Demands of the time dictate the quality of new products and services presented in the virtual space. Of what constitutes a quality online products? From professional design development of a well thought out content with the use of modern technology and, of course, a number of other components. To create the appropriate spirit of the times the sites need to be aware of the latest developments and technologies. Using these or other solutions, developers of sites in each case come from practical necessity. The main criterion here is the ease of finding information clients and partners, as well as the convenience of site management.

To learn how to add modern Internet technologies in a competitive product, we are told Timoshina Elena, the head of "Simpson": CP: Helen, tell me, is it difficult to create Web sites, "accord with the times"? Elena Timoshina: Creating a Web site that is creative, interesting and lively work. Compliance with the times means that the site has become an effective sales tool. Interactive dialogue with visitors, constantly updated articles, blogs, various services … And all that running the site owner. Is it hard to create it? Perhaps.

But terribly interesting. CP: What requirements must meet the current website? Elena Timoshina: The site should become an assistant client, not a stumbling block or difficult to achieve. Filling in all forms, purchase orders, forms should be intuitive and does not create the desire to have a site visitor to contact support. Web site design should comply with corporate identity and sphere of its activity. New technological solutions can make an incredibly interesting journey through the site. Service capabilities will allow the site to automatically obsuzhivat visitors, take orders, send messages, time to show exactly what he wants to see a regular visitor, adjusting its interface, its routine inquiries. CP: What is the average market value site? Elena Timoshina: The cost of site consists of many criteria: the cost of the license management system, if required, the complexity of site structure, design requirements, the saturation of its dynamic elements and flash-animation, the need to integrate it with different data structures and the time of manufacture.