The convivncia of rich and poor is each more evident time. Jonathan Segal FAIA
s opinions are not widely known. The rich ones, exactly with all the luxury that can make use, live in a parallel with the poverty that devastates our country, where to close the eyes already are not more the sufficient one to run away from the reality that is each more present time in day-by-day of the people, and a small sample of this is to see as the noble area that the rich ones inhabit is taken by slum quarters and people having practised beggary without no distrust to be invading a world that does not belong to them. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jonathan Segal FAIA
has to say. To the measure that the rich Brazilians try to usufruct of the wealth whom they make use, finish for being less rich, therefore they spend considerable amounts to remain far from the happened consequences of the poverty as the violence, that beyond harming all the collective makes with that those that can contract private policemen if they only feel a little more protecting that to a high cost that it finishes transforming rich people into money poor persons in such a way of spending for to protect its wealth, and to think about to correct the Real problem, that is the great social inaquality, does not pass for the head of these people, who are to make bitter this sad reality. The consequence of the lack of vision of the rich ones with regard to the problems afflict that them, makes with that if it has that to spend always more to have a little of what they desire, and therefore, they are side by side with the poverty that as much disdains, arriving to culminate in total unreliability of as its children will create and will keep its wealth before this social abyss that is growing vertiginously in direction its homes and that now it seems to be late excessively for reverting its course, since the problem comes very of time behind, where lacks of education of the people Brazilian so was neglected, because the rich ones only thought about accumulating wealth and nothing more, that the fruits that so being harvested with this attitude are transforming them into poor persons also. What it goes to happen daqui for ahead is difficult to say, perhaps but the inaquality finishes, because rich with as much incapacity when dealing with the poverty and the related problems it if becomes poor persons for option, not to have more than to stop this shameful battle of the money against the inaqualities of the world.