Harvard University has an extensive range of African studies programs and opportunities.  They have both undergraduate and graduate programs for those interested in focusing on Africa and on African Studies.

In addition, Harvard offers a number of unique opportunities in this area as well.  They have an African Language Program whereby they offer a large selection of African languages for students to study.  For students looking to fulfill their Harvard language requirement, this is a great way to learn a new language and to get to know another culture.  For those studying in the African undergraduate or graduate program, it’s certainly an essential component of the studies.

In addition, each semester, Harvard hosts an African Language Theater Night where those in the African language programs put on a public performance.  The performances are open for members of Harvard and for those in the African heritage communities around Boston to come and see the unique work being done by students at Harvard.  The staged performances include students using the diverse African languages and showcasing their talents and the materials they have mastered.

The carpets in the schools diminish the noise, the falls, and the wounds. The carpets and other materials can generate problems of quality of the inner air if the school has problem of humidity or water intrusion, like dripping through ceiling (bored ceiling). If the carpet stays dunked, can become the source for the microbial growth, which as result can have adverse effects against the health. The carpets and other furniture damaged significantly by the water must be removed and be eliminated or to be cleaned to steam and to completely dry them before reinstating them in the school. After to be installed, the new systems of carpets (including the used adhesives to unite fibers of the front of the carpet to the reinforcement materials, the shock absorbers for carpet and the glues used in the installation of the carpets) as the majority of the materials used in the inner completion emits organic volatile made up (VOICE, by its abbreviations in English) of a period of time must be ventilated the place.

carpets These emissions can be reduced significantly in the first 72 hours by means of appropriate ventilation, although they are not possible to be eliminated completely. The carpets also act like deposit for the dust, the Earth, pollen, esporas of mould, pesticides and other materials that have been originated in the interiors or that have been engaged in of the outer environment. From the moment that the carpets settle can catch an important amount of particles, which can be removed passing the vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, if they are not cleaned like is due to hascer, this can cause that great amounts of dust and remainders are accumulated in them. Some studies have demonstrated that the carpets that do not stay well clean can release a significant quantity of particles during the course of the daily activities. In addition, it can be possible that the small children play in the carpet where they will be more in contact with the enemy with polluting agents that have not been removed suitably for want of happening Original author and source of the article

' Because we do not dare to classify us, or to compare us with some, that if praise itself same; but these that if measure itself same, and if compare obtain same, are without entendimento.' ' 2 Corntios 10:12 We commit a desmedida madness when in we measure we ourselves, finding that we are the maximum in we find them more important when we are recognized for the others and when pparently, we do not have problems It stops of if still comparing with you yourselves, standing out itself, that is, finding itself better of what the others, therefore that is madness! If God has in them used, in has granted agreement to them, knows, that he is not for our merit, NOT! Much less it is for our qualities but yes, we receive blessings for favour from God, that is a imerecido favor that It grants to Its children, when perceives that they place the faith that has in practical. ' ' It knows, however, this: that in the last days laborious times will supervene. Because it will have same men loving of itself, miserly, presumptuous, magnificent, blasphemous, disobedient the parents and mothers, ingrates, profane, Without natural affection, irreconciliveis, calumniators, incontinentes, cruel, without love stop with good, Treasonous, stubborn, the proud ones, more friends of the delights of what friends of God, Having mercy appearance, but denying the effectiveness of it. From these it moves away-te.' ' 2 Timteo 3:1 – 5 Laborious times, wild men: it is moved away from them! It gives to them Word to it of God, but it does not fall in friendship, not! They resist the truth, but its madness remains public, therefore they do not advance, do not progress. They, due to its stubbornness, do not obtain to hear when God speaks to them of peace! If some afflictions are in you, part pardon the God and have also asked for the transformation of this picture, say that you not that this madness all of the enemy in its life.

