every person in our world seeks to ensure that his house was cozy and comfortable. The specialists in the creation of interior develop a wide variety of building materials, furniture, household items. All this can be found in specialty stores. Among the huge variety of goods can be confused. It causes people difficulties difficulties, so many appeals to the theoretical books on the creation of comfort and convenience their homes.

All these questions will answer the interior design. When rasplanirovke apartments, country houses or other dwellings all face the same challenge: What is the color palette to choose? In considering this issue will be of great help the science of proper mixing of colors – color theory. Due to the fact that the color scheme plays an important role in the design, and sometimes many customers are very difficult to imagine in whatever color they wanted to see the room, the master of developing a set of graphical editors. In them we can see every room in every possible color shades. See how this or that improves the palette, or, conversely, impairs our room.

True and consciously choose the desired color scheme. When you select the desired color scheme for housing in the interior, always use the services of an artist who knows the science of color theory. Do not forget, of course, rely on their looks. Initially, define for themselves in what form and color design of the interior must be given room. Learn about the most preferred combinations of color in the interior.