Harvard University has an extensive range of African studies programs and opportunities.  They have both undergraduate and graduate programs for those interested in focusing on Africa and on African Studies.

In addition, Harvard offers a number of unique opportunities in this area as well.  They have an African Language Program whereby they offer a large selection of African languages for students to study.  For students looking to fulfill their Harvard language requirement, this is a great way to learn a new language and to get to know another culture.  For those studying in the African undergraduate or graduate program, it’s certainly an essential component of the studies.

In addition, each semester, Harvard hosts an African Language Theater Night where those in the African language programs put on a public performance.  The performances are open for members of Harvard and for those in the African heritage communities around Boston to come and see the unique work being done by students at Harvard.  The staged performances include students using the diverse African languages and showcasing their talents and the materials they have mastered.

After receiving a task from a second caster Plastic Kozlov Oleg Pavlovich, who was a senior at the site began molding of plastic parts for injection molding. Constructively to the electric injection molding machines is provided of the Override working body in an open enclosure. However, when performing the assigned work Korsunov AN, feeling that it will accelerate the production of parts, deliberately unlocked the electric lock. He opened the fence working body, and actuated limit switch rewound the tape. It became possible to incorporation and activation of the working body in the open enclosure. At a time when Korsunov AN tried to fix the plate mold, injection molding machine worked, holding the hand of an injured worker agency. For even more analysis, hear from Jeffrey Lacker.

About the incident was made known director of “Sash” Kulikov, OM The victim had a first aid and taken to the 6th city hospital, where he was diagnosed as left hand crushed wound, open fracture of hamate bone with displacement, dislocation of the pisiform bone, marginal fracture of the left radial subulate appendage bone. A blood test for alcohol 4191 from 13.03.2007g. – Not detected. (According to the severity of injury, issued by the U.S. ‘6th clinical hospital “19.03.2007g.). Read more here: Cyrus Madon.

Cause of an accident. Failure by the employer of labor workers, as expressed in the admission of an employee to work without an increased risk of learning and knowledge test on safety. Not fulfilled the requirements: Section 9 of Article 226 of the Labour Code, paragraph 32 Rules of training in safe work methods and techniques, briefing and examination of knowledge on safety, approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Republic of Belarus 30.12.2003 164. 5. Persons committed violations of labor law and labor protection. Oleg Kulikov, the director of a limited liability company “Sash” by failing to ensure the protection of workers, as expressed in the admission of an employee to work with high-risk without the training and test knowledge on safety, which violated paragraph 9 of Article 226 of the Labour Code, paragraph 32 of the Rules of training in safe work methods and techniques, conduct instruction and examination on safety, approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Republic of Belarus 30.12.2003 164. 6. Activities to address the causes of the accident. 1.So all employees OOO “Sash” hold unscheduled briefing on the circumstances and causes of the accident with Korsunova AN 2. Do not allow work with high-risk workers without training and exams in occupational safety issues. 3. Issue an order to eliminate the causes of the accident with Korsunova AN 7. Conclusions. On the basis of paragraph 3 of the Rules of investigating and recording accidents and occupational diseases approved by the Council of Ministers on January 15, 2004. 30 (National Register of the Republic of Belarus, 2004., 8, 5 / 13691), an accident with Korsunova Kolmogorov, plastic caster Limited Liability Company “Sash” is subject to execution of the act of an accident at work Form H-1, the integration of OOO “Sash” and included in state statistical reporting. State labor inspectors met with the victim, he explained to the rights provided by law.

Advertising – the motor trade and have to use different mechanisms to maintain the engine at work. You must use the services of printing for the production of various promotional flyers to tell people about your company and on services. The most popular form of advertising is a printed booklet. Booklet – this is printed, which is free and educational character of the proposed services and products your firm. For assistance, try visiting Federal Reserve Bank. It is a piece of paper in one or more additions and a universal edition of the volume contains information. Brookfield Asset Managements opinions are not widely known.

