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Who recognizes these phrases celebres? Finish it tomorrow morning hablo le term here and I’m going Da same thing if I make the call today that tomorrow incredibly this activity, very typical of our tricolor reality, leaves us extremely costly. But even if we dedicate ourselves to a network marketing business. It is important to remember that MLM businesses are done fast. All the time we do La Chamba is running against time our. Programs of automatic shipment (EA) are the first enemy when this present apathy.

We beefed us, we pay a product and when least hope us it, the following recurring charge to our credit card already is there. We are filled with product, us endeudamos, and complain that the business does not work (go. We take the blame to the business for the work which we did not). That’s why many MLM companies have a scheme of quick bonds which allow the amortization of your business to the new partner avoiding that the product cost him. This It doesn’t work if we stay static. The date in which you sign the contract of adhesion to the company and the date on which you start the business, in many cases it is not the same. It is necessary to immediately take action to prevent that our business result in hemorrhaging of money. For the above, I recommend the following: 1.-ensures that the first EA occurs after your credit card cutoff date.

In this way you will have a period of 45 days more or less to make the payment at your bank. 2 Make a list of consumers. It is located people who can enjoy the product immediately, so the first order you make product, leave you money to pay your credit card. I suggest that this list be constant consumers. 3 Leverages your MLM company fast bonds scheme. If consumers in the previous point are associated to buy product only, try this acquire directly in the company and be part of your network. So you will enjoy these bonds and will have a constant volume of consumption. 4. This point is the most important. Don’t let the things for tomorrow, you dejalas for yesterday. If you signed today, take action today and don’t wait you to the apathy you dominate. Nobody will do things for you; so get the part that suits you. Train you, train you and enable you to make your business your ally and not your enemy. You can count on the best product and the most innovative compensation plan, but if you’re hoping that the angel of the multilevel you helpers or your upline to do the work, you will just leave disappointed and borrowed. Hot nor feels! As we say in Mexico. Do things in good time is less painful and more productive than leave it all for tomorrow. From morning then forgiveness from already get change.

Not expose your artificial stone corrosive chemicals. If such cleaners as solvents paints substance cleaning metal and furnaces substances containing chloric methylene acetone (Nail polish remover nail polish), acidic cleaners came to the surface of your sink podstolya or of artificial stone, rinse immediately with plenty of soap and water. Nail polish is cleaned nail polish remover acetone based on no (eg type of Cutex), and then rinse with water. Although the artificial stone is durable, but heavy blow or sharp object can damage and leave traces. Do not cut foods are not directly on its surface.

We also recommend that you turn the cold water first when pouring boiling water into the sink. Artificial stone, and elevated temperature. Artificial stone is more resistant to elevated temperatures than conventional materials. However, do not put it on pots pans taken directly from the stove or out of the oven, and electric heating appliances (kettles, deep fryers, etc.). Always use protective pads or supports with rubber feet for hot pans or electric heaters devices. Current care of artificial stone. Current care podstolya surfaces, counters, sinks, and basins of the artificial stone is very simple: A. Work surfaces.

There are three types of performance work surfaces made of artificial stone: silky matte, semigloss and high-gloss. Soap, water and a sponge remove normal dirt and stains from all types of surfaces. To remove stubborn dirt, use a variety of ways, depending on the performance surface. In all cases the water is wiped off with a towel. On the mat performance of water stains cleaned with a damp cloth. Small spots just wash with soapy water or detergent based on ammonia. To remove stubborn stains, use abrasive scouring powder (Eg, Barkeeprer s Friend, VIM, Ajax ,…) and green sponge Scotchbrite. Rinse aid simply wipe with a sponge the surface with light circular movements. Semi-gloss performed to remove stubborn stains, use bleach neobrazivnuyu cleaning paste (for example, Soft Scrub, VIM, Ajja, CIF, ..) or bleach solution and a white sponge Scotchbrite. Stains can be removed with light circular movements. If you want improve luster and color, use neobrazivnuyu polishing paste and end wipe paper towel or cloth. On high-gloss version, use the same procedure as in the semi-gloss, but instead use a simple abrasive sponge. You can also use a white polishing compound for removing stubborn stains with a soft cloth with light circular movements. In this case, you may need polishing, the product to restore a uniform shiny surface. In the case of serious damage surface-see instructions for repairs.

Movement of the disc are performed by eight. Thus, the test sample is subjected to friction in all directions, not just on the basis or a duck. Tests on smooth fabrics hold until the three ragged threads on the pile – until the abrasion on the basis of villous tissue. It is believed that the fabric was tested if the number of cycles (repetitive motion drive) higher than normal established by ISO, BS or national standards for this type of tissue. The technical specifications shall indicate the number of cycles withstand.

