Lightweight device Tibo successfully combine the functions of GPS navigation and media player. With them you can simply and conveniently view photos and movies, enjoy the sounds of your favorite tunes or while away the time for unpretentious games. Learn more on the subject from Bruce Flatt. Tibo approach and always distinguished by the fact that for the sake of fashion will never sacrifice quality and functionality, as use the navigator in a car should be as convenient and comfortable. CarPoint corporation pays great attention to design their navigators, ordering it from Japan's top designers. GPS Navigators to TIBO, profitable different from other brands of its own corporate identity, was released a line of car navigators TIBO, carried out in a stylish fresh design with integrated LED pointers, performing function of "turn signals" at support on the route.

A separate GPS receiver is worthy of admiration TIBO, which specifically designed for motorcyclists, bicyclists, snowmobilers and ATV enthusiasts. It is worth note that this is only the third model in the world, designed specifically for the needs and requirements of the user group. System management of the navigator TIBO so convenient that you can perform main action, not removing the thick leather gloves. Navigators are dust-and waterproof, and a special tinted visor of the display eliminates the problem of glare in sunny weather. TiBO with the birth of luck in all GPS navigators iGO navigation software installed with mapping from TeleAtlas. The main advantage of the IGo Plus include: Switching from a flat (2D) mode in a three-dimensional (3D), giving a visual representation Day or night view of the map.

Screens iGo are not only beautiful but also convenient for perception at any time of day. Ability to control without using the stylus. To find the desired function or set sufficiently to touch the screen more than twice. Step by step show, "Legends" route showing all streets, distances and maneuvers. Simple and clear voice and graphic prompts in maintenance mode on the route. Advanced search function. Set in car GPS navigator TIBO takes less than 1 minute. Devices PND (Personal Navigation Device – personal navigation device) and so comfortable that they can use immediately after purchase – sat, turned and went. Carpoint recently presented at the exhibitions new model of car GPS navigator TIBO. The previous models, it is characterized by the presence of large-screen size of 4.3 inches, has recently become very popular because it is this combination allows maximum comfortably take in information from the display device. Currently, any company that claims to be a leader in the field of navigation equipment, has already released or is preparing a production of GPS navigators with a wide screen. Without superfluous modesty Koreans in the new model increased the size of the logo is almost two times, but we must admit that TiBO now in Russia "brand" and they are deservedly proud. By design, a difficult match for even TiBO eminent GPS navigation.