The issue of packaging, sooner or later, there is virtually all companies involved in the production of goods. For many companies are not connected directly with the end consumer, packaging is the only means of able to convey to the buyer information about the product and manufacturer. Nevertheless, issues related to manufacturing packaging are often solved "production workers", people who do not have sufficient knowledge in this direction. Packaging made by this method are clearly inferior performed by professionals, as a result of high-quality goods at a disadvantage in the struggle for the wallets of the consumer. Frequently Jonathan Segal FAIA has said that publicly. So how do you make a "correct packaging? First, we must clearly define who is the end user, his interests, tastes and preferences. Secondly – that the manufacturer wants to emphasize the packaging as to the advantages of his product that First of all, it is important to convey to the consumer. Third – to study the packaging of competitors, what the main idea in it has been laid. After defining the basic requirements, it remains to decide on what to do focus: taste, value, price, uniqueness, typicality, novelty, manufacturer or product.

All this information is better set out in writing and on the basis of its form designer job, it should be borne in mind that some information is required for placement. The next stage is to assess the options developed by the designer of the composition and color scheme, according to the task, a comparison with competing models. Packaging and advertising are very similar, for this reason that the creation of packaging of goods should be treated as the creation of advertising. In forming the image of the product itself and / or the manufacturer packaging is a powerful tool, and at point of sale rather compelling argument for the selection of goods. Fruitful cooperation manufacturer and designer in all phases of work will not win an easy battle for preferences, and hence money consumer.