The arrival of a new Member to the family entails changes in the House and reorganize the space, and even if you have 9 months to prepare everything, is not always easy to pick the cot, bath, not to mention clothes, sleeping bag or bottle among others, especially if it’s the first son. These furniture first have to comply with strict safety standards, from there, the designs are infinite. Here is a selection of 5 designer furniture for babies. DoDo of Baby Summo one of the pieces of furniture design that comes to our mind when we hear baby is the cradle, place where the small spend many hours in the their first weeks of life. Sumo baby has devised DoDo, an elegant white wood wedge of a piece, sculpted in semi-open egg shape, finished by hand. Frequently Ajit Pai has said that publicly.

The hardness of the outer casing is contrasted by the cushion inside natural silk, mattress and pad of the same material. The wedge soles integrates hidden wheels at 360 degrees to make it easy to move it, or simply apply a slight rocking to sleep baby. DoDo bassinet can be purchased online for USD 8.789. Baby Home Gloob of Gloob is a versatile tub 2 in 1: account with a white tub, and a customizable cover colors (Orange, red, blue or yellow) that serves changer for depositing the baby out of her bath. This item also includes a detachable foot to more easily adapt its use, and have it at a height which prevent remain in a position dubbed all the time that lasts the process bath, creams and dress. You can search the nearest store where you buy it in Baby Home. Ovo white of my crib approximately 5 months, the baby starts to sit, is also by this age that begins to take baby food besides breast milk: is time to make with a Chair.

My crib has conceived Ovo, a beautiful and functional design. Supplied in a cylinder of cardboard in a kit format to mount, it has a structure of natural wood which supports a postformed of colors and corresponding table Chair, complemented with a cushion for convenience of the small. Where you can appreciate the versatility and intelligence of the design is at the disposition of the side table (babies are usually bulk and blow up what they have in front: the dish on one side is more in security) and the end of the detachable legs of the Chair (which allows that the Chair has two different heights). You will find the nearest store where you purchase this Chair in my crib. Ontwerpduo Rockid it is known that a smooth rolling reassures helps baby sleep, recalling the maternal bellied movement, but sometimes the process stretches and baby wakes once tucked into his crib. Rockid rocker seems an exceptional concept: Cot and Chair at a time. Allows the mother to continue rocking to the your little once asleep, while, for example, is reading a book. Directly inspired by the typical rocking chair of wood, is of linear factions: simple and minimal, with cushions fixed on seat and backrest. Ontwerpduo, the Dutch company that produces it, has several points of sale to throughout the world. BabyC Dripta rocking Baby C Cradle is a large spherical white rocker with interior of Walnut that rests directly on the ground. This sculptural and exclusive niche where cradling the baby is perfect for any room of the House. Marketed by Dripta English brand, costs about US $4.