A fifth of vertebrates in the world are in danger of extinction due to the invasion of their territories and the effects of agriculture on them, advirito the first week of November, a Studio world.The number of species under threat of extinction is rising, according to the scientists, but conservation efforts are helping to reduce the global rate of extinction of species. The backbone of biodiversity is deteriorating, said Edward O. Wilson, Professor and ecologist at Harvard University. A small step on the red list is a big step forward toward extinction. This is only a small window on the global losses that are currently taking place.

Scientists released the study, known as the red list, at the Summit of the biological diversity of the United Nations in Nagoya, Japan, where will have been carrying out, the last days, talks on the protection of the environment. The study, which also It will be published in the journal Science, found that at least 41 percent of amphibians are closer to extinction than other species, they are the most threatened animals. 13% Of birds tambien satisfy all the requirements to be on the list. The scientists used data from 25,000 species to study the world of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish, taking into account that tambin there are many species of plants on the verge of disappearance. On average, 50 species of mammals, birds and amphibians are closer to extinction each year due to the impacts of agricultural expansion, logging, over-exploitation and invasive alien species, he is announced on the red list. The study highlighted 64 mammals, birds and amphibians whose situation has improved, including three species that were once considered extinct and made a comeback in number in the midst of major conservation efforts. They are the California condor and the black ferret in the United States, and the Mongolia native Przewalski horse.

Southeast Asia was the largest number of losses because of the rapid expansion of palm oil farms, timber operations and crops of rice, according to the study. A deadly fungus which affects amphibians contributed to losses in some parts of Central America, the tropical Andes of South America and Australia. Eeta diversity report confirms other reports of continued losses in biodiversity. However, scientists say that it is hardly the first test of the effects of the worldwide conservation efforts. The results show that the State of biodiversity has been reduced by almost 20%, something that never would have happened without the conservation actions taken, the report says.

values. UU. He was also dismissed.Even though it didn’t matter much that were alumni of Harvard, this prompted strong criticism of the prestigious University, pursuant to which questioned the type of professionals that was forming. In response, the business school decided to face the situation causing internal discussion spaces to change the curriculum. I had already spent something like this in 2001 after the accounting fraud of Enron, where decided to include mandatory ethics course.Some consider this as a self-assessment on the relevance, since Harvard interprets that society, not the companies, is demanding ethical professionals and with greater capacity for analysis and social sense.Then think about evaluating the relevance according to the impact of the graduates in the Middle brings some benefits, since graduates and employers realize the contribution of training to work, the relationship between training and work performance, competencies of training vs. required by the labour market, etc.

However, it should be noted that these results should be contrasting them with other sources to identify if the requirements suggested by entrepreneurs and graduates correspond to a social demand, or on the contrary, if they are motivated by a wave or fashion that often have certain disciplines.Another way to assess the relevance is under a more holistic approach, i.e., not only considering the work space, but the relationship between the University and other areas, as outlines it the ten-year Education Plan, where considered relevant in light could be explored in other environments: normative, country, global, contextual, political vision, and pedagogical and didactic. This approach is more complex, but guarantees reduce biases and delivers more elements for the analysis on a wider relevance.Undeniable is the prototype of the production system in the educational, both both use schemes and common languages, such as flexibility, quality, competitiveness, productivity, etc.; but is you must avoid to structure an educational system that only tribute you the first, as well as prevent education pass into the hands of companies, as it is the case of British Aerospace Virtual University, a University established in 1998 with 47,000 students (employees) who needed to make a more or less continuous in education, and the Brahma University investment, owned by the Brewery Company of the same namewhich has developed several MBA.Usual was that companies leave internally, but not certified. Then, remains in the hands of institutions, authorities and society, the discussion on how to evaluate the relevance of higher education and avoid it stale. Taken from: Colonel Jorge Lopez compiled by. Javier Mejia T.

Who has not at some time an idea of solidarity or has acted to help others and has encountered problems created by the same people who wanted to help? In these cases we should what? Must we continue to work or leave? Perhaps also at some point someone wanted make true change in some established system for years to introduce an improvement for the benefit of persons or of the same system and to the difficulties often find it has abandoned quickly. Surely we have seen to idealistic young people trying to do the right thing, what is good, what is true and when faced with what is established, in a short time are they descorazonan, they lose the enthusiasm or become embittered by the results or the negative feedback they receive or because nobody or very few appreciate what they want to do. We can find the answers to these questions or the attitude we should have when we are faced with a similar situation in a poem attributed to Mother Teresa of Calcutta or The Paradoxical Commandements (The paradoxical Commandments), written by Kent M. Keith, who encourage us to do what is good, what is moral, what is true for thus have the satisfaction of having done something good for others regardless of what other people think, say or do. In one of the walls of the orphanage of Sishu Bhavan, in Calcutta, had a poem attributed to Mother Teresa; This poem without the author’s name, also appears at the end of his book a simple path. That is why it was thought that the poem had been drafted by Mother Teresa.