It improved the mobility of the Brazilian forwards with respect to previous parties, but the equipment was generally too foreseeable in the last happens and with little success in the closing. Only one fast triangulation between Duck, Robinho and Neymar left to this last face to the goal half an hour almost, but figure of the Saints ended outside. Shortly after, a great one stopped of the Right guardameta Billiards avoided the best occasion of the first part, a plate closing of Lucio in a play to stopped ball. After the renewal, dnsa Antoln Alcaraz had to save to its equipment removing under woods a shot of Neymar, that was in a superb position, when only expensive receiving to portera an attendance of Duck. After that occasion, Paraguay tightened slightly more and balanced the game in the average zone, maintaining to ray the Brazilians although always it was far from the rival area. Brazil was the unique one that, to dropper, continued generating occasions, although without squashing in excess and prize thanks to stopped brilliants of the doorman of the Real Spanish Valladolid. A good shot of Goose that looked for the stock of the post found the glove providential of the arquero, that with great reflections also removed a closing point-blank from Duck and later it would return to save by hand to his equipment in a hand in the small area against the forward of Milan.

Fred, that it had entered the place of Neymar, ended to crner near the end of the prescribed time, but Edgar Barreto saved the furniture when removing the ball from head on the line of goal. A shot from outside the area of Nelson Haedo Valdez that was lost by the basic line to a minute of the end was the best occasion of the team of Gerald ' Tata' Martino. Useless prorogation In the prorogation the nerves controlled to soccer and shone in a generalized fight by which they saw the red card Antoln Alcaraz and Lucas Leiva. Brazil put more persistence than Paraguay in avoiding penaltis, but those were the guaranes that put in vilo the party in a death occasion of Valdez. From the eleven meters, Elano and Barreto failed the first launchings. Billiards stopped the shot of . Andr Santos and Fred also sent the ball outside. List of credits: 0 (0) – Brazil: Julio Caesar; Maicon, Lucio, Thiago Silva, Andr Holy; Lucas Leiva, Ramires, Goose (m.99, Lucas Moura); Robinho, Duck (M.

110, Elano) and Neymar (M. 79, Fred). 0 (2) – Paraguay: Billiards; Vern, Gives Whistles, Alcaraz, Towers (M. 70, Marecos); Side (m.62, Barreto), Cceres, Riveros, Estigarribia; Valdez and Districts (M. 82, Perez). Turn of penaltis: 0-0: Elano, outside. 0-0: Barreto, outside. 0-0: Thiago Silva, for Billiards. 0-1: Estigarribia, goal. 0-1: Andr Holy, outside. 0-2: Riveros, goal. 0-2: Fred, outside. Referee: Sergio Pezzotta (ARG). He expelled to Lucas Leiva and Alcaraz (m.102). He admonished to Andr Holy (m.56), Maicon (m.58) by Brazil; Side (m.20), Barreto (m.64), Marecos (m.71), Estigarribia (m.110) by Paraguay. Incidences: Party of quarters of end of the America Glass played in the stage City of the Silver, before about 36,000 spectators. Source of the news: Brazil is eliminated of the America Glass by Paraguay after failing the four penaltis in the turn

The decisive influence that exerts the technician in the work of the player. It is doubtless that the trainer of a football team must be psychologically preparation to develop his activity since psychology constitutes a fundamental factor at the time of carrying out the work that is to carry out. At personal level it has to be in the best possible conditions from the mental point of view, as far as motivation, strength of spirit and security in itself and, not only by the particular benefit that this supposes to him, but so that it is essential to have a good psychic state soon to be able to transmit it to his players. The trainer has to as much consider a series of objectives from the psychological point of view at collective level as individual. To the being soccer a joint sport, the technician must realise one double facet, most important it is concerning group but without never forgetting the opposite aspect in which there is to worry separately from each about his players and in whom often it will be forced to take part throughout the season, by that the situations are many that can be raised at personal level and which they bear relation to the soccer player like individual. The goals that the trainer has to consider from the group aspect and in relation to the work of psychological preparation have to concentrate essentially from my point of view in being able to motivate to the equipment for the attainment of the objectives that have settled down during the season in the development of the competition that is disputed. To obtain that the group creates firmly in its possibilities, that one becomes strong before the adversity and mainly that remains united and without fissures at the difficult moments when the things do not come out well and the results they do not accompany. At individual level it has a great importance that to all the soccer players who form the group, irrespective of whether others play more than, so that it must have holders and reserves, makes to them clear that it tells on all of them and, that all are necessary for the operation of the equipment although they more or less play time during the parties. If the trainer obtains that the player regardless of his participating situation in the equipment at competitive level, feels important within the group and mainly valued and appreciated by its technician, it will have managed something vitally important to take to good port the ship of the equipment and to reach all the goals that have drawn up, since it will have been able to canalize all the efforts of the members of the group so that they go in a same direction, always looking for the communal property and that is doubtless that it will repel very positively in the good operation of the equipment.

