Carpeting is beautiful and practical flooring. In addition, lay carpet can be simply yourself, go around without any diy repairmen. Although theorists repair and professional masters can tell you that it is not so. Well, for example, look at this stuff, which lists the tools, the need for laying carpet. This is a simple listing of the instruments may enter as a shock to an inexperienced person. Can it be so difficult? I say – no, it's much easier and faster. And I'll show you this in his article, which was written based on personal experiences and those of my friends. Thus, the initial situation: there is a room where the old beds linoleum.

Objective – to lay new carpet. And it must be done quickly and with minimal effort. The solution consists of the following steps. 1. preparation. In this step, do the following: a) Exempt room of furniture. This make highly desirable that then nothing stopped working. Even heavy cabinets or advise to remove the sofas.

Emptiness in the room will facilitate the work and will continue to save significant time and nerves. B) critically evaluate Fiduciary. If you have old linoleum, invited the builders will likely advise you to clean it up. But I would not hurry. Of course, the old linoleum, especially on a felt base, may contain dust and dirt. But if you put a new coating on top of old, the floor will be warmer and softer. In addition, you will not need to expend energy on something to rip off and throw away the old linoleum.