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You have heard speak to several times envelope that ” the money is in listas” and I believe that already you know that as well as the traffic, your hot list will be one of the bases of your business. But. You know like constructing it? First fundamental concept: The unique form of which you have a good list is The one that You construct to You yourself. One by one. It rejects any idea that you have in your head that is other people’s to this. I am speaking of a healthy list of prospectuses interested in your products or services.

Perhaps you are asking yourself: Because of a one? It is the form safer at least than I know, to be adding of a one, is that simple perhaps or you know another way better? if or, your you think that buying one it lists with 5000 members you advance long time and that or you have 5000 to who to sell . Ok, prubalo and you will see. Sabeas that means quality prospectuses? Any more i nothing less than ” potentials clientes” they are those to which really your products or services can interest them, the other, only do ” bulto” they only cause that your list grows, but Not that grows your sales. Contact information is here: Joeb Moore. Little by little and to step it signs is constructed a list, soon you must create confidence with the members of the same to turn it into one ” good Lista” I am speaking of a tempting list substantial of that you can extract sales, and coverall, repetitions of sales. If the members of your list have allowed you that you accede to its post-office boxes when your bulletin or mini course subscribed to, you do not defraud them sending sweepings to them, respectful of the possibility that offered you.

You do not only send commercial proposals, remembers that they subscribed waiting for information, you must occur it. In order to create confidence it is necessary that you include in your site your name and direction and if you also can a telephone, you will have seen many that way that they promise wonders in his site and appears neither name nor direction and until there are some incomprehensibly not even have a contact form. You would put your credit card in a site of these characteristics? I believe that to make the things good she has been the same time that to make them bad, only that the result is different. Finally: To send messages, Opt-in-email, is when somebody ACCEPTS that you send emails to him with information; is to obtain its permission to be able to make these shipments, since without that permission, would be e-mails intrusive. The opposed thing to Opt-in-email is nothing else and nothing less than Spam. Being respectful with your shipments you gain the confidence vote and that will allow that you can remain in contact with your prospectuses during long time without Very many Luck appeals to the so lamentable option of to erase not to receive more!

Like Obtaining to a Mentor? At the moment there are several people already in the Hispanic market who estan having real and sufficient results like being in capacity to be the mentors and to help other people. But some points important to select to a good mentor are the following: That has results PROVABLE (or a product, a page quite professional Web) That this associate with another Marketers professional (that has societies with other experts of businesses) That this arranging to be your mentor (don’t mention it he serves that the mentor is very good, rather must be at readiness to be it) That this focusing in helping This completes is probably the important part but. The person who your selections so that he is your mentor you have darte tells that this FOCUSED in her 100% in HELPING other people to secure results. Many people estan interested in ” to make money ellos” any more, but does not have the true interest to help other people to that they also remove their businesses ahead. Jonathan Segal FAIA may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For such reason *Un Genuino* Interest in apoyarte is fundamental to select to your mentor. Now, to finish I want decirte that YOU LOOK FOR this mentor. If you really want to reach superb results east year, escribele an electronic mail or contacts the person who furthermore FULFILLS these requirements and, that are one of the people whom but YOU TRUST and pidele directly that is your mentor. Probably many they diran to you that no, some others do not cumpliran with the characteristics necessary to be your mentor but please FINDS this mentor if you really want to reach good results this year I invite to you to that you investigate but about the Marketing of Affiliates so that this can be your option..

Known like factoring, the factoraje is a mechanism of short term financing by means of which a company or physical person with enterprise activity sells its accounts to receive effective to a factoraje company. This company, in exchange for a commission and presentation of certain documents, facilitates cash in a period of time that can vary between 48 and 72 hours. In Nicaragua one discounts until the 80 percent of the value of the invoice. Soon the totality once acquired indeed the invoice is pleased to the buyer. The minimum of line of credit that is granted walks around thousand and two thousand dollars, amount that could be divided in several invoices. The factoraje is considered a figure very little well-known in Nicaragua and at the moment a legislation does not exist on the matter.