I dedicate to this work to my son Gabriel, of seven years, that for its easiness of learning in the new technologies of information and natural curiosity, have been a laboratory of learning for me the time all. With it and for it I am, constantly, reconstructing my knowledge. GRATEFULNESS I am thankful all that, of one another one forms or had supported, me throughout this year of course, especially, to the professors who had guided the long-distance course all. They had been several you discipline, some had guided one more than disciplines, but all had always had words of incentive and safe orientation so that I could continue in a new and total challenging modality for me, that it is the long-distance education. It would like to also say that the argument fell for land, as many times heard, of that this modality of education it is superficial, in contrast, exactly without knowing them was imagining as it would be to correct the work of the pupils, to evaluate them, to allow the reconstruction of the work that contents was not it. This process showed to me that more I was demanded felt, me engaged to study more, to make the optimum work that I could not to disappoint them, therefore knows that the professors had very dedicated of its time reading the material sent for us, correcting, in stimulating to continue.

This ability does not develop itself when we consider only exercises of application of concepts and mathematical techniques, therefore, in this in case that, what it is in action is a simple analogical transposition: the pupil searchs in the memory a similar exercise and develops analogous steps to of that situation, what it does not guarantee that is capable to use its knowledge in different or more complex situations. (BRAZIL, 2002, p.112). When the Resolution of Problems is adopted as education methodology, is necessary to leave explicit that the choice of this option is not restricted only in displaying and deciding questions, but that the agreement of its language is very important, as much in the understanding of the problem as in the conception of the found resolutions, and when the pupil does not perceive the Mathematics as language structuralized in the formalizao of concepts, it does not perceive the functioning mechanisms. 3,2 Symbolic representations: uses and abuses Since the antiquity, the use of symbolic representations was frequent between the humanity, its use age of utility at the time so that the men if communicated ones with the others. The Mathematics for being considered a Science that is present in all the others, it possesss a proper language, and the ones that obtain to understand mathematical meanings are as it was learning to read and to write in another total different language of materna. In relation to these aspects, it is placed that … the fact of the mathematics to be a language (finer and needs that the natural language) that it allows the man to communicate itself on natural phenomena, consequently, it is developed in the course of the history of the humanity since ‘ ‘ sons’ ‘ more elementary, and, therefore closely on to the sociocultural context where if it develops? therefore we speak in mathematical Greek, Hindu, mathematical mathematics pre-Columbian. (D? AMBRSIO, 1986, P.

35) When passing of some decades, these symbologies had been if perfecting and if becoming more frequent. Today, these symbols also are used as representations in the mathematics, in order to inform to who read a mathematical problem the meaning of that it could be written in text form. But, many people are not experts of the diverse symbolic types that are used. Following this same line of reasoning, if perceives that the resources of the communication are basic so that pupils park or advance ahead of an joined difficulty. From the association the metodolgica perspective of Resolution of Problems enters and the communication, we can verify that the pupil, while decides situation-problem, learns mathematics, develops procedures and ways to think, develops basic abilities as to verbalizar, to read to interpret and to produce texts in mathematics.

… Simultaneously, acquires confidence in its way to think and autonomy to investigate and to decide problems. (SMOLE; DINIZ, 2001, P.

DSP Sofa

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Wonderful invention developer of furniture – sofa Sleeper. It solves all the problems of small apartments, allowing guests and take, and the rest is normal. And even if the area of impressive dimensions, such sofa still take its pride of place in a flat, because almost everyone has relatives and friends that someday will be welcome. As a hospitable host, you have to care for others to prepare sleeper. It's nice that the market is a buyer meets a variety of sofas, but then the question arises – how to choose what is right for you? Not an easy task, but solving it is quite possible, to use our advice.

So, before you sofa Sleeper … Information on the upholstery on the Internet abound, so the upholstery will not dwell. After reading any article on this topic, including on our website, you can easily sorientiruetes in stock. Look inside the sofa … He was part of the skeleton – skeleton force.

