In its advertising systems team caribou opts safaris ecological materials CEO of Helmke Sears of caribou safaris and her team offer a variety of tours: on foot, with the jeep, from the air, alone with family and friends or in groups. Here, they put on individual tourism, pristine landscapes, eco-friendliness and sustainability. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Laffey Real Estate and gain more knowledge.. But not only for their Safari offers or partners they seek on these aspects, but also the advertising systems used by them. Therefore, Helmke Sears opted for a banner stand of EasyShare display GmbH, which consists of the quickly renewable resource bamboo. To special quality to be able to offer its customers travel, the caribou travels safaris team regularly to Africa, to make himself an image locally.

Away from the tourist caravans searching for wonderful camps and lodges, new partners and adventurous Safari routes far away from mass tourism. You offer “Gourmet safaris” and no “tempo”safaris, where you the diverse Wildlife, which can experience African culture, hospitality, romantic sunsets and expanse of savanna. Caribou feels responsible safaris tour operators not only to its customers, but also against the country and its population. So they put on socially responsible and environmentally friendly aspects in Africa. Comply with support of the locals, as well as respect for local customs and traditions of Park rules, animal and wildlife conservation, sustainability, increase the value added in their own country, fair payment of employees, playing at Caribou safaris a great role.

Open savanna, endless spaces, light Acacia forests, lush wetlands and above all a breathtaking variety of animals can be observed in Kenya by Jeep from or from the air. A personal guide, it is for example in the Masai Mara, on foot or in a jeep on game drives and picnics. This can take place at dawn, during the day or in the evening twilight. With the personal guide a large number of animals can detect and observe.