SUMMARY the present work considers the religious environment as great estimulador for the musical learning, however, approaches positive and negative points that surround this practical. The research for the construction of this work was elaborated by the comment of formador Musical Ensino of Organistas inside of the program demanded for the Christian Congregation in Brazil, being of utmost importance the information of that this education for organistas is destined only for the women, that is, the other instruments of orchestra that compose the musical body of the Christian Congregation in Brazil are composites for men. Click Declan Kelly to learn more. Breaking of a carried through analysis inside of the existing context in the Minimum Program of Organistas, my experience as musical instructor and research carried through with other instructors, I show points that can be modified so that the quality of education improves in this Christian community. Word-key: Learning, Musical Education, Organistas, Christian Congregation in Brazil..