If the "skeleton" meets us kososloynymi gnarled or bars, do not hesitate to look for another option. This sofa does not suit you, so as manufactured in clandestine workshops "gray" companies and is focused on those important visual effect and did not care about the "content". For the manufacture of frames used in such products is the DSP, which can be easily determine the weight – the design just overwhelming. Most often frame is made from high quality wood of coniferous trees, as well as ash, beech and more expensive breeds.

Carpeting is beautiful and practical flooring. In addition, lay carpet can be simply yourself, go around without any diy repairmen. Although theorists repair and professional masters can tell you that it is not so. Well, for example, look at this stuff, which lists the tools, the need for laying carpet. This is a simple listing of the instruments may enter as a shock to an inexperienced person. Can it be so difficult? I say – no, it's much easier and faster. And I'll show you this in his article, which was written based on personal experiences and those of my friends. Thus, the initial situation: there is a room where the old beds linoleum.

Objective – to lay new carpet. And it must be done quickly and with minimal effort. The solution consists of the following steps. 1. preparation. In this step, do the following: a) Exempt room of furniture. This make highly desirable that then nothing stopped working. Even heavy cabinets or advise to remove the sofas.

Emptiness in the room will facilitate the work and will continue to save significant time and nerves. B) critically evaluate Fiduciary. If you have old linoleum, invited the builders will likely advise you to clean it up. But I would not hurry. Of course, the old linoleum, especially on a felt base, may contain dust and dirt. But if you put a new coating on top of old, the floor will be warmer and softer. In addition, you will not need to expend energy on something to rip off and throw away the old linoleum.

You should see at least one sample of the furniture factory. According to this pattern can be seen on the rest of the production plant, its quality. Incidentally, this also applies to other groups of furniture. Do not order the kit in pieces (sofa now chairs later). The color does not match ever. Choosing furniture note the number of samples of skin that you predolagayut. A good plant to more than 30 (some killogrammov alone samples).

Better to buy furniture for those factories that specialize in the skin. Except large selection of models, they are guaranteed good quality. There are, however, exceptions. Factory – the manufacturer can produce excellent products, using a few basic categories of skin (the most “sold” category and color). Good furniture is expensive so-called “French” and a cot is not designed for what will be sleeping on it. Pay attention to detail, especially at the seams. The joints must be neat, straight lines, without “Overlap” should not be “broken” (big, sloppy holes of the needle). Accuracy in the details distinguish the “good” producer of “bad” and that the seams are the first indicator of quality.

Also, fear of fraud, Many manufacturers deliberately make complex shaped seams which can not be played “pirates”. Sophisticated, accurate seam – a sign of quality. If you offer a very large discount (over 30%) Italian prices, so price is initially overpriced. Large factories, selling a good furniture, do not give big discounts. They are pursuing a policy of uniform prices. Sometimes the salon can offer a good discount on the exhibition pattern, if Salon interested in replacing this obraztsana another (the latest model). Feel free to buy. When selecting a suitable type of skin should be explained to the buyer the difference between pure aniline and poluanilinom. If he required furniture in the room where the children live or pets, you have to convince him to choose a protected skin, even if pure aniline are of the highest quality. Any skin type can be adapted to the tastes of the client, whether conservative or modern tastes.

And why do all the furniture with his own hands? Is not it easier just to buy it at the store or order a furniture showroom? Let's try an integrated approach to these issues and give them a thoughtful, measured response. So what we get benefits, ordering furniture "turnkey" in the salon or at a manufacturing plant? First of all, we get rid of a lot of trouble: making drawings of furniture, loading and unloading for transport parts, implementation of marking, drilling holes in detail, and so on also need to honestly admit that having ordered the furniture on the side, we are not responsible for correcting errors that may occur during assembly furniture. All these efforts will take the furniture company. But, you know, the modern world is designed so that even to go to the toilet, you must pay the money. Therefore, for all these troubles have put a decent amount of money. And if all that bright and cloudless in a situation where we order furniture on the side? Of course not.

It should be understood that market yet has not been canceled. Therefore, any producer or furniture salesman is interested, above all, to make you well. But at the same time, and the principles of fair competition these days, too, has not been canceled. This means that a good earning for you, this manufacturer wants to offer you the best price on the furniture you're interested. Now let's think through what it can to reduce the cost of the product.