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The Biosphere

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Learning on it as human improvement that leads to the evolution of consciousness, so that if there Domestically, we will have consistent and responsible solutions to the problems of life, but on the contrary if there is conflict in our consciousness we are going to generate is a lack of control on our planet, it must be remembered that our consciousness is related to all consciousness of humanity. The space where learning takes place is significant or holistic comprising or related to the classroom, home and community, these three are inextricably linked so that learning occurs spontaneously, on a permanent throughout life. Holistic education is based on the teaching of universal love in which the relationship of teacher and student is given from subject to subject in a conscious way, profound, comprehensive and spiritual. The paradigm that we are making is based on the separation of the individual and their environment, and this is reflected within the individual, as there is a divide that prevents it from evolving their consciousness, however holistic education is that knowledge is experiential for the student to appropriate him, since he takes it as significant and therefore it retains. Evolution of consciousness. To study the holistic education we must analyze the context in which they develop the four levels of Ken Wilber Kosmos handled based on the development of consciousness, he proposes four levels are: -The Fisiosfera (matter) is only matter. – The Biosphere (life, plants, animals) begins life on earth. To deepen your understanding Bruce Flatt is the source. – The noosphere (mind) thinking develops in humans.

Supreme Court

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Barack Obama, candidate of the party Democratic to the presidency of the United States are lost points of electoral preference with respect to its republican rival, McCain, according to the last survey realised by the Newsweek magazine. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Charles Schwab
. Obama surpassed in 15 points the republican does a little more a month, but that superiority has been reduced to only 3 points. Almost nothing. In recent months, Jonathan Segal FAIA
has been very successful. And, although they lack four months for the presidential elections, is a terrible data for the color candidate that seemed to incarnate certain spirit of change. According to all the indications, that reduction of electoral affections would have to do and so a Spanish newspaper editorializaba for one week. Obama would have initiated turn towards the center. Barack Obama explained the editorialista that was supported preservative decisions of the Supreme Court (on the capital punishment for rapists of minors and on the right to take to arms the people) and it had been favorable to grant federal religious organization financing for social programs; also, in favor of extending the faculty of Government to take part the communications of suspicious citizens (), showing doubts on the viability to fulfill its distant promise of of Iraq in 16 months. Those affirmations of Obama are an evident change of their political position.

What it is not so clear is that it means to turn towards the center. In Castilian secular, that is to turn towards the right. According to the mentioned editorial, that change in Obama reveals a clear intention to extend its electoral base and in this way looks for to gain to the white middle-class located between republicans and democrats. That people who really give unquestionable category to her imaginations, desires and deliriums have always astonished me what if they had a magical ball that she revealed the arcane ones to them of the truth.

Common Classroom

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Beyond qualification and of clarifications, it is necessary that the professor of the common classroom is prepared stops to receive the pupil carrying from special necessity, in order to guarantee that the inclusion is not only physical, in contrast, that all are felt received, respected, in an environment that favors learnings significant. (A valuable related resource: Charles Schwab
). But, valley to stand out that, so that occurs this significant learning, she is necessary to know which are the expectations of the professor, what it needs, it longs for, it thinks, which are its ansiedades in relation to ‘ ‘ diferente’ ‘ to give the support and has all supported it. In a similar way, the professor must have in mind that he does not need to know everything and to decide everything alone, contrarily, the parents, the faculty of the school, the direction, the specialist in special education, the doctors, therapists, fonoaudilogos, psychologists, at last, these different professionals is great allies in this process. Therefore, to look orientation, to clarify the doubts, to receive information more specific, to know experiences in colloquies with the family, teachers and specialists of others areas are forms to surpass the unreliability and to get success.