If the test shows that the fabric has stood the ISO 5000 cycle – it is a guarantee that the tissue is sufficiently reliable. Test the fire ("Cigarette" test) on the tissue is placed a burning cigarette. Pinpoint the time from the moment of contact with cigarette ignition to the fabric. Recently, the British Standards require the furnishing fabrics were treated with fire-resistant composition (written or just Fire Retardant FR in the certificate). However, this requirement is not common to EU countries.

Cigarette test is considered passed if the date before starting the test fire was 8 – 10 seconds (depending on the type of fabric). Test for color fastness is considered one of the toughest tests. Two samples are taken furnishing fabrics from the same batch. One sample was subjected to tests. Produce so-called "mashing" metal disk in dry and wet tissue. Testing stopped after 3000 cycles of the disc. Conclusion is made by comparing the resulting color after testing with standard color table on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 – maximum stability). In the technical specifications indicated value of the test fabric in dry and wet. Stability of color upholstery when exposed to light must match the scale of 1 to 8 points. This scale corresponds to the ISO and the Russian State Standards. Test pillinguemost (Education 'pellets') This test – one of the stages of test durability. On the table, illuminated tissue sample is fixed 150×150 cm, on which the moving metal disc. Performed on 5,000 cycles on both sides of the fabric. Illumination is necessary in order to determine the number separated from the fabric fibers. The sample is compared with the control, and visual assessment of tissue is assigned one of the groups table pillinguemosti: A – no visible effect, there is practically no loss in fiber – lost single fiber – pureed place clearly visible broken fibers, the file structure of tissue. D – a great loss of fibers formed hole, and defective structure of tissues by normal ISO figures are on a scale of 2 to 5. Source:

Pondering over the problem of choosing furniture and how to buy furniture, everyone is thinking, where to see samples of some furniture. But the current time, solves the problem of the choice of furniture. After all, online furniture shop on the World Wide Web is already normal. Of course, it's hard to buy furniture without looking and not felt it, but for that in these stores can find the price and then come and see the selected model furniture. Gets the choice of the manufacturer. Furniture Gerbor will be the best choice. This factory has long shown itself in our market as a quality supplier of components and finished furniture. Yet all the furniture Gerbor different beautiful and original sets of furniture for any room in the house.

Quite inexpensive and, at the same time, justified option – it is a modular furniture – really match any decor and any size room. While at an affordable price. The result is an exclusive track for small money. Furniture for the living room – the most important furniture in your house. It is in the living room gets a guest of your home. Buy furniture for the living reality in finished form or call the masters for the production of furniture for the living room.

Upholstered furniture should be in house. After all, this furniture is not only allows complete clearance of houses, and furniture, which allows everyone to relax and unwind after a hard day, so it is important to buy a sofa in Kiev. Therefore, every man, who decided to do a choice, and then buying any furniture such as upholstered furniture or furniture for the living room, or modular furniture, or even furniture Gerbor'll need to go to a page online furniture store. Site online furniture store to see samples of furniture and, of course, the cost of furniture, before wasting time and effort, running through the furniture store looking after themselves for the necessary furniture.

The Furniture

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The conventional and incandescent light bulbs will have to go out whenever they are not necessary; however, the fluorescent lamps will have to go out if they are not going to be necessary by a period greater to 15 minutes. If it wants to save energy, it will not have either to use more lights of the specifically necessary ones; and the same happens with the heating, does not increase the temperature more of the necessary thing. To leave to televisions or videos in standby also generates cost power, reason why these apparatuses will have totally to be extinguished. As far as the computer screen, it extinguishes it when it is not using it. It lowers to the temperature of his heating 1, this form, you as soon as you will notice the difference; nevertheless, it will be being been saving around 15 Euros to the year. It considers that will have to maintain the furniture far from the radiators, since the upholstered furniture is a very effective thermal insulator. When falling the night will be able to lower the temperature until 5C, which will cause that it can save a 8%, and if it lowers 10C to it will save a 11% approximately.

It will be able to acquire thermostats of automatic backward movement in specialized stores. Like he is recommendable to extinguish the light if he is not present in the room, it would be necessary to do the same with the heating. It closes the doors of the rooms that are not in use to maintain the heat in it needs which it. If it has electrical heating divided by zones in its home, it will be able to save until a 25%. In order to obtain the greater amount of solar heat, during the months of winter it abra the curtains to let enter the sun.

