But the Tupac was not imposed, only won him the headband that carry all sinchis as representation of authority coming from the Apu Sapa. This introduction makes reference to the intentions of two brothers for access to the occupation of Western authority. The first is a former scholar trained in Harvard University, believed to have the right to represent First Nations with their intellectual prizes. No one removes the merits which may be collected in Western science, but totally unknown the process by which are facing indigenous peoples and particularly the Amazons of where the proceeds, as well as also has a wrong which could need, which is counterproductive to the originating motion. The second is a brother who leads an organization that represents mostly Amazonian Nations, with reference, we have their last winding road that I abandon the struggle of peoples to go to live comfortably to Nicaragua, to later return. Most striking is his return and as political prosecution was completed by art of wonder, more about those who are rulers today, which do not grant any license if they have not obtained prebends many seniors that those that have been granted.

And precisely the APRA, are not known for their generosity in politics, the opposite are the Antipodes, and knowing how they handle the judiciary at its whim, why is surprising in what this brother has obtained concessions from the judiciary. There had to have concessions by the brother, who already now is trasluciendo with their appetites electoreros and therefore also assume betray the brothers that can make you a echo and chorus. Why my response to the brothers that desperate looking for a table of salvation within the Western framework. We know that it will be impossible to obtain them because everything is nothing more than a cheating boys and the brothers that it seems that we are betraying, they are nothing more than the figurehead for the betrayal to our peoples to consolidate itself. Our hope cannot die, for this purpose there is to resort to our traditions, to the tips of our Yatiris, Amautas and elders in our communities. This is my advice, such as what I am. Tupac Isaac II Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.