For the modern 'new' style born at the turn of 19 and 20 centuries, as a movement to create a style of his era, used the rejection of old style forms, the search for new materials: iron, glass and concrete. Free planning, different levels of sex, great windows. The designer uses when working on the interior of improvisation on the chosen topic. On the walls we see the bizarre capriciously snaking line with the apparent trend towards asymmetry. The walls of the room a colorful, often decorated plaster plane-plasty. Furniture is decorated with a stylized plant ornament, it is dominated by languid, drawn, wavy shape. Architects in the same product were combined in a magic the unity of architecture, plastic arts, painting, decorative – applied art. We introduce the functional zoning.

Interior design achieves an incredible sophistication. The shape of windows, doors, staircases varied up to infinity. Stands out and achieves great expressive fluidity of rhythms, colors and textures. Often used in ceramic tiles, wrought iron, window and door floral stained-glass windows. Styles design. Art Deco Mixing elements of Egyptian art, American Indian exotic and primitive African art. The standard style and stylish are the luxurious interiors of ocean liners and luxury hotels.

For furniture style is characterized by the use of decorative elements in the form of zigzags, circles, triangles, suns. The color scheme used by rich browns, ivory, all shades of gold. Styles design. Minimalism laconic forms, reducing them largely to the geometric shapes. Nothing more. The design of the cultivated open space, highlights the aesthetics of simplicity and accuracy, all the elements of life carefully hidden. Do things easy silhouette and they are few. Complete lack of decor, ornaments, clarity of composition. Discreet graphics of walls and floors can be combined with a bright interior items. Design styles. Country Vperevode from the English 'country' means 'village'. This style is characterized by nostalgia for the quiet country life, in everyday life, which is characterized estestvennot and simplicity, the lack of pretentiousness. The interior natural for a country living brick and wood. Very popular cowboy motifs, fabrics in a cage or small flower, etc. Colours restrained: shades of greenish, beige, various shades of brown can be combined with red and green inclusions. Design styles. Hi-Tech is a modern modification technicism. From the preceding phases of high-tech features a demonstration of super-technicism in which building construction, engineering equipment and systems evolve into decorative and theatrical elements of exaggeration and sometimes irony. Hi-Tech is focused on the aesthetic development of metalwork and glass, as well as elements engineering equipment. It is important to highlight the beauty of the holders, lights, fixtures and so on. All the practical, functionally. Favorite colors: metallic silver, white, black, materials: metal, glass, pipe … Design styles. How eclectic interior style combines diverse, belonging to different styles of motifs in a single, which combines a 2 – 3 stylistic approach. Talent unites them in designer colors, architectural … solution. Used a combination of objects and furniture of different time and origin.