Papasan Chair

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At other times the imagination can move you to the shores of the solar Egypt or Turkey. Rattan papasan chair will fit perfectly in any room will be a worthy addition to your interior. Papasan chair rotating (rocking chair Papasan) Article: TET-23/01V Dimensions: D 1150h980h930 mm Price: 7500 rub. Brandy swivel chair Papasan deservedly acquired the status of the most refined, aristocratic piece of furniture. This chair is also known as rocking chair or chair folding Papasan Papasan.

Buy Papasan chair rotates, it is truly perfect creation of the furniture industry may be in our online store Hurry in time to participate in our new stock, because the number of these amazing products are limited! Each time, sinking into a chair Papasan 23 01b, you will feel an amazing lightness and harmony with the environment. Noble rattan color best brandy in tandem with a touch of white light pad will be beneficial to look in your interior. Papasan chair swivel – your the only right choice if you want more than just a chair Papasan! Armchair Mamasan (mamasan chair) Reference: TET-23/02 Dimensions: 1750h1100h820 mm Price: 8600 rub. Honey gives pleasure chair Mamasan, some exotic, light and weightless. This mamasan chair can be placed in any room of your apartment or home, even on the verandah giving it will not look pretentious and artificial. Your main task at the moment – to buy a chair Mamasan until July 31.

It is in these terms online shop conducts a very profitable share of the sale of seats mamasan. These original, extremely beautiful, elegant chairs necessarily be your favorite home furnishings to get rid of that You never want to. Mamasan chair February 23 – it's almost a sofa, at least, it is designed for two, although one there will be no less comfortable. The furniture in the color "Honey" and "cognac" is equipped with light-colored belts, the color "olive" – dark. Pillows and straps included chairs, price per chair fully loaded. Armchair PAPASAN (Papasan) Seat MAMASAN (mamasan) Now stir in brandy Papasan Chair or honey, rocking chair Papasan color olive, and honey, double mamasan chair in olive or cognac shade. There are all these options, only the choice is yours!

every person in our world seeks to ensure that his house was cozy and comfortable. The specialists in the creation of interior develop a wide variety of building materials, furniture, household items. All this can be found in specialty stores. Among the huge variety of goods can be confused. It causes people difficulties difficulties, so many appeals to the theoretical books on the creation of comfort and convenience their homes.

All these questions will answer the interior design. When rasplanirovke apartments, country houses or other dwellings all face the same challenge: What is the color palette to choose? In considering this issue will be of great help the science of proper mixing of colors – color theory. Due to the fact that the color scheme plays an important role in the design, and sometimes many customers are very difficult to imagine in whatever color they wanted to see the room, the master of developing a set of graphical editors. In them we can see every room in every possible color shades. See how this or that improves the palette, or, conversely, impairs our room.

True and consciously choose the desired color scheme. When you select the desired color scheme for housing in the interior, always use the services of an artist who knows the science of color theory. Do not forget, of course, rely on their looks. Initially, define for themselves in what form and color design of the interior must be given room. Learn about the most preferred combinations of color in the interior.

These early experiments not they were very successful in virtue of which cut the corpus callosum had been partial and not total. In 1965, Philip Vogel and Joe Bogen surgeons achieved the first successful operation of brain sectioned in an epileptic patient, thus preventing electrical storms that develop in one hemisphere to pass the opposite using the bridge of the Corpus Callosum. Counting on the collaboration of epileptic patients who had undergone split brain operation, Dr. Roger Sperry was determined that the left cerebral hemisphere is responsible for the language, as well as linear, analytical and thinking rational, while the right has the creative function, integrative, emotional and spatial. 1975 Psychologist Robert Ornstein, on the basis of studies of Sperry, sets, in his book the psychology of knowledge, the basement of current knowledge brain to assert that you can measure and predict the specialization of the cerebral hemispheres. Ornstein says that the Eastern esoteric knowledge (zen, yoga, etc.) is they have focused on the awareness of the right hemisphere (e.g. alteration of heart rate through meditation). In sharp contrast, Western psychology has dealt almost exclusively with the consciousness of the left hemisphere, with logical thinking.

In 1976 appeared an interesting article in the prestigious Harvard Business Review publication, signed by Dr. Henry Mintzberg; the article was titled planning in the left, direction in law; Here the author asks readers with questions such as: why some people are so smart and so clumsy at the same time; as capable of mastering certain activities mental, but as unable to dominate others? Why some administrators with large capacity for organizational processes seem unable to comprehend the scope of the philosophy of the company? Dr. Mintzberg clarifies that an individual can be intelligent and awkward at the same time because one side of your brain is more developed that the another. Book concert for four brains, the Mexican doctor Jorge Abia mentions that the ground of how the human brain is enriched every day, and emphasizes the complementarity of the two hemispheres, because even though the verbal information is generated more often in left brain, right brain prints emotional tone and nuance as important in communication as information transmitted with words.

