Unfortunately, among their friends and acquaintances who buy their apartments expensive equipment, or just make repairs, you can hear a phrase that alleged perpetrators will go on and normal people are forced to sit for bars and iron doors, install door of the elevator. And you can plenty of talk about the fact that my militia protects me, and that can not be in this life of fear. But the fact remains. Steel door – it's still important attribute of living for almost everyone. Otherwise, each time leaving for work, you can move away from home for a couple of meters, and start to get nervous. Thinking that the values you find a home for the parish, but that will take away the thieves. And the fact that safely be left in an apartment more – smaller amounts of money, or, for example, valuable things, and can be no question. For even more opinions, read materials from Ajit Pai. And when it comes to the apartment for the owner, who sometimes kept at home, securities, or the information, steel door is simply an acute necessity.

Does this mean that the set in his doorway to steel, crude boiled, with a huge, but useless against thieves lock? Of course not. These self-made products have long gone. They had long since replaced with a fire door market price for this type of door is readily available, can also be purchased cheaply and steel doors. This aesthetic, quality, and with a good finish door. Regarding the latter is on the market are a few basic varieties of these materials, with the price category the door may directly depend on them. For example, the most expensive in this case will be door decorated with elements from the whole array of precious woods.

For example, such as olive, acacia, cherry. There are even a door of bog oak. This wood is a black mass, which is obtained from the trunks of oak, which few years have lain in the water. This type of wood are rare and therefore worth quite expensive. To place a thief after this type of finishing iron doors are less rare and expensive woods. When the desired mode moraines, and high-quality lacquering, such iron doors obtained no less aesthetic. Honorary third mess then take the door with laminate finish. The main benefit of the doors of this plan is that both their appearance and surface can almost exactly mimic the natural wood. So tell so to speak, counterfeit will be difficult. After the doors decorated with such a plan go door decorated by gluing special film. We should not think that such coverage will be short-lived, or not enough quality. If you use a quality film, a good adhesive, and coating to protect it from abrasion, and mechanical damage, such doors can save a great look for a long time. And if that is necessary, then replace the film can be their own. Since this process does not require special skills. K suggestion of a class can be attributed doors that are made from a single sheet of metal and powder coated. Method of powder coating is that the paint particles are deposited on the surface of the door, and then baked with it in special furnaces. The result is a surface coated, which virtually erased. Especially popular so-called metallic coating, which creates a smooth glossy surface with little relief. This door never lose aesthetic appearance as a painting is not erased, either by means of friction or other mechanical effects.