The wheel turns faster and faster, our survey shows: mobile communication tools such as the Smartphone and laptop give managers more flexibility. “The price for this: overload and work compression be for many a serious problem.” Fabiano V. Maturi, founder and CEO of Placement24 Dusseldorf, May 31, 2010 Germany’s technical and managerial staff are exposed increasingly outside the working hours for their job can be reached and overall a higher load. The survey of more than 1200 specialists and executives of the leading online career Manager Placement24 comes to this conclusion. More than three-quarters (77 percent) have the sense of having to be increasingly accessible for your job. “The impression of growing stress in addition: answer the question whether the work summarization (fewer and fewer employees must do the same or increasing amount of work) has increased in the last five years in their own work environment, 83 percent Yes”. Boundary between work and private blurred increasingly more than half (51 percent) of the respondents qualified and executives the weekend regularly service mobile phones and/or official emails.

32 percent do so in exceptional cases, if it is necessary”. 37 percent specifying that smartphones and notebooks for them are both support and electronic shackles, because the extreme flexibility of the boundaries between work and private. One in two (50 percent) feels the modern means of communication as a support, because they enable a more flexible working. But not everything is important: Manager should communicate clearly in which cases they privately can be called and when they are not. Otherwise just find the red button on the phone and turn it off,”advises Maturi.