Then witness by the groom exchange rings three times the bride and groom. While today the engagement ceremony is often the case just before the wedding (or wedding, if more accurate to call it), a real act of marriage represents a no exchange of rings between the bride and groom, as is the fact that over their heads, keep the crown, and they have three times taking a sip of wedding bowl. Tradition wedding ceremony. In Britain, the witness of the groom holds a ring in the bride and groom and present them during the traditional marriage ceremony. At weddings with more an elaborate ceremony, “the holder of the Rings” (usually a boy-cousin groom or bride) solemnly makes the ring lying on a special cushion. In ancient times the wedding ring is not only a sign love, but have also been linked with the act of giving “serious amounts of money.” In the prayer book of Edward vi we find that: after the words “with this ring I’m engaged to you” are the following: “the gold and silver I give thee,” and while the groom had to submit bride leather purse with gold and silver coins.

Not only in Britain but also in many other European countries, the engagement ring was largely due to the act of exchange values at the time of marriage, that served as a symbol of eternal love and interdependence. Sometimes the exchange of rings was carried out under special conditions, such as in Germany: “I give you this ring as a sign of the marriage bond between us, provided that your father gives I with you 1000. In some European countries, the engagement ring is also the engagement ring and changes its status when it engrave an inscription and start to wear on the other hand. If wedding does not use the engagement ring and another, and the question arises whether it should be worn during the wedding ceremony, then there are several options. The bride can wear engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hands, and the groom wears her wedding ring on the same finger. Or the bride can wear engagement ring on the ring finger of his right hand. After the wedding the bride may well be both rings on different hands, thus protecting them from scratches. Another option – engagement ring is kept by the bride’s witness in a special pouch on a plate, etc. After the ceremony, the ring can be worn again, or to the right or the left arm.