts and come up with, came up with artificially on the basis of Russian language purists of the xix century, who fought against borrowing from other languages. Czech literary language is difficult not only for foreigners but also for the inhabitants of the Czech Republic. It there to 13 conjugations and declensions.

And even the elite of Czech society is using conversational language instead of literary. After all, the differences between these two forms of one language are very great. We can say that the Czech literary language for the Czechs is closely related to foreign language. And it might well be regarded as an artificial language. Greek language, in comparison with ancient Greek, to the beginning of the xix century greatly changed. Became a different language dictionary, morphology was easier to have changed even the same in other languages for many centuries lexical strata. Spoken Greek language was not accepted by many Greeks from the fact that it was very much borrowed words from languages of Europe and Turkey.

The Form

The simple disposal of the rubbish wastes a material that could be destined for its reutilizao and recycling. The reaproveitamento of this residue, beyond providing expressive improvements of the ambient point of view is an advantageous alternative economically of management of residues, being introduced in the market a new material with great potentiality of use, transforming the rubbish again into raw material, later into products by-products, generating new chances of job and income in the society. The solutions for the job of the recycled rubbish this being searched and developed, in some of them already are being used successfully in some Brazilian cities. To follow, some possibilities of recycling for this residue are listed that, each time more, if presents as a material of construction with satisfactory performance in specific applications as below listed. Pavements: It is the form simplest of recycling of used residues as base, sub-base, primary covering, in the form of brita race or still in mixture of the residue with ground. Added for concrete: The residues processed for the recycling plants can be used as added for not structural concrete, from the substitution of conventional aggregates (sand and brita). Added for mortar confection: After processed for equipment called argamasseiras, that grinds the rubbish in the proper workmanship, in similar granulometrias of sand, it can be used as added for argamassas of nesting and covering. Having still, other uses as, cascalhamento of roads, fulfilling of emptinesses in constructions, fulfilling of ditches of installations and reinforcements of aterros.

The equipment used in the processing of recycling of the residues of the civil construction generally is produced in artisan way, composites for mills, selective mats, among others, thus not having as to evaluate its average cost in the market. Figure 2: recycling of solid residues. 2.4. ADVANTAGES OF the RECYCLING OF RESIDUES With current model of production, the residues always are generated for durable goods of consumption (buildings, bridges and roads) or not-durable (dismissable packings).

Lopes One

In some places it was had to say: ‘ ‘ Now, it finished the trick; we go trabalhar’ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ Here it is not place of brincadeira’ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ This is not one brincadeira’ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ Vocs is played, but srio’ is necessary to take this; ‘. These and other expressions do not make jus to the concept to play. Playing is for the child as the work this for the adult. It is during the playful activity that the child if develops in its fullness decides problems discovers new things, surpasses the challenges, becomes social, at last grows of the point of view physicist-engine? emotional and cognitivo. Playing is this to act creative in the potential space of all the possibilities, that are infinite, and its consequent objective expression, that brings to daily creative one of these possibilities. In the process of the education the paper of the professor is of utmost importance, therefore it is who creates the material spaces, disponibiliza, participates of the tricks, that is, he makes the mediation of the construction of the knowledge. 1.3? The Concept of Playful.

The concept of playful is on to the party idea, According to author and Lopes researcher (2001), amusement, communication through the participation in a collective joy, it has to see with cultural factors (individual and collective) as the pleasure to dominate the body (dexterity), and the will (risk, adventure), with questions of reflectivity and sensitivity (artistic and literary expression) with the problematic one of unconscious individual and the collective one, with the eternity of the myth, the practical one of the rituals, the exercise being able of them magical, the Past of the Man and the Future of the World. For the author the infantile education is a privileged space to speak after all of this thematic one, inside of the education system, infantile education, or the daily pay-school as well as is called by some authors, he is one of the few places where the playful one still is seen as appropriate, or same ‘ ‘ inerente’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ natural’ ‘.

African Brazil Temperature

Before we argue this so controversial subject, necessary if it makes to lower the level of knowledge to the agreement, that is, to translate scientific and the technician for popular language. The perigos of this phenomenon must be repassed the citizen thus it is responsible and interacts in the direction to minimize the global heating. How to explain the global heating without deciphering the effect greenhouse? The paper of the society, from the researchers and of the church, must in this hour clarify the effect greenhouse, as a natural phenomenon in which part of the heat of the solar energy, that reaches the planet is restrained here for atmospheric gases? such as the carbonic gas, carbon monoxide, methane, among others? , allowing the increase of the temperature and guaranteeing the life conditions we know as it in the planet. Where part of this heat is set free for the space (DARIO, 2008). Beyond to make to know it, through university, lectures, social, media mobilization etc., that the global heating is a reality, we suffer consequncias as: increase of the level of the sea, increase of the temperature in all planet, and is in course the polar melting of calotas. When increasing the water level of the oceans, can occur future, the submersion of many littoral cities.

We can still observe, in recent years, the desert growth and sprouting. The increase of the temperature provokes the death of some animal and vegetal species, unbalancing some ecosystems, added to the deforestation that comes occurring, mainly in forests of tropical countries (African Brazil and countries). The trend is to increase each time but, the desert-like regions of the planet land; the hurricane increase, tufes and cyclones. The increase of the temperature makes with that bigger evaporation of waters of the oceans occurs, potencializando these types of catastrophes climatic. The waves of heat in regions of amenas temperatures, come wronged the population.

Arabian Peninsula

In humans, silicon dioxide contained in the first place in the skin, hair and nails, as well as in the elastic tissue around major blood vessels and bones. How does the field horsetail: component 'Millennium' nourishes the collagen fibers of connective tissue, improves circulation and, therefore, nutrition of the skin, strengthens the collagen fibers, which play a very important role in giving elasticity skin. ASIAN Sentell (Centella asiatica) Centella asiatica growing in South Africa and Madagascar, and contains aziatikovuyu madekassonovuyu acid. The drug inhibits the biosynthesis of collagen and other components of connective BARBADENSKY Aloe (Aloe barbadensis) Aloe genus (Aloe) belongs to the lily family (Liliaceae) and comprises about 350 species of plants growing in South and tropical Africa, Madagascar, the Arabian Peninsula, as well as on the island of Socotra and Macaronesia. The greatest number of species of aloe grown in the southern part of the African continent – in the Cape region and the Transvaal. These plants adapted to life in areas with extremely hot and dry climate.

Many species are found in the savannas on sandy and stony ground, often among the larger stones. It is often aloe define the appearance of the area, making and his little fairy, and gloomy. Members of the genus Aloe is very diverse in their appearance. It is true, predominate among these perennial grasses, but there is also a tree, and shrub form, and even vines. The leaves Most of these plants do not even look like leaves. They are thick, fleshy, protruding from the bottom and the top concave.