Product of this deficiency in the legislation, the unique type of factoraje that has been able to develop is the factoraje with resource, in which, the selling company that endorses the invoice to the financial being not releases completely of the risk. It is by that, before a situation of nonpayment on the part of buyer, the factoraje company resorts again to the selling company. The requirements are: the recent act of constitution of the society, financial statements, banking statements of account of the last months, the general power of the people who sign the change letter and a document of acceptance or irrevocable letter of payment by factoraje. The benefits of the factoraje *Proporciona liquidity *Nivela cash flow in case of seasonal sales *Reduce the financial leverage *Permite to take advantage of discounts suppliers and discounts by purchases in great volumes. *Permite to increase to the volume of the sales when having possibilities of giving conditions of payment on credit to the clients *Permite to extend the terms of credits to the clients, which constitutes a tool to trade products or services. *Racionaliza the risk of losses in accounts to receive *Disminuye costs in credit areas and collection *Otorga a greater formality to the collection *Permite the specialization by means of which, the companies can be dedicated to development of its own businesses According to the specialists in the subject of the factoraje, one of the great benefits that are come off this activity has to do with the specialization, where is the factoraje companies those that they specialize in realising the collection workings, which allows the companies to dedicate itself and to specialize in their own businesses instead of of walking pursuing to their indebted ones, with all the costs that this implies. Is very different when the same salesman of pgueme commands to him please to the letter, from when sends to the same letter a company to him that is specialized in collection.

The company once with its invoice already can be forgotten that. The Factoring is a financial singularity that lubricates the operation of the economic life of the companies. If these in Bogota or Cali and you have invoices that you can negotiate, you obtain very good alternatives in Factoring Colombia or factoring Cali. These alternatives allow to obtain liquidity and make possible an urgent cash to be able to continue creating economic advantages in the market.

One of the factors if not the most important moment for undertaking Businesses online, is the one to attract people to visit its Web site, to generate volume of traffic in the same and later to be able to offer our products or services in the Network. But the most common errors that businesses by Internet are committed when undertaking, are not to know how to determine which is our objective public and how we can reach it. 1. – Like a key strategy for it, we can mention sending a campaign of promotion of its Web site to a specific good public, a public who has a true interest in which you you offer. This strategy consists of promoting its Page Web or Blog through diverse platforms in the network like being the Social Networks, Forums, Blogs of its niche of market, communities, etc., where in each realised commentary it will have to insert a connection towards his page Web. This will cause a viral effect towards its site and will generate much traffic of visitors. Once it obtains this, the following step is to go where is its potential client, to show to him what is what you are offering really and what contemplates its Business Online, to interest it by means of a News bulletin, in products or services that you offer, in its Web generally. 2.

– Its Blog or Pgina Web in the Network never must be a quiet billboard. Everything must invite the visitor to take action, is necessary to orient texts, bellboys and forms to that the visitor wishes to receive something that you offer. Conclusion. – a) It looks for his objective public and ofrzcales the services that they need. b) You must be useful for his buying potential, since while more useful it is, and better results will obtain more. c) He constructs an attractive identity to wake up interest to them in tying with you. d) Trigalos where you are: to its Web site, its Bulletin, its Forum (if it has one), to its community, etc.

e) Llvelos to the action. Of this form blog will manage to generate traffic to his and therefore it will be successful in any Business Online that wishes to undertake. I hope that this article has been of its affability and please it lets a commentary to know your point of view.

Walter Ritter

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Today Douglas still has the same job, but it did not progress, in contrast, Silvio has its proper business, a plant of furniture today. I am thinking, I will be that you if did not repent for having if married with Douglas? RAQUEL: – It is clearly that not, I was not married for money! SUZANA: – I know that the Silvio still likes you. It does not lose the hopes. RAQUEL, CATCHING A TIJELA IN THE CLOSET: – You have some thing against the Douglas? SUZANA: – Not, but I was with one badly to be since that time that it threatened to beat to you RAQUEL, IN A DEFENSIVE TONE: – It was drunk, lost the reason! That never more was happened again. Raquel came back to think about that shout, to the look toward the house of Walter Ritter. It had light in one of the windows, probably in the room of it. It waited some time observing the place and as she did not see no movement and none another sound, she came back to the computer. Black clouds had started to cover sky and the night arrived more early.

