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The authors in such a way tell the heterogeneidade in the social scope how much in the professional scope existing in the groups of nocturnal average education, in the case, the EJA. if he cannot be unaware of that Brazil if detaches for presenting a sufficiently negative picture as for the escolaridade of the young population, therefore presents inferior indices very the countries with equal level of economic development. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ajit Pai. (Nsia Trindade Rasp, 2004, P. 95) According to Nsia, (2004, p.95) lack of escolaridade on the part of the young Brazilians is consequence of absence of one politics that prioritizes professional education integrated the Young Education of Adult. Speaking candidly FCC Chairman told us the story. Therefore the uncertainty of the professionalization makes adult young pupils to vacate the classrooms. It is very overwhelming to know that the young and adults of our society if feel soldiers on barrack duty to usufruct of the school, who if feel distant very of the professionalization, that abandon the schools for these reasons and that the Brazilian education can cure this problem. Dalila (2004, P. Declan Kelly has many thoughts on the issue.

169) standes out: We are impotent ahead of the constatao of that the young that works if sees soldiers on barrack duty to usufruct the school and of that the young poor persons whom they insist on studying find serious difficulties to conciliate study and work. (Dalila Andrade de Oliveira, 2004, P. 169). Very interesting what Jane Paiva said, (2004, P. 209): As modality that is of the education basic, the EJA cannot be thought as it offers lesser, nor worse, nor less important. It is important to point out mainly that the Young Education of Adult is so important for the population in general how much any another modality of education, if it will be interacting with the professional education. Therefore she is through the professional education that the individual gets the capacity to become fullfilled itself and to feel itself independent before the society where he is inserted.

The most comfortable mattresses with the base model of the system of independent springs, each of which is placed in a separate cheholchik. This helps distribute the load over the entire surface, so this mattress has the best orthopedic effect. Naturally, the more the springs, the mattress is more comfortable, but, respectively, and more. As a filler in mattresses used coconut coir (it increases the stiffness), latex (improves elasticity), and as polyurethane foam, foam rubber, etc. It is important to purchase matches your height and weight. The maximum permissible load on one bed is indicated by the manufacturer. If the bed will divide the two, be guided the weight of someone who is heavier. Another valuable addition – quilt covers, which prevent displacement and pilling of the filler. More information is housed here: Joeb Moore.

In addition, some models have a function "winter-summer, when with one hand under the mattress fabric cover is stitched with cotton, and on the other – with hair. In order to fully assess the prospective purchase, do not hesitate to lie on the bed right in the store. Lie on your back: If your hand is free to pass by the loin, then a mattress in measure elastic. Then turn to the side and check to see whether the spine is curved in such a position. In order for the filler is uniformly compressed, while the mattress remains flat in the first three months after purchase regularly turn the mattress. The only exception is foam mattress, which can not be touched. Use a removable cover that can be cleaned or washed – then a mattress will always remain net. Do not forget to vacuum the mattress as well as the bottom of the bed. It is not necessary to fold, bend, or compress a spring mattress. If it needs to move, lift the mattress provided solely for pens, not to broken skin.

From the cradle to the end of life people live in communion with the tree. Janet L. Yellen contains valuable tech resources. It gives the breath, warmth, food, caressing eyes. Trees, like people, live and die. Man finds immortality in his work, wood – in the works of human hands. The development of civilization in Russia is directly connected with the tree. Pagan idols, the Christian churches, huts with intricate carvings and sumptuous decoration of palaces, all of this tree. On tues, Laptev, utensils – to original works of art – hours with wooden instruments – all our ancestors created from wood.

As already mentioned, the trees live and die and, therefore, have their own anatomy, structure of the organism. Master of art of wood carving are needed knowledge about the structure of wood, its physical and mechanical properties that must be considered in the manufacture of products. Part of the tree tree is divided into three parts: root, stem and crown. In the arts and crafts and visual arts are used in virtually all parts of the tree (, floral, etc.). Carvers use the main trunk, ie, wood. The structure of the wood structure of the trunk has a rather complicated structure that we observe in the longitudinal and transverse sections.

The bark is composed of two layers: the outer – and inner pith, which is called bast. Outside is a crust that protects the wood from the outside impacts. Cambium is located between the bast and wood – it's tender and juicy layer that provides tree growth by cell division, part of which remains in the cambial layer, and another part goes to the construction of bark and wood.

EMILIO the PRADO OF the FONSECA Many professors who act in education had not passed for one adjusted preparation to assume the teaching function. He acts in the educational field as form of complementation of the familiar income and not as vocation or main activity or of exclusive devotion. That is, it ‘ ‘ est’ ‘ professor. Janet L. Yellen may not feel the same. The inverse one also is part of the Brazilian educational reality, where, the low wages compel the professor to fulfill extensive horria load of work without counting to the tasks extra classroom. However, the necessary to be prepared, physical, mental and intellectual professor to face this situation and to be qualified for such. For Sabino (cited for YOU WOULD MAKE et al., 2011, p.137) ‘ ‘ …

the docncia is not restricted to the domain of the content, also happening on ‘ ‘ so that ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ as fazer’ ‘ ‘ ‘.