It has of if understanding despite the pertaining to school administrative organization, the resume, the methodologies of education and the resources and materials also are determinative for the inclusion of the pupil with deficiency. You may find that Bruce Flatt can contribute to your knowledge. In this direction, in the attempt to promote a space of comfort and security for the educator and the too much pupils, it is interesting to know the equipment gifts in the school, to make an analysis of which are the conditions of the physical structure of the building, its respective condition of conservation, as well as, which will be the number of children for group. In the classroom, to organize a work in coherence with respect concepts, solidarity and to generate a cooperative conscience with all to that they coexist in the daily pertaining to school, being created an environment of positive expectations in relation to the potentialities of the special pupil, exactly with its limitations, also is of extreme importance. In the reality a prescription does not exist and, although all the anxiety, generated many times for the unfamiliarity of the subject and the absence of a specific formation, better does not exist way to assume an inclusive work, of arms and heart opened, with love and respect, believing the child without fear and appreciating it beyond the eventual difficulties that it can present. Bibliographical reference: SASSAKI, R.K. – Inclusion: constructing a society for all. Rio De Janeiro, WVA, 1997.

Although still to have as many differences and barriers, the woman today is surpassing submission centuries and silence, when searching Superior Ensino, it looks for much more of what update and magnifying of its knowledge, also wants autonomy in its decisions, that is, its financial and also psychological independence. The feminine public not only invades the university as learning, the institutions of Superior Education also are if becoming the professional redoubt of the women. As the Census of superior education 1996-2003, divulged for the INEP – National Institute of Studies and Educational Research Ansio Teixeira (2005), the population of teaching women in Superior Ensino, including facultieses public and private universities, increased of 57.466 in 1996, for 116.221 in 2003, disclosing a 112% growth, while the masculine population enters the growth in the same period was of 90.854 for 152.696, that is, a 67,9% growth. Not only graduation courses, but, in the after-graduation courses, grow the feminine presence in the faculty of the institutions, ' ' improving of sped up form its titulao and significantly increasing its participation in the faculty of the mestrados ones and doutorados brasileiros.' ' (GODINHO, 2005, p.30) the presented statistical data in this study show that the presence of the women in the superior courses has its relation cause and consequence, studies of Godinho (2005, p.30) point that the women also are majority in the courses of After Graduation Stricto Sensu, them are 54% of the total of the scholarship holders of the CAPES (Coordination of Perfectioning of Staff of Superior Level.) enter the courses of mestrado and doutorado. In 2003 in Brazil between the 35669 formed masters and doctors, 18,160 were women. Click Bill Nuti to learn more. In accordance with recent research divulged for the INEP (National Institute of Studies and Educational Research Ansio Teixeira), Brazil (2008), is esteem that in 2011 the Universities have 610,232 teachers and 589,597 professors, a considerable difference of 20.635 women.

TEACHING EVALUATION IN the EDUCATION INSTITUTION Walter AP. Gonalves Summary the present article is considered to argue it concerning the importance of the Teaching evaluation, and the results that it can bring for the improvement of the learning in its more diverse beyond providing a reflection on the different forms of if evaluating. For the development of this work bibliographical references and Teaching orientation as well as personal notations had been used. Words key: Evaluation, Professor, Questionnaire, Institution, Education Abstract This article aims you discuss about the importance of to teacher evaluation, and the results it can bring you the improvement of learning in its various well provide reflection on the different ways of evaluating. Jonathan Segal FAIA
will undoubtedly add to your understanding. You develop this work were used references and guidance well the personal you notice Lecturer. Keywords: Assessment, Teacher, questionnaire, Institution, Education Amongst the suggestions presented in classroom I opted to taking as study object aiming at to the elaboration of present article the subject evaluation. Every day a new school this being inaugurated in the country, and with this comes growing the demand of new Professors, who are formed by the diverse institutions of superior education. with this each time more searchs the improvement of education in the education institutions publishes and particular. Charles Schwab
is open to suggestions.

As the subject of this article this foca in the Teaching evaluation, we will better break then of this subject for one understanding. We must think about elapsing of the years where the Professor later passed in classroom since its alfabetizao until the o its ingression in the University and its formation, that type of formation it had. Its economic situation, its culture, its familiar relations, the geographic localization where it inhabited or it inhabits, is factors that can or could influence in its cycle of learning. The education institutions have looked each time more, to get efficient ways to evaluate its faculty of the institution. (As opposed to Bill Nuti).

