Buying a home is an operation that carries in itself a great risk, as is often the largest purchase of your life. If we add the knowledge of the language and customs of another country and the poor reputation that many development companies can have in these countries, the perception of risk increases. And the reputation, deserved or not, of Spain as a paradise for speculators helps foreign buyers face the adventure of buying a house in our country with an attitude that goes from mere suspicion to the maximum prevention. It is in this context that justifies a real estate portal which provide all possible information about the seriousness, background, history and business ethics. Inter alia respects, the portal should reflect: * Date of incorporation of the company and its history in recent years through its most important milestones * Human team, headquarters, sales offices, etc. anything that helps to tangibilize a presence at the time to visit the website, is only virtual * Mission / Vision of the company, with particular regard to their objectives and ethics in performance * Quality certifications, approvals, membership professional associations, awards and recognitions etc. attaching to the company as official approval to guarantee the quality of service delivered * Promotions more important in the past. If you could include testimonials from satisfied buyers, the better. * Presence of the company in the media: to reproduce the articles in the local press where the company name or real estate developer in connection with their promotions, sponsorships, etc.