For the modern 'new' style born at the turn of 19 and 20 centuries, as a movement to create a style of his era, used the rejection of old style forms, the search for new materials: iron, glass and concrete. Free planning, different levels of sex, great windows. The designer uses when working on the interior of improvisation on the chosen topic. On the walls we see the bizarre capriciously snaking line with the apparent trend towards asymmetry. The walls of the room a colorful, often decorated plaster plane-plasty. Furniture is decorated with a stylized plant ornament, it is dominated by languid, drawn, wavy shape. Architects in the same product were combined in a magic the unity of architecture, plastic arts, painting, decorative – applied art. We introduce the functional zoning.

Interior design achieves an incredible sophistication. The shape of windows, doors, staircases varied up to infinity. Stands out and achieves great expressive fluidity of rhythms, colors and textures. Often used in ceramic tiles, wrought iron, window and door floral stained-glass windows. Styles design. Art Deco Mixing elements of Egyptian art, American Indian exotic and primitive African art. The standard style and stylish are the luxurious interiors of ocean liners and luxury hotels.

For furniture style is characterized by the use of decorative elements in the form of zigzags, circles, triangles, suns. The color scheme used by rich browns, ivory, all shades of gold. Styles design. Minimalism laconic forms, reducing them largely to the geometric shapes. Nothing more. The design of the cultivated open space, highlights the aesthetics of simplicity and accuracy, all the elements of life carefully hidden. Do things easy silhouette and they are few. Complete lack of decor, ornaments, clarity of composition. Discreet graphics of walls and floors can be combined with a bright interior items. Design styles. Country Vperevode from the English 'country' means 'village'. This style is characterized by nostalgia for the quiet country life, in everyday life, which is characterized estestvennot and simplicity, the lack of pretentiousness. The interior natural for a country living brick and wood. Very popular cowboy motifs, fabrics in a cage or small flower, etc. Colours restrained: shades of greenish, beige, various shades of brown can be combined with red and green inclusions. Design styles. Hi-Tech is a modern modification technicism. From the preceding phases of high-tech features a demonstration of super-technicism in which building construction, engineering equipment and systems evolve into decorative and theatrical elements of exaggeration and sometimes irony. Hi-Tech is focused on the aesthetic development of metalwork and glass, as well as elements engineering equipment. It is important to highlight the beauty of the holders, lights, fixtures and so on. All the practical, functionally. Favorite colors: metallic silver, white, black, materials: metal, glass, pipe … Design styles. How eclectic interior style combines diverse, belonging to different styles of motifs in a single, which combines a 2 – 3 stylistic approach. Talent unites them in designer colors, architectural … solution. Used a combination of objects and furniture of different time and origin.

Nothing stands out more on its home as the appearance of the wood. You will find that the tables, chairs and other furniture made of wood can cause a great impression in your home. High quality wood furniture is durable, easy to maintain and is ideal for homes with kids or pets. When it comes to home decor, there is a warmth of furniture made of wood that you won’t find in other products. When this decorating your home, you can add a touch of class by incorporating some parts of high-quality wooden furniture. How to use wooden coffee table while the wooden tables can be used in a functional manner or simply decorative, it is preferable to have two qualities.

There are different types of tables of Woods to choose from, to add not just decoration in your home, but that they can serve a purpose. A coffee table, for example, is not only an attractive accessory for the living room, that can break, but is also functional. You can place accessories in the table in which you are working, eating or taking, when you are sitting in front of the table for coffee. You must have a coffee table that looks good in your room and add one to the living room. You like to have the security that is not overwhelmed the space, however is an added attraction. An elongated wooden coffee table goes best in a large hall, while a square coffee table is ideal for smaller areas. Using tables auxiliaries are used at the end of a piece of furniture as for example next to the chairs and sofas, a place where to place a lamp in the room, so as to place reading material, glasses and even beverages. The tables must be designed so that you can get to them from where you are sitting.

They are functional and attractive in any home. Using the shredder Cabinet the cabinet can be used in different ways and is ideal for a small house with only a kitchen. The furniture itself can not only rectify vacuum the room aside from the chairs and table, but this It can be used as a warehouse. If you don’t have a dining room, you can still add a Cabinet in the kitchen, which can be used as a Chinese storage place, where you can store rags and kitchen utensils. Using pieces of wood for decoration you may be aware that any store that sells wooden furniture, also sells decorative pieces, which have a dual purpose, be useful and make your home look attractive. Items such as sideboards, chests of drawers, Cedar chests, inclusive furniture to place television are made with wood, in addition to looking good, it’s easy to keep them and have a functional usage in the home. You will find a multitude of decorative pieces of wood for your home, that will add a special touch when you buy furniture made of wood. When choosing wooden furniture for the decoration of your home, it is not necessary to select the same tone of wood or finished it. Many people nowadays opt for choice eclectic way, when they are looking for furniture in wood for your home, giving a surprising outcome.

