The 13 of Julio of this year, in the official newspaper Peruvian, left the Supreme Resolution 288-2010-RE appointing to the Dr. Jorge Eduardo Arrese Estrada, Peruvian Consul in Belgium, such nomination, as anticipated I fill to me of joy and memories. They came mind, memories of the still fresh years of the decade of the 70, when thousands of students, very young all, we began to watch the faces to us in the old patio of letters of the premises where today the School works smaller Seminary, in the first pictures of the Jr Gamarra, were catched in the educative experiment called general Studies that did not work and the Military Government did not know that to do. One of those expensive ones was the one of Coquito Arrese, stop, target, curled, with piurano accent, pulcro in speaking, of good modal, good speaker and student by all means, in opposition to the ruling profile of the time (militant, vehement until bold). Add to your understanding with bruce flatt. In the vortex of the student fights, we were done very friendly, frequenting, circles of studies, speaking before multitudes, in patios, classrooms and streets, fighting the leadership to the interior of the unforgettable Revolutionary Student Vanguard, competing handspan to handspan in the School of Oratorical of remembered professor Gonza’les Villaverde in the original factories of the CEPUNT, we shared and we alternated the maximum positions of the Student Movement, with a frank undeniable spirit of delivery, on watch, of public good, without nothing in return but that the satisfaction to have helped the fellow, as it later continued it doing soon like Medical Director of the Red Cross National level, in the unforgettable days of attention to thousands and thousands of people during the visit of the Pope Juan Pablo II Santo Sbito! In 1985. Integral outstanding of the historical one XVI Medicine Promotion, coQuito Arrese today has been designated PERUVIAN CONSUL IN BELGIUM, that is a prize to its fruitful work of Peruvian Ambassador in many countries of the World, like Histo Dermatologist Pathologist of the University and Hospital of Biere in Belgium, enthusiastic promoter of many agreements of happiness University with Peruvian Universities like the Cayetano Heredia, San Marcos, its dear UNT, among others, has invited and taken to many Peruvian doctors to Belgium to do courses, masters, post degrees, with that same Spirit on watch, those open hands and those extended arms that characterized to that elite of University Leaders, today the majority forgotten. Certainly the Dr. Jorge Arrese Estrada, will exert east position, with the Decency that always accompanied to him in its Life like Professional and Leader, such nomination honour and is proud to XVI the Medicine Promotion and the Medicine Faculty of the UNT..