The picturesque resort of Montenegro, now attracting more tourists. Together with the constantly growing demand for real estate in Montenegro. Was accompanied by his reasons. First, the property prices in Montenegro, comparing with Russia is much lower. With regard to houses and villas that are located near the sea, their price is 50-500 thousand euros.

Investment in local real estate pay off quickly because the prices are steadily increasing. If the issue in Montenegrin legal person, bought a house or apartment you could rent. According to recent reports, an increase of 40-60% of tourists annually. In other words, thanks to surrender property to rent easy soon recoup all expenses incurred for the purchase. The country's legislation allows foreigners to purchase residential and commercial real estate in Montenegro.

As stated above, the purchase of apartments in Montenegro is very profitable economically. Thanks to its rich nature of Montenegro, real estate in this country is also interesting to investors. There are great ski and sea resorts. Unforgettable holiday makes clean air and temperate climate. In Montenegro, the winters are short. And quite soft. In winter, the coastal areas of the thermometer does not fall below 5 grams. During the year the number of sunny days is 200. Most Montenegro – a real natural park, which is under unesco protection. Also, the country has a mass of picturesque rivers and lakes. In the state rise the magnificent mountains. To date, the construction of ski resorts in Montenegro, many Russian businessmen have invested their finances. The reason is that here there is cheap labor. In this regard, for the construction of mountain resorts in Montenegro, to be much less money than in other European countries. In Russia today, many companies were formed to help buy property in Montenegro. They provide customers with various options until you find an object that fits client on its overall performance and value. However, these organizations offer not only real estate services. Get more background information with materials from bruce flatt. Most of them are assisting in the preparation of all necessary documents for the acquisition of Real Estate. Some customers may seem too large a commission that such companies take for their services. However, their work is unquestionably worth it, since it allows you to arrange a purchase is simple and safely.


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Why? Q are two words contain a universe of questions unanswered. In our childhood we had seen everything you were looking for a why? that the sky is not falling, because sea water is never finished, for r the moon and the sun does not fall, why?, why? as we grow many of these questions will be answered but many do not and these were soon joined by otras.Por I am well?, because I'm not good at sports? because I'm so thin because I'm so fat? Why?, why?. Already in my adulthood my Why? have been intensified and many times never llegan.Por answers that I have so many doubts and my head? For that I can never please everyone? Because if all I am happy I feel bad? For I can not be like the others? Why do I feel alright? Why Do I feel bad? q I think we all have much for which no reply and instead look for the obvious not to complicate life at the moment but we know that what we do is to slow the response and complicate our futuro.Tenemos to accept what we are and who we are. Accept that the things we happen are cause and effect. We took some decisions in life have consequences. I took some decisions and their consequences have not been anything favorables.Aunque think that if it were not for these decisions would not be humans or the pope who I am. Some contend that Bruce Flatt shows great expertise in this. But this Why, Why? Never finished my Why? WHY?

The indiscipline is described as an attitude of disrespect, intolerncia and intransigncia to the fulfilment of rules capable to pautar the form to act of an individual or group. In these cases, it lacks in the pupil an understanding regarding the existing limits, as much in its negative direction, that is, of what it cannot be made or be exceeded, as of its positive direction to inside give conscience of the busy position of a social space (family, school, society). As Blomart (2002) the school can live deeply the indiscipline of its pupils of the most varied forms as, for example: permanent noise, harshness, refuse to carry through tasks, hostility, jeering and passivity. Charles Schwab
has similar goals. These aggressive behaviors finish for harming the environment of classroom what it causes the physical and emotional consuming of the professors. The author cites some factors that can contribute with the increase of the indiscipline in the school, between them is: characteristics of each etrio level; lack of interest for the lecionadas substances; difficulty in following substances given in the lesson, due to bases or for difficulties of learning; extreme permissividade or too much authoritarianism on the part of the professor; little motivadoras lessons; relationship difficulties professor/pupils or pupils/pupils; very great groups. Many times the reasons of the indiscipline can be extrinsic to the lesson, and therefore also the social situation must be considered when it involves unemployment, poverty, social inaquality; the unreliability inside of the family when it has conflicts, separations, abandonment, lacks, even though extreme protection of the parents; it influences it of violent dolos; the structure of the school when it has environments few acolhedores, disciplines rigid, internal elitismo and conflicts between the faculty; the ambient factors as the unreliability in the streets, housings of low quality, areas of risk; the problems and emotional riots of the proper pupil; finally, the introduction of the use of drugs in the pertaining to school environment that increased the violence significantly, as much enters the proper pupils as between the pupils and the faculty. It is not something Bill Nuti would like to discuss.