A fifth of vertebrates in the world are in danger of extinction due to the invasion of their territories and the effects of agriculture on them, advirito the first week of November, a Studio world.The number of species under threat of extinction is rising, according to the scientists, but conservation efforts are helping to reduce the global rate of extinction of species. The backbone of biodiversity is deteriorating, said Edward O. Wilson, Professor and ecologist at Harvard University. A small step on the red list is a big step forward toward extinction. This is only a small window on the global losses that are currently taking place.

Scientists released the study, known as the red list, at the Summit of the biological diversity of the United Nations in Nagoya, Japan, where will have been carrying out, the last days, talks on the protection of the environment. The study, which also It will be published in the journal Science, found that at least 41 percent of amphibians are closer to extinction than other species, they are the most threatened animals. 13% Of birds tambien satisfy all the requirements to be on the list. The scientists used data from 25,000 species to study the world of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish, taking into account that tambin there are many species of plants on the verge of disappearance. On average, 50 species of mammals, birds and amphibians are closer to extinction each year due to the impacts of agricultural expansion, logging, over-exploitation and invasive alien species, he is announced on the red list. The study highlighted 64 mammals, birds and amphibians whose situation has improved, including three species that were once considered extinct and made a comeback in number in the midst of major conservation efforts. They are the California condor and the black ferret in the United States, and the Mongolia native Przewalski horse.

Southeast Asia was the largest number of losses because of the rapid expansion of palm oil farms, timber operations and crops of rice, according to the study. A deadly fungus which affects amphibians contributed to losses in some parts of Central America, the tropical Andes of South America and Australia. Eeta diversity report confirms other reports of continued losses in biodiversity. However, scientists say that it is hardly the first test of the effects of the worldwide conservation efforts. The results show that the State of biodiversity has been reduced by almost 20%, something that never would have happened without the conservation actions taken, the report says.

Il Divo is a known member of a genre that might be called operatic pop musical group. Its success can be analysed in the light of one of the latest theories of business management, the blue ocean strategy, and allows us to reflect on how to apply the latter in our business. The idea of forming Il Divo arose from the mind of the producer Simon Cowell, Manager of Sony, and creator of formats such as X Factor. After listening to a song covered by Andrea Bocelli, and after attending a concert by the three Tenors (who also had a great success in its time), came up with the possibility of creating a group that play pop songs with some opera style. Therefore, its members should have had operatic training; In addition, and to try to ensure success, did a casting in which in addition to good voices sought certain physical attractiveness. Their first album, in which versionaban known songs of Frank Sinatra (My Way), Toni Braxton (Un-Break my heart), and others artists, was a great success.

In the second they returned to perform versions of other singers, also achieving very high sales. Since 2004, the year of its launch, they have sold over 25 million albums. The creation of this group tells us about the positioning and the search for new markets. A type of already existing music, as the opera, with a minority audience, got a best selling group, mixing it with pop, and somehow creating a market that didn’t exist, at least to that level of popularity (there are other representatives as Andrea Bocelli or the ten tenors). Blue ocean strategy was defined in the Harvard Business Review by w.

Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. The authors distinguish between red, cluttered sharks and oceans filled with blood by the battles that occur, and blue oceans, in which there is no competition, and therefore captures new demand and more profitable customers, can be achieved without a fight against anyone. In this way, the Red oceans are markets perfectly defined and accepted by competitors that are involved, and who fight in the market based on those parameters. Blue oceans are normally born from Red oceans, from a company that seeks a benefit not satisfied in the market, and which can count on demand. Thus was born Il Divo, and can have many other examples, such as the Nintendo Wii (instead of focusing on the graphic power, as its rivals, was oriented to the gameplay), Logan (Renault, through its Dacia brand, which offers a large, simple and cheap, unpublished car in the European market), Ikea (furniture design and at an affordable price(, easy to assemble, and packaged so that they are easy to transport), and so on. That is why this theory, closely associated with the annotated positioning by Ries and Trout in his book the 22 immutable laws of marketing, can serve each one to try and explore other possibilities in your business and create a new market. It is, in short, do not conform with the rules of game established, and invent own rules. It is not easy, but it can become very profitable. And it must be an ongoing process, because competitors can copy us and enter our market, so we must constantly reflect on the ocean in which we are.