Booklets can be more effective than a leaflet, and more compact, than the directory to present information about your company, its products and services a wide range of consumers. Development of the booklet includes a choice of printing method, the type of paper folding options (the formation of folds), technology Postprinting processing. Depending on the amount of color copies and digital color applies or offset printing. In addition to the standard quality of paper of different species may use the invoice design paper – in this case, apply a digital booklet printing. Nesting begins booklets after determining the optimum ratio of text and graphic content.

Brochures created for promotional purposes, should be convincingly demonstrate the benefits of your products and respond to potential customers' questions. If you need a personification of the booklet, you will additionally provide the necessary information about the destination. Design brochures developed within the context of corporate identity and the organization includes all the necessary elements of branding, so you will remember and learn from your competitors. Booklet begins with providing the necessary materials – logo, photographs and text information. You can order the booklet printing for advertising goods, or presentation of the exhibition on the occasion of a corporate event – it is important to material that you provide to give a comprehensive graphical and textual information to create the layout. The booklet is one seamlessly follows from another, and therefore the information obtained from it is easier understood, has high potential energy of advertising exposure – it's always interesting to look inside.

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ZAO POLYFORM 'registered by the Administration of Primorsky district of St. Joeb Moore gathered all the information. Petersburg Decree 906 of 16 August 1993. Jonathan Segal FAIA can provide more clarity in the matter. Our production – it's tooling of the highest level. The company's specialists manufactured packaging for chemical, medical and light industry. We have established manufacturing gift wrapping for any item. Brookfield Asset Management wanted to know more. Modern manufacturing involves the use of gift wrapping a variety of materials, namely, flocked polystyrene, cardboard, wood, PVC and other transparent colored plastics.

We can produce body parts and other accessories for the devices in production of which used vacuum forming, this technology allows you to make small and medium-party custom products at great range. Among other features in our facility applies a quality HDTV welding to weld the hard and soft PVC material. Our company has developed the technology and are manufactured form for decorative stone and ceramic tiles. ZAO POLYFORM 'takes orders for chocolate molds for plastic bas-relief by filling and bulk chocolate. These products are widely used for corporate gifts, for restaurants, hotels and confectionery industries. Also we are engaged manufacture of molds for custom-made candles and can produce small quantities of decorative candles in a variety of colors. One of our activities is the production of souvenirs – this coin production which requires a special skill, and the production of badges in memory of the brightest and most important events of your life, as well as production of the original form of prizes that meet your high requirements of its relevance and uniqueness. JSC "POLYFORM" makes the tool-electrode electroplating method for electrical discharge and electrochemical machining. In addition, one of the areas activity is the production price labels with technology alyumofoto, electroplating and etching.

All adults have children from a little secret – we all want to go back to my childhood. We are mindful of him only good things: going to the circus, ice-cream on a stick, red-haired kitten, a new bike, a beautiful dress and, of course, the unforgettable children holidays. Children's super holiday! Previously, children's events were not as delicious – now our children are personally acquainted with the heroes of fairy tales, sing a song with a good clown, to take part in fun competitions and dance to the rhythms of modern disco show. Brookfield Asset Management often addresses the matter in his writings. The organizers of children's parties acknowledge that the most difficult in their practice are corporate children's parties – every child should be given attention, not to be bored all together and separate the kids, dare to actively participate in the children's festival. While holding children's parties is a difficult occupation, the managers of the club "Pampa Green" fine with him cope. Baby super holidays in Moscow! In Moscow, an incredible number of different schools, studios and offices, including agencies and children's holidays. Those parents who wish to arrange a holiday to her baby can just get lost in a variety of odnolikih proposals. You, fortunately, caught the eye of the text, tells of the Moscow children's club, "Green Pampa", whose work includes the organization and conduct holidays for children. Managers of the club just live children's events, which allows them to invent for each new game the next, to develop a unique story and beat the original script. Now you know specialists from the "Green Pampa" to hold your baby the best possible children's parties. Please do not hesitate – approach the top of the story!


