You can not imagine the amount of different styles of lottery that nowadays there is so alone still do not know what I invite you to discover it by yourself. Enters state lotteries and bets of the website or any of its authorized pages to sell lotteries and see for yourself. If you prefer it also you can come to your nearest store if you are more traditional. If you want to play with the luck I recommend any of the following lotteries; Lottery primitiva, bonoloto the, el gordo of the primitive and the EuroMillions. All of these games are purely random where we only chose a combination of numbers. Tickets of the primitive – one of the most played nationwide lotteries – consist of eight blocks to fill with random 1-49 numbers, although we should not fill in all the blocks but based on the number of bets you are going to perform.

The bonoloto is practically the same since it is based on the previous game, but is something more economical play. The fat of the primitive is played with a slightly wider selection of numbers to the primitive normal, with numbers between 1 and 54 both included for our forecasts and a second number to choose from 0 to 9 to make it our key number. But the favorite of many par excellence for being the lottery which distributes more large pots is the Euromillions Lottery. To be at European level obviously there is much more money at stake. To play EuroMillions tickets you will have to fill five blocks with numbers from 1 to 50 and five blocks more with lucky star numbered from 1 to 9.

You can place bets single or multiple Lottery online, although I would recommend you these last and if you ignore me and you join a penalty of lotteries will enjoy even more of your bets that for less money you can earn much more. Choose the one you like, and remember that you also have sports lotteries if you interested more like football or horseracing. To implement your sporting knowledge and be able to demonstrate what you know of football teams play to the pools or the quinigol. But horse racing also have place among all these games of chance, so look for the lototurf or the quintuple plus if you want to make your bets for horse riding.