A lightning clareou the followed exterior of a thunder. The lights if had erased suddenly. Raquel if scared. The house was in the darkness and it had fear of the dark one. A voice in high tone sounded again in the house of Walter. Jonathan Segal FAIA is likely to agree. Disturbed, it dressed a blouse, it went down, it left for varanda and it was for a moment looking at for the housing to the side.

Some thing was happening there. Perhaps Walter liveed alone, had suffered an accident! Rain started to fall. The electric energy came back. Now it had light in the interior of the house of Walter. Deciding itself to investigate it, it was directed for there. Finding the door of the front only leaned, it pushed it and it entered in a small room, with a sofa, center table and a bookshelf I contend some books, a device of television and a record player. RAQUEL: – Mr. Ritter! I am Raquel, its neighbor! I silence. RAQUEL, RAISING THE VOICE TONE: – Mr. Ritter, you is in house? A grunt sounded in some place in the deep ones and it abajur decided to advance for a corridor illuminated for one on one cmoda. It passed for an open door that disclosed entrance of an immersed bilge in the blackout and after to give two steps, stopped and retroceded when creaked hearing one. It came back to look at toward the entrance of the bilge. Of the blackout back in low a disforme being appeared, corcunda, with one of the eyes semiclosed for a wrinkled membrane, the red eye, the twisted humid mouth for a side, some dark thing draining of the forehead for the face of rough skin, the left arm hanging to the side of the body, the hand with the folded fingers as if it was a threatening claw. Raquel cried out of terror, withdrew esbarrando in cmoda and making abajur to tumble in the wooden floor. As the monster obstrua the exit, it ran for the interior of the house, looking for the exit of the deep ones. Arriving at the kitchen, it found Walter fallen in the wooden floor next to the stove. It did not linger itself, tried to open the door of the deep ones, but she did not obtain. RITTER, RAISING THE TRUNK: – Calm! It does not have fear! RAQUEL, UNCONTROLLED: – I want to leave! They leave

In the current days, a company must operate in a economy of high level, with good efficiency of the logistic activities, becoming a factor of survival and favorable competitive advantage for the market. Thus, the logistic activities supply the linking of the producing regions and its markets, that now, can be separate geographically. With this, the national level starts to be the logistic efficiency a great factor of competitive differential for the company and international, beyond its management to make possible the integration of all the operations of the company, affirms Ballou (2001). Bruce Flatt may find this interesting as well. For Ballou, the definition of logistic follows the same theory of the CLM? Council of Logistics Management; professional organization of managers of logistic, practical professors and, formed in 1962 with the intention to offer continued education and to foment the interchange of ideas. For this author, if to deal with a process of planning, implementation and control of the flow efficient, ' ' … being its mission to make use the merchandise or the certain service, in the certain place, time certain in the desired conditions, at the same time where it supplies to the biggest contribution empresa' '. (BALLOU, 2001, P.

54). THE CEL? Center of Studies in Logistic of the COPPEAD, uses the modern integrated concept of logistic: The logistic one is not only plus a modern managemental tool, it is also an important economic activity, contributing of significant form, for the structure of costs of the company. For Christopher, logistic it is a central process business-oriented and the organization must face the same one as part of its strategy of marketing. Ahead of this explanation, the author describes the logistic one as gerenciador process of strategical, therefore he fits the movement and finished storage of materials, parts and products. For the author the source of competitive advantage is found, first, in the capacity of the organization to differentiate itself of its competitors to the eyes of customers and, in according to place, for its capacity to operate the low cost, getting bigger profits.


