Hunting dinosaurs in a sense we are descended from dinosaurs. Remember in "Jurassic Park": a dinosaur could hunt only when the object is moving. By the way, modern snake is also doing so. What does this mean? A This means that our consciousness, and it happened historically, primarily responds to moving objects. If you see moving across the night sky star: comet or rocket, then the fixed stars at the time of the movement for you practically no longer exist. In any moving object lies some incredible mesmerizing force. If the subject is moving, then it necessarily has the energy. If it is mobile, so it is signs of life.

So it is interesting to us because during the movement or it can be useful to us, or dangerous. And it's not only the unpredictability of the world. This also applies to the world around us in the house, interior reality. Things originally appeared in the interior is not simply because they were beautiful. Things appear in the interior, because they were needed, they were functionally necessary. And that implicit in all things original functionality, which is reflected in the name of the things themselves, and gave these things, regardless of their movement in space, mandatory mobility. Because the functionality – this is the mobility, the ability to act, to the movement. Over time, many pieces of furniture in various rooms of the house, in a sense lost their original functionality, giving way to the aesthetic qualities. Kitchen furniture is, despite the strong bias in the aesthetic of modern design, yet retains its primary functionality to the mood.