To understand as the Education can contribute for sensitization of the ambient question becomes initially necessary to understand the paper of the School in the society, being other authors who stand out this subject, are distinguished: In this context, Barbosa (1987) it affirms that the human being, for having obtained to dominate the nature, transforming it and adaptando it its necessities, assumes leadership in the called process knowledge, that comes to be intelligible understanding of the reality, that the same it acquires through its confrontation with the same reality. This knowledge that is in constant transformation, does not meet finished, in view of that it is constructed in elapsing of the history of the humanity. In this direction, it exists since the moment where the inactive substance if transformed into organic substance, continuing until the forms highest of the animal scale and at its higher moment, that presents in the sprouting of ideas in the conscience human being. Luckesi (1991) strengthens that the paper of the school in the society is to serve as instrument of transformation of human being e, consequently, of the society. For in such a way, she is necessary that all the involved ones in this school become conscientious of that they can be transforming agents of one determined historical moment. The school then must work for the formation of a critical vision of the world, vision this that must be product of a set to know transmitted for the same one, in view of the diversity and the abrangncia of its boardings: scientific, social, natural and aesthetic. Luckesi still affirms that the transformations for which humanity comes passing imply in changes of habits, attitudes, values, combined with the pertaining to school education and for reflection of this context we would need to think: Who are we? If to stop to search this reply we go disorganizing in them completely, therefore he has very between what we are and what we intend to be or already we are. .