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Readers. He exactly had in the region a farmer who made question to always keep optimum maize inside of its hen house, all age always arranged and clean, in the start when the hen house was pressed always was thus. Certain day a hen started to visit with frequency the hen house of the farmer, therefore the maize was of good quality and was treated well, as gratefulness always deposited a gold egg in the nest. The farmer started to treat the hen very and feeds it better because wise person well who it was its hen of gold eggs. The farmer very atarefado with other businesses started to neglect of the quality of the hen house and certain day delivered the space to the cares of a team that already did not treat the hen so well and many times frighten arrived it because other hens had many to take care of. Go to Joeb Moore for more information. The hen more passed not to visit the hen house with frequency because it tired badly of being treated by the team of the farmer. The Farmer perceived that the hen house already was not more income-producing as before, the eggs was of good quality, but he lacked one, the gold egg, more income-producing. Source: Bruce Flatt. The Farmer was then to look the hen, ordered a ticket, ordered as and the nothing, until one day egg in another nest saw the hen botando.

The customer is that person who brings the profit for the company, is it who together with a good enterprise management makes the company to grow and if to develop, many entrepreneurs after some time forgets that the customer is the true source of income company. Vender is relatively easy is enough that let us have some aptitudes as to know the product to be educated and to like to deal publishes with it to only put this is not enough, has that to enchant the customer. But as we must enchant our customers? It does not have one formulates magician, therefore we are dealing with a human being and as we know each one has a taste or an opinion formed on the subject, we can have some ideas of as we can make to enchant our customer, first we must start for the environment keeping a clean and organized point of sales with organized and personal a show window arranged, shelves of sales well trained well. When I say staff of sales I also mention myself to proper owner of the business or its family. Between the strategies that must be used they are: in such a way to compliment the customer with a smile in the entrance as in the exit, to ask its name and to present themselves saying its name and saying that this there to help it, prevents to come close itself immediately, ask to it if know the product or the attendance of the store. Other strategies exist many, but the objective of this article is to awake the entrepreneur for the necessity to value the customer, to treat each customer in accordance with its necessities wants it is great or small, therefore it is who brings ours ' ' egg of ouro' ' . We go to reflect on this! (Peter Pablo Galindo Morales is Technologist in Management, Postgraduate in Controladoria, Technician in Accounting and blogueiro,).

The Professional

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The use of psychological tests in organizacional field e, more specifically, in staff election, is relatively recent. However, it does not have to be one isolated technique, but yes a set of diverse techniques used in the psychological evaluation, of way that, the results gotten in the tests can be lined up interpreted next to other information gotten on subject to the end to guarantee fidedignidade to them in the process (BENUCCI, 2003). It is known that during much time the practical one of the use of psychological tests in staff election suffered to drastic consequncias how much to the descredibilidade and disuse from the instrument, way that, until the present, the use of psychological tests still is questioned by some authors and professionals of proper Psychology how much the veracity, validity and fidedignidade of its results. However, for Pasquali (1992), these questionings and doubts will remain, however the overcoming of these investigations must be searched that have origin in distinct areas of study to recognize and to value the practical professional. Schmidt and Hunter (1998) reveal favorable the use of tests in staff election, currently, because she makes possible to value characteristic aspects, as abilities and personal abilities of each candidate, in order to facilitate in the definition and characterization of the professional to the point to diagnosis if this it possesss good adaptation the distinct contexts, if it is motivated, dynamic, if it faces the obstacles as an overcoming form or if it gives up when it finds some difficulty, therefore the organizations believe that its new collaborator must possess personal abilities that are compatible and essential to the development of the business. Soon, the companies search for professionals who are lined up to the profile of the established abilities it position to be filled. In accordance with, Passarelli (2004) cited by Pear tree and cols.l (2003), the psychological evaluation with the use of tests can bring resulted satisfactory as well as inexact.


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Education to have courage to defy logic, to lose the fear to make a mistake and to add value to its company with improvements and innovations. The Creativity and the Innovation of the Companies In the corporative scene many entrepreneurs believe that, when its companies go well, it is not hour to move because they are ' ' enxutas' ' , the sales are in high, its technology are brought up to date, the satisfied customers and fidiciary offices. E, when asked what they are making at this moment, them they answer that they are ' ' keeping the rhythm and correcting small daily shunting lines, therefore in teams who is gaining not if mexe' '. Here it is there the potential danger, therefore as business consultants is accurately in this hour that the organizations would have to think about improving and innovating. For they are in the ascending curve that if must consider the innovation, therefore this would be the moment most comfortable it organization to change its history or its products.