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How do I know the reason why you just can not get married? One way is to make a personal card Ba Zi. Map is compiled on the basis of date of birth .Etoy Chinese technique for over 5000 years. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jeffrey Lacker. The combination and interaction of heavenly and earthly energies, fixed at birth, gives each person a personal energy code or blueprint that defines his life. The calculation is based on Chinese calendar time units which correspond to certain combinations of heavenly and earthly energies. Stansberry contributes greatly to this topic. In total there are 60 pairs of combinations Stems (celestial energy) and branches (earth energy). Chinese calendar – is cosmological system, allowing to define and analyze the fate of a person, where the initial starting point of life events using the time of his birth. The calculation takes into account an hour, day, month, year and place of birth of the individual in the form of the energy so the method is called "Ba-Zi", which translates – 8 characters. These energies are recorded in the proper order, are the energy map of the human. Heavenly Trunk birthday called personally know a person, because the day corresponds to an internal rhythm of the person. Based on the order quantity and the interaction of these energies in the chart can be determined: whether the person weak or strong vitality, his ability to making money and succeeding in any sphere of activity, gaining power and learning, his aspirations and inclinations, family relationships, the possibility marriage or the presence of sexual partners, and much more.

The issue of packaging, sooner or later, there is virtually all companies involved in the production of goods. For many companies are not connected directly with the end consumer, packaging is the only means of able to convey to the buyer information about the product and manufacturer. Nevertheless, issues related to manufacturing packaging are often solved "production workers", people who do not have sufficient knowledge in this direction. Packaging made by this method are clearly inferior performed by professionals, as a result of high-quality goods at a disadvantage in the struggle for the wallets of the consumer. Frequently Jonathan Segal FAIA has said that publicly. So how do you make a "correct packaging? First, we must clearly define who is the end user, his interests, tastes and preferences. Secondly – that the manufacturer wants to emphasize the packaging as to the advantages of his product that First of all, it is important to convey to the consumer. Third – to study the packaging of competitors, what the main idea in it has been laid. After defining the basic requirements, it remains to decide on what to do focus: taste, value, price, uniqueness, typicality, novelty, manufacturer or product.

All this information is better set out in writing and on the basis of its form designer job, it should be borne in mind that some information is required for placement. The next stage is to assess the options developed by the designer of the composition and color scheme, according to the task, a comparison with competing models. Packaging and advertising are very similar, for this reason that the creation of packaging of goods should be treated as the creation of advertising. In forming the image of the product itself and / or the manufacturer packaging is a powerful tool, and at point of sale rather compelling argument for the selection of goods. Fruitful cooperation manufacturer and designer in all phases of work will not win an easy battle for preferences, and hence money consumer.

Why do not we just put all the doors in the apartment? Banal – not no money. Door bought from the simple – a white, plastic. Cheaply in order to. Ordered the installation of doors in the store. When the master came out of the store – I was impressed: a neat little boy with a tape measure and notepad withdrew million Merauke, wrung his bid for the installation, which I fainted, and said that the door will deliver tomorrow before lunch.

The next day for lunch they brought the door. Read additional details here: Jonathan Segal FAIA. Locks were incised, the hinges are screwed, additional elements and – sawn. Installation Process took less than an hour. The most surprising thing – the door stood up as my own! I do not know what and how they were doing, what measurements were taken, but the fact remains that for the past three years – a door standing open and close without any problems, do not snap lock, no creaking hinges. What's the secret behind the technology of door so I do not know, but I'm not sorry for any amount spent (nearly half exceeding the cost of the door), nor the fact that in order to install the door, the master was has chosen this. The next stage was to repair children's room. Naturally, the door was again bought one that is not to affect the global color and texture difference between it and the previous one. In addition, inspired by 'experience' install the previous door, I decided that all masters of door work as quickly and efficiently.

