a In between tiles, Liberato was head out of Bosco, who on it had a metal plate with large garden of fruit delights. The prodigious boy took it. In his hand was a hammer. Pico y Clavo Liberato were very close, however, noted that meeting either. Began flying pieces of furniture everywhere, the doceanero had decided to destroy them.

The copper and dyed face of fury. The hammer and spoon bounced from one wall to another. The piano was demolished a fist fight a upright and momentarily blind friends, dressed in everyday clothes now its time for summer: shorts and t-shirts. a Liberato only experiences the following situation: a from the ceiling down a little black dog that was kept gravitating at the center of campus. She took him, embraced him. He stayed that way a few minutes. The tiny animal withdrew slowly, rising. Fired him in the midst of disaster, arms raised, trembling with emotion.

a III a The girl's face was gaunt, his pants burned. The brilliant youth drew some laughter, tears simultaneously was converted into the grotesque and the gesture astonished friends, who were recovering mobility and vision but one eye. a Q: Why did this to me?, what did I do? _inquirio her with anguish. a In the magical child's lips came a clear answer, terse: a _Lo and I did it because I wanted to. a _Pendejo of crap!, what gives you pleasure this?, "eha ? a Q: If. It occurs to me to believe at this time, the mode of Epicurus, that pleasure is man good primal and natural.