In the truth these specialists advise the company not to wait the curve if to stabilize to improve, because in these hours the costs are greaters just when the profit is steady. The consultants affirm to be one ' ' error fatal' ' the company alone to consider ' ' repensar' ' when already she is in the descendant, when the investments are scarce. Therefore most of the time already she is late for reacting and recommencing. For these scholars, in the descending, the dumb company the focus of the customer for same itself? methods and processes? loses the contact with who more can help; that is, the customer. If the company goes well, exceeds the barrier of the focus in the customer, concentrating itself in the learning and the knowledge to give a new jump. The curve of profits will have a fast fall, but soon will be compensated because the ascendant? after the innovation that of the certainty? more it will be accented still.

ACADEMIC FORMATION Where I studied and when? Here he mentions yourself given it as: Average education, Superior Course, After-graduation. IDIOMAS/INFORMTICA Which the language that I dominate? English? Spaniard? Courses of computer science that are important for my resume? Others. COURSES Which the courses> that already I made and are excellent for the intended position. Joeb Moore is often quoted on this topic. PERSONAL DATAS Which the data of my personal life that are excellent: age, civil state, number of children. One remembers: The considered steps are mere suggestions.

You can adapt its resume of the form most convenient. An only model does not exist, not if it worries if it will be produced in one another order. The important one is to be coherent and clearly when displaying its objectives! REFERENCE OF CONSULTED SITES National bank of jobs Canal of jobs Careers and Jobs Catho CVNET Financenter Gelre Voc s.a. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES HOWARD, Simon.Como Preparar a Good Resume: Its guide of personal strategy. Publifolha publishing company, 1999. PARKER, Yana.Como Fazer an Excellent Resume.

Ten basic steps to make a Winning Resume. Publishing company Sextant, 2000. 2 MODELS OF Curitiba Paran Phone: (041) 999 99 99 (cellular) (041) 222 22 22 (residential) (041) 333 33 33 (message Janana) email: pedrosilva@ ACADEMIC FORMATION OBJECTIVE Coordinating PROFESSIONAL of General Services ACADEMIC FORMATION (1998 2000) Average Ensino State College of Paran IPAI MAIN QUALIFICATIONS QUALIFICATIONS 8 years of experience in the area coordination of General Services; Ability in organization of events; Capacity to co-ordinate, to plan and to organize; Ability of negotiation and leadership; Knowledge technician of the monitoring area. EXPERIENCE PSION PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1999 2002 SOUTH NORTH company of security and monitoring, monitoramento system saw satellite. Function: Coordinator of General services Supervision of the services of would carry> 1998 BRAZIL ASSOCIATES leader company in the importation branch and exportation of electric materials. Function: Person in charge of General Services Responsible for the act of receiving and delivers of the Pouches (national and international); Accompaniment and scripts of deliveries of Pouches; Control and clerical supply of materials; Supervision of security services; Verification of imperfections in the system: electric,> 90 hours; Resources in Security of the Work 30 hours; Conservation and Cleanness (General Services) 15 hours. RVAES COMMENTS 32 years; Married; 2 children. APPEARED MARIA SALTY SAINTS Address: Av. Paratins, 45 New London World 81020-300 Paran Phone: (042) 999 90 90 (cellular) (042) 211 11 11 (residential) (042) 333 33 33 (message Jose) email: mariaaparecida@ ACADEMIC FORMATION OBJECTIVE Period of training of Marketing and Propaganda ACADEMIC FORMATION business-oriented Marketing and Management University of Marketing London Beginning: jan/1999 Ending: dez/2002 IP QUALIFICATIONS WORKS CARRIED THROUGH THERE Accomplishment of a work on Social Marketing – Third Sector, in the college, where I got the first rank in the University; Project of Marketing of Market, in supermarkets of the region of Native of London; Accompaniment in the development of> Paranaense University); Propaganda and Medias: New Routes; the Importance of the Internet; Improvement in Audiovisuais Techniques; Medias and the Propaganda.