It turns out that poem is very similar to The Paradoxical Commandements, that it was written by Kent M. Keith, in 1968, when he was a student at Harvard University and was directed to the formation of student leaders. Subsequently, in 2003, Dr. Kent M. Keith created The Universal Moral Code (the universal moral code). The paradoxical commandments are used in leadership and leader training courses already that they emphasize the importance of doing what is right and should always bear in mind people. Some days ago I received a version of this poem, which is an adaptation of the paradoxical commandments, that I wish to share with you the beautiful message which is transmitted.

Sometimes people are selfish, illogical and foolish. Even so forgive them if you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish and interested. Still be polite. If you are a winner, you will have some false friends and some true enemies. Still WINS. If you are honest, people can fool you. Still be honest. What did years in build, someone can destroy it in one hour. Still builds. If you have peace and you’re happy, people may feel envy. Still be happy. Well you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Still do good. If you give the world the best of you, you can never be enough. Still gives the best of you. Ultimately everything is and will be between you and God. It was never between you and them.

Apu Sapa

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But the Tupac was not imposed, only won him the headband that carry all sinchis as representation of authority coming from the Apu Sapa. This introduction makes reference to the intentions of two brothers for access to the occupation of Western authority. The first is a former scholar trained in Harvard University, believed to have the right to represent First Nations with their intellectual prizes. No one removes the merits which may be collected in Western science, but totally unknown the process by which are facing indigenous peoples and particularly the Amazons of where the proceeds, as well as also has a wrong which could need, which is counterproductive to the originating motion. The second is a brother who leads an organization that represents mostly Amazonian Nations, with reference, we have their last winding road that I abandon the struggle of peoples to go to live comfortably to Nicaragua, to later return. Most striking is his return and as political prosecution was completed by art of wonder, more about those who are rulers today, which do not grant any license if they have not obtained prebends many seniors that those that have been granted.

And precisely the APRA, are not known for their generosity in politics, the opposite are the Antipodes, and knowing how they handle the judiciary at its whim, why is surprising in what this brother has obtained concessions from the judiciary. There had to have concessions by the brother, who already now is trasluciendo with their appetites electoreros and therefore also assume betray the brothers that can make you a echo and chorus. Why my response to the brothers that desperate looking for a table of salvation within the Western framework. We know that it will be impossible to obtain them because everything is nothing more than a cheating boys and the brothers that it seems that we are betraying, they are nothing more than the figurehead for the betrayal to our peoples to consolidate itself. Our hope cannot die, for this purpose there is to resort to our traditions, to the tips of our Yatiris, Amautas and elders in our communities. This is my advice, such as what I am. Tupac Isaac II Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

He also specialized in participatory design, why today in day do not design for someone, but that design with someone. I am passionate about popular forms, says mountain. For that reason it has piles of furniture and sketches inspired by them. Jangada Jorge Montana most successful creation has been the line of furniture Jangada, which was inspired by the Brazilian local factor. Jangada is the name of a boat of fishing of indigenous roots, of Ceara, which possesses a system of candles different from the West, which has evolved in the time since the conquest. Taking as original source this cultural element, designer transposed the structural mechanisms of the boat to a Chair that incorporates three ergonomic positions that emulate system for sailing, thanks to the combined movement of the seat with the backrest of Jangada as technological innovation was designed to be built with local materials: is usually made of eucalyptus wood extracted from controlled forests and a very thick canvas. He has won awards in Argentina, Brazil and Germany, and was also presented at the Salone Satellite of the trade fair of furniture design.

Montana tells his particular story: as A result of having won a contest with this set of furniture, a manufacturer began producing them and brought them to various fairs. One of them was the President of the Brazilian Association of furniture with an international delegation and struck them much parts, because they were the only ones who had Brazilian face. Foreigners were of the view that the rest showed with Italian style furniture. As I was there, I had the opportunity to explain that Jangada was created with the methodology of the local factor, on which I was then invited to dictate courses in 15 States in the country.

