The offer that can be found in the market when we decided to plan a trip of pleasure, is so varied, that makes us hard to know if opting for a comfortable hotel of high quality or choose an excellent luxury hotel to clarify their doubts with regard to the differences of the stars, and therefore services available in each type of hotelcontinue reading this note. To not be entirely defined the world organization which is responsible for classifying hotels, each country is responsible for performing the work. For this reason, a luxury hotel in Arabia, in Madrid is not the same or that in Argentina. The classification of stars, is carried out then, considering the economy and budgets hoteliers of every country. In the United States, for example, each category the title of each hosting gives it to you: Hostels, Motel, resort, therefore do not have categorization by stars. As we know, the categorization of hotels in Argentina, is defined by stars, distinguishing those who have 4 and 5 stars, luxury hotels, and that they have a star as the most economic and austere.

Here you will learn how to differentiate between a hotel 4 stars with five star hotel. Hotel * this type of hotel, is considered luxury hotel, but their services do not reach to adapt that offer five-star luxury hotels. The four star hotels in Argentina, including spacious decorated rooms that offer hair dryers, shower gel, LCD in each room, private telephone, maid service and meals in the room. The furniture of the rooms of four-star is composed of comfortable chairs and tables, box Springs, and have independent air conditioning. They also offer exclusive services such as shops in the hotel, laundry service, business meetings and large halls of game centers. This type of hotels provide meals made by chef professionals, valet parking, and tour guides who speak different languages, meeting and conference rooms, excellent location.