South African jeweler Yair Szymanski (Yair Shimansky) made the most expensive in the world of tattoo. It is not surprising, because it is 100% composed of diamonds! The creation of this exclusive body art worth 924 thousand dollars needed 612 polukaratovyh diamonds. As a living canvas for this truly brilliant masterpiece was chosen as the world-famous South African model Minky van der Vestheyzen (Minki van der Westhuizen). More information is housed here: Janet L. Yellen. "Inlay" model's body took more than 8 hours – each of 612 stones were glued to her skin with a special compound, water-based. Diamond tattoo – is the second original idea Shimansky. The first was devoted to the current World Cup football encrusted with diamonds totaling 3.5 thousand carats. Crystal Tattoo (rhinestones) – opened a new era in the history of jewelry. Never before has the crystal and the skin had not been combined into one perfect whole, in which warm sensuality and cold shine perfectly complement each other.

Rhinestones are kept on the skin for several days, they can bathe and swim, they are resistant to water. Most often, these stylish gadgets adorn the face, but they may located on the hands, neck and even on their feet. Crystal tattoo – a modern way of decorating the body with lenses that are applied directly to the skin. Introduced recently, this type of jewelry has earned the respect of the best stylists and fashion designers: the lens can be matched to the color of the materials, they can easily be placed anywhere on the body or even the hair, and shine of this crystal is comparable only with the brilliance of natural diamonds. Diamonds have long adorned the most beautiful and charming, but, unfortunately, the brilliant – white transparent stones and colored diamonds do not exist, in addition, the cost of these diamonds unusually high. At Crystal tattooing the brightness of colors is limited only by the imagination the designer and the cost of the tattoo turns out much smaller than the real diamonds.