When it comes to money, the majority of people are concerned too much by losing it, which even prefer not to risk it. Such people end up losing their money and not create nor gain momentum; If they fail, they resign and give up; If they succeed, they charge and retire; If there is a crisis or the situation becomes difficult, they enter a kind of hibernation and wait until the economy recovers or change the situation. One of the reasons why people are not rich is because they think and worry about too. Instead of taking action are stops thinking Que tal failed?, Que tal if I lose my money?, what will they say of me if failure?, etc. As explained in Lesson 1, incorrect questions and the answers to those questions make them failing. During the crisis, millions of people have gone from having money up to poverty, to live with debt and be desperate about their economic situation.

These people not only lost their momentum, but it lost its financial position in life. Others lost because we were waiting to that the economy to recover, rather than take advantage of the opportunities that exist in these times. But even if the economy returns, would be back, because the economy as whole, is following his path and them not. You should know that most of the successful entrepreneurs failing and losing 3 business before succeeding in one, even Jesucristo fell three times and could lift. Don’t try because if you give after the first attempt, you will lose your momentum and will never learn from your failures. Remember that what does not kill you makes you stronger, smarter, more confident and prepared for life. Left you these questions that will serve as a guide to not lose your momentum and continue your entrepreneurship: do you’re coming out ahead, or are stopped thinking that things will manage alone? Are you going in the direction that you want, or are afraid to take the first step? Are you getting what you want? Are you happy with your job? Do you willing to achieve your financial freedom or? You’ll still working for someone? This was technology, change is approaching us ever faster. It is no time stand still; It is time get ahead, to seek opportunities and adapt to what’s new. Everytime you doubt yourself, remember to Donald Trump putting his suit to attend the dinner.