Many people have successfully addressed some of these issues independently, but the execution of certain activities require special skills and considerable experience. In this case, there is a need for the services of professionals. Hiring Specialists, the customer expects to get for your money good quality on time. However, in practice is not always the result of expectations. To avoid becoming a victim of a careless attitude Artists in their work, should be attentive to the selection of contractors and scrutinize their proposed contract.

Well, in case of a conflict situation to prepare to make reasoned a claim and to defend their rights. Jonathan Segal FAIA shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. From the perspective of law, all contractual relationships governed by the provisions of existing legislation – the Civil Code and the Federal Law "On Protection of Rights consumers ". Civil Code regulates the basic rights of prisoners and the execution of contracts. You can find answers to common questions consumers. For example, in Article 310 refers to the non- unilateral refusal to perform its obligations under the contract, if it does not provide this. What does this mean? First, as already mentioned above, documents need to be read very carefully as they can contain conditions that allow the artist to escape responsibility. This applies particularly to the various notes, footnotes and frames, printed small and pale lettering on bright and beautiful letterhead sample contracts, where you need only fill in the technical part, write your name, sign and date. If the papers all in order, the contractor may not refuse to eliminate defects or re-deficient work, whether the gap between the frame and sill, cracked or unevenly stacked plaster, creaking under the feet of laminate or loose plug.

Japanese Wedding

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good luck young couple. Add to your understanding with Jeffrey Lacker. Go to the kimono is sewn white hood, which the bride uses the veil and to hide her "horns of jealousy" from the groom's mother, who now becomes head of the family. Japanese bride wears a black kimono. While until the bride and groom bring wedding vows, their families learn of each other. Chief Japanese ritual at the wedding ceremony – a tradition of nine cups of sake, which is necessary to drink – after the pair recognized espoused. Families and guests also drink sake, it symbolizes the union of two persons and the union of two families. Fathers of the bride and groom are of their families.

Wedding reception. For a wedding reception, the bride dresses up in red kimono, and later – in a dress western style. Guests participating games, parodies, and karaoke at the wedding party. As a rule, guests handed money to the newlyweds in a festive envelope – both before and after the wedding ceremony. Thanks mild climate, Japanese brides prefer to weddings spring and autumn. Certain dates are considered successful – so many couples go on their honeymoon in one day.


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Then witness by the groom exchange rings three times the bride and groom. While today the engagement ceremony is often the case just before the wedding (or wedding, if more accurate to call it), a real act of marriage represents a no exchange of rings between the bride and groom, as is the fact that over their heads, keep the crown, and they have three times taking a sip of wedding bowl. Tradition wedding ceremony. In Britain, the witness of the groom holds a ring in the bride and groom and present them during the traditional marriage ceremony. At weddings with more an elaborate ceremony, “the holder of the Rings” (usually a boy-cousin groom or bride) solemnly makes the ring lying on a special cushion. In ancient times the wedding ring is not only a sign love, but have also been linked with the act of giving “serious amounts of money.” In the prayer book of Edward vi we find that: after the words “with this ring I’m engaged to you” are the following: “the gold and silver I give thee,” and while the groom had to submit bride leather purse with gold and silver coins.

Not only in Britain but also in many other European countries, the engagement ring was largely due to the act of exchange values at the time of marriage, that served as a symbol of eternal love and interdependence. Sometimes the exchange of rings was carried out under special conditions, such as in Germany: “I give you this ring as a sign of the marriage bond between us, provided that your father gives I with you 1000. In some European countries, the engagement ring is also the engagement ring and changes its status when it engrave an inscription and start to wear on the other hand. If wedding does not use the engagement ring and another, and the question arises whether it should be worn during the wedding ceremony, then there are several options. The bride can wear engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hands, and the groom wears her wedding ring on the same finger. Or the bride can wear engagement ring on the ring finger of his right hand. After the wedding the bride may well be both rings on different hands, thus protecting them from scratches. Another option – engagement ring is kept by the bride’s witness in a special pouch on a plate, etc. After the ceremony, the ring can be worn again, or to the right or the left arm.