Not expose your artificial stone corrosive chemicals. If such cleaners as solvents paints substance cleaning metal and furnaces substances containing chloric methylene acetone (Nail polish remover nail polish), acidic cleaners came to the surface of your sink podstolya or of artificial stone, rinse immediately with plenty of soap and water. Nail polish is cleaned nail polish remover acetone based on no (eg type of Cutex), and then rinse with water. Although the artificial stone is durable, but heavy blow or sharp object can damage and leave traces. Do not cut foods are not directly on its surface.

We also recommend that you turn the cold water first when pouring boiling water into the sink. Artificial stone, and elevated temperature. Artificial stone is more resistant to elevated temperatures than conventional materials. However, do not put it on pots pans taken directly from the stove or out of the oven, and electric heating appliances (kettles, deep fryers, etc.). Always use protective pads or supports with rubber feet for hot pans or electric heaters devices. Current care of artificial stone. Current care podstolya surfaces, counters, sinks, and basins of the artificial stone is very simple: A. Work surfaces.

There are three types of performance work surfaces made of artificial stone: silky matte, semigloss and high-gloss. Soap, water and a sponge remove normal dirt and stains from all types of surfaces. To remove stubborn dirt, use a variety of ways, depending on the performance surface. In all cases the water is wiped off with a towel. On the mat performance of water stains cleaned with a damp cloth. Small spots just wash with soapy water or detergent based on ammonia. To remove stubborn stains, use abrasive scouring powder (Eg, Barkeeprer s Friend, VIM, Ajax ,…) and green sponge Scotchbrite. Rinse aid simply wipe with a sponge the surface with light circular movements. Semi-gloss performed to remove stubborn stains, use bleach neobrazivnuyu cleaning paste (for example, Soft Scrub, VIM, Ajja, CIF, ..) or bleach solution and a white sponge Scotchbrite. Stains can be removed with light circular movements. If you want improve luster and color, use neobrazivnuyu polishing paste and end wipe paper towel or cloth. On high-gloss version, use the same procedure as in the semi-gloss, but instead use a simple abrasive sponge. You can also use a white polishing compound for removing stubborn stains with a soft cloth with light circular movements. In this case, you may need polishing, the product to restore a uniform shiny surface. In the case of serious damage surface-see instructions for repairs.