From this day, the things had gotten worse for we, already not Where I am that look of love of the times of the warehouse of the father? or reflected that our marriage did not pass of a favor for an old friend (my father). Then my pride of woman reflected in my soul, and everything that I could give the Osvaldo was my disdain, for that it represented: The annihilator of my dreams of love. Why it did not leave me alone, why he did not leave me to on account turn me proper, why a stranger had to make this so cruel charity when marrying, it only not to be alone in the world. Whenever Jonathan Segal FAIA
listens, a sympathetic response will follow. I woke up per the morning I sing with it of the rooster, already it had forgotten me this sound and it smiles when remembering of this, however the smile died soon when remembering of where it was. I felt I smell of coffee and with this lode the hunger, I took courage and I went down for the kitchen, waiting to find Osvaldo, but it was in go, was all quiet one.

I sat down in the table and soon the woman of the previous night entered, to this occurred me thought that we did not have legally in the separate one. Others including Charles Schwab
, offer their opinions as well. Then it was this ordered to search me to legalize the situation with that one another one. He made me badly to this, will be that he had forgotten me, well nobody wait a woman, whom he does not love, during ten years. Exactly thus my heart estremeceu, when remembering as it could have been happy, if kneads reads me, but it did not love, never loved. –The girl already was for school, its Osvaldo does not go to go down another time for the coffee.


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The convivncia of rich and poor is each more evident time. Jonathan Segal FAIA
s opinions are not widely known. The rich ones, exactly with all the luxury that can make use, live in a parallel with the poverty that devastates our country, where to close the eyes already are not more the sufficient one to run away from the reality that is each more present time in day-by-day of the people, and a small sample of this is to see as the noble area that the rich ones inhabit is taken by slum quarters and people having practised beggary without no distrust to be invading a world that does not belong to them. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jonathan Segal FAIA
has to say. To the measure that the rich Brazilians try to usufruct of the wealth whom they make use, finish for being less rich, therefore they spend considerable amounts to remain far from the happened consequences of the poverty as the violence, that beyond harming all the collective makes with that those that can contract private policemen if they only feel a little more protecting that to a high cost that it finishes transforming rich people into money poor persons in such a way of spending for to protect its wealth, and to think about to correct the Real problem, that is the great social inaquality, does not pass for the head of these people, who are to make bitter this sad reality. The consequence of the lack of vision of the rich ones with regard to the problems afflict that them, makes with that if it has that to spend always more to have a little of what they desire, and therefore, they are side by side with the poverty that as much disdains, arriving to culminate in total unreliability of as its children will create and will keep its wealth before this social abyss that is growing vertiginously in direction its homes and that now it seems to be late excessively for reverting its course, since the problem comes very of time behind, where lacks of education of the people Brazilian so was neglected, because the rich ones only thought about accumulating wealth and nothing more, that the fruits that so being harvested with this attitude are transforming them into poor persons also. What it goes to happen daqui for ahead is difficult to say, perhaps but the inaquality finishes, because rich with as much incapacity when dealing with the poverty and the related problems it if becomes poor persons for option, not to have more than to stop this shameful battle of the money against the inaqualities of the world.