In this case, again contrary to stereotypes, podstavlyaly not included in the of influential groups, and only pay for the "roof" – about two thousand dollars a month from one machine. And their status in the professional environment is not high – something like lohotronschikov and barsetochnikov. "Work" "bases-brigade" with morning until late at night. In the morning many of the "sponsors" in a hurry to work, and delay of waiting for a traffic police is doubly objectionable. And because the "client" easier "to breed for money." Just like on a rainy night in a deserted and dark place. Unpretentious and organizational structure of criminals. Typically, units tripped control certain highways or areas.

Troops are divided into several groups, each of which acts in its place. Group, in turn, are divided into separate 'crews'. Crews front of cars consist of 2-4 people – a driver and parser-bred. " Some international crews, composed of Caucasians and Slavs. Drivers are mostly aces – in fact the implementation of the "substitution" maneuver often requires filigree and special driving skills.

As a result of meetings with extortioners not insured or "kettles" or the most experienced drivers. Is not very luxury and lifestyle delivered. They while away the hours of rest in an inexpensive roadside cafes. If, for example, will see about some catering several cars with crumpled and carelessly filled in the front left wing, you know – here a handful of podstavlyaly. There are less organized groups – podstavlyaly single. They do not pay for "protection" and are working primarily on domestic cars production (VAZ-21099 and "tenth" family), sometimes paired with seedy and cheap foreign cars.