Duke of S dermanland Carlos was born on October 4, 1550 in Stockholm Castle, son of King Gustav Vasa and Margaret of Sweden. Through the will of her father received an inheritance, the duchy of S dermanland, which included the province of the same name and some parts of N rke and V stmanland. His dignity of duke allow him to rule the region almost as sovereign. However, it could assert their rights during the reign of his brother Erik XIV. As a teenager, Charles received military training, and stress in the artillery branch. Precisely because of his military prowess in 1568 successfully participate in the uprising against Erik XIV, led by his brother John. Erik’s overthrow in 1569, John would get the crown, and Charles could take possession of his dukedom and acquire a position of great influence in the country. When King John III went over to Catholicism, Carlos was the strongest opponents.The king had been educated to the Crown Prince Sigismund, in the Catholic religion, in order to make it a candidate for the Polish throne and achieve a union between Sweden and Poland. Charles ran for maintaining the independence of Sweden initiated by Gustav Vasa and maintain Lutheranism as the state religion. On the death of John III in 1592, it became clear the influence of Duke Charles, then he and the council headed the provisional government that ruled in the moments before the arrival of the heir, King Sigismund III of Poland. The religious question, as in the days of the former king would be taken up again, this time with greater interest, as Sigismund was a devout Catholic and supporter of the Counter feared the possibility that it sought to return to Sweden to papal authority. Sigismund, on his arrival, he promised before the council of religious freedom in Sweden, and under this promise was crowned in Uppsala in 1594. But the new king had commitments in Poland and his stay in Sweden would be very short.Decided to leave a government on their behalf in the summer of 1594. Duke Charles and the advice offered proposals to maintain the country’s independence in the new personal union with Poland. Perhaps because of its defense of Lutheranism, Carlos found the support of the board and part of the aristocracy, though the duke wanted to take over some sort of internship during the king’s absence. The king granted administrative functions as both the council to Charles, but his powers remained ambiguous, and instead preferred to give counts of lieutenants to several of his colleagues, who favored the Catholic interests. In this situation rebelled Duke Charles, and in partnership with the council, proclaimed himself “Supreme Head and regent of the kingdom” and began to govern on its own. Charles summoned a parliament in 1595 in S derk ping, there was full power to exercise the regency.

In an investment project involves normal components where we can compare the incidence of each of these factors. “Seeking the organization, and which of these components they wish to invest more ‘To this raises Here are four scenarios structured by crossing two examples of civil works and two of equipment. In first instance could be important to analyze how the various considerations of developing an investment project for this purpose. Given the amount of options presented Capital and GBA to realize one of these projects is essential, evaluation of alternatives that can provide a good location, in very pleasant working environments, and in turn an excellent investment for both the same end-user partners and investors. In this field there are plenty of groups who are developing real estate ventures, which are sometimes hired by companies in the same group. Thus generating new business units and operating real needs of enterprises of the group. Another element to consider is the relationship between price and cost in these buildings. If one closes to evaluate alternative pricing existing buildings for this purpose, I think he is losing a scenario much broader price. At the same time could greatly reduce the amount of expenses that a company is average, you need a space like this, can enhance their own business with these economies. Another issue on which interest me pause is the relation between the various components of an investment of this type. Today, the management ‘on automatic’, that have this type of work generates a high final cost of total investment. It can be seen as equally operable in two offices, there are differences in equipment costs ranging from 5.86 to almost 40 (cases 2 and 3 respectively). A new condominium community BartonPlace was developed with energy-efficient materials. The policy of the company in terms of design, versatility, spaces for their employees, applied technology and quality of materials, including make a difference. It is therefore important: to know exactly what is the actual notion of flexibility, as used in this medium.

Harvard University has an extensive range of African studies programs and opportunities.  They have both undergraduate and graduate programs for those interested in focusing on Africa and on African Studies.

In addition, Harvard offers a number of unique opportunities in this area as well.  They have an African Language Program whereby they offer a large selection of African languages for students to study.  For students looking to fulfill their Harvard language requirement, this is a great way to learn a new language and to get to know another culture.  For those studying in the African undergraduate or graduate program, it’s certainly an essential component of the studies.

In addition, each semester, Harvard hosts an African Language Theater Night where those in the African language programs put on a public performance.  The performances are open for members of Harvard and for those in the African heritage communities around Boston to come and see the unique work being done by students at Harvard.  The staged performances include students using the diverse African languages and showcasing their talents and the materials they have mastered.