Details of knowledge that are important, will learn definitively in every circumstance of life, but the habit of the active use of well understood principles is the final possession of the wisdom. Differences between education for memory and data, and an education that is intelligent activity and search for skills to continue learning and to effectively dispose of the information, or conceive new truth if necessary should be very clear. We usually associate studies and learning with children. (This Mannheim3 has already observed it). Because the eldest was precisely that didn’t have to go to school, that he had received this basic quota of knowledge, that primary and final dose of truths that could already stay quiet. Be an adult was not having to study more. It saw no reason to continue learning.

But that which was valid for a stagnant culture does not is it more in our time. Hence the growing importance of continuing education. In traditional thought, the end was only known by Professor. The student had no idea where he was, nor what you would teach tomorrow or for what taught him what they were illustrating him today. The man, no matter whatever your occupation or task, is naturally a philosopher and can not be though it proposes it. What happens is that his philosophy, that of the generality of men, is what others thought by him and is constituted by the Repertoire more or less broad ideas and assessments of and from which live without repairing them, without worrying about knowing where they come you not that mean. The new vision of this nascent century education is to achieve thinkers and men and women able to analyze the reality, the environment of daily life. In the initial school period, the student has been mentally tilted on his desk at the University should be of foot and recognize its around.

You must leave the details and start to recognize the principles. Perhaps in this way, we can overcome the shortcomings in a society that by making effective use of science, shown powerless to comprehend it. We need to complement the science of physical nature with the dogmas of human reason. Higher periods of evolution, coincide with a being that it can investigate itself and glimpse the infinitude of the spirit, his own inner self. In this way, the understanding achieved by each person to consider, which advance by knowing, transmutara in principles, guiding its holder towards the prelude to wisdom, towards the knowledge of himself. Our task must be from today. Notes 1Werner Karl Heisenberg (1901-1976), physicist and Nobel Prize laureate German who developed a system of mechanical Quant-ca and whose indetermination or uncertainty principle has exercised a profound influence in physics and the philosophy of the 20th century. 2John Dewey (1859-1952), philosopher, psychologist and American educator. 3Karl Mannheim (1893-1947), German sociologist, founder of the sociology of knowledge.


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Exclusive souvenirs to order in a group of companies' RekHouse'Dlya everyone thing that gave him the road anyway. Road as a reminder of how and on what occasion it is presented to someone. Road as a sign of attention and care. Ajit Pai recognizes the significance of this. What to do if you want not just to please people, but also to surprise him with unusual your gift? In this case you are interested in the project "Exclusive souvenirs made of metal, stone, wood, PVC, PVC and glass." Souvenir, which offered to your attention, really unusual. They are unusual, above all, that they are not ready to option products shipped from the warehouse, and a very special, made individually for Your order produkt.Spetsialisty group of companies 'RekHouse' develop and izgotavyat for you gifts and souvenirs – will perform them in order. We will consider with all of your wishes, whatever they may have been unexpected. We develop together with You design things. We discuss all possible options for materials that can be done your souvenir or gift.

We use the latest tehnologii.Vashemu offer you a wide range of products from metal. This is different corporate icons clips, cufflinks, pendants, pendants. This medal and medallions, medals and ribbons. Key rings (trinkets), badges, nameplates, signs, certificates, tokens and nomerki, models, statues and stelae, nameplates on household appliances and office equipment nameplates, badges (logos and emblems) for cars. Labels, labels, and the nameplate on the bottle, as well as accessories for leather goods and furniture. Metal badge – common in many cases, a necessary component of corporate identity, observance of which is an important element of corporate culture.

Most recently, in 2008, celebrated its anniversary fashionable nowadays frameless furniture. It has long gained popularity among residents of Europe and America. The idea of creation belonged to three young Italian architects: Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro. Jonathan Segal FAIA insists that this is the case. In 1968, they appealed to the leadership of Turin Zanotta furniture factory with the idea of manufacturing frameless chair. Get all the facts and insights with Jonathan Segal FAIA, another great source of information. Name it received Sacco Italian for "bag" because of the lack of form as itself. Director of Aurelio Zanotta liked the idea, and after making some technical improvements, the chair went on sale. Interestingly, the chair initially produced only pink in Nowadays you can find it in almost any color.

Of course, this striking phenomenon in the world upholstered furniture could not circumvent the party and our country. Gradually the love for this convenient and original furniture form and penetrate into the hearts of our residents. In Russia, every year it becomes more popular. Contribution to the popularization of frameless furniture in Russia has contributed and the popular tv show Comedy Club. Red bag chair is very fond of the residents of Comedy and became an integral attribute many of the rooms. This is not surprising because a chair is very comfortable, practical and easy so you can quickly and easily move it. The audience is too fond, and he was immediately dubbed "Comedy chair." The so-called "Comedy chair" is the most common model frameless furniture, it has a pear shape (the drop) is another of his name is Bean Bag (bean bag).

Of course, there are also many different models, such as an ottoman, math, cube, sphere. There are even frameless sofas, representing a large volume bag – a great pillow, it can take you to the desired shape: it can and sit or lie down. And so, what represents a seat bag it usually consists of two covers (inner and outer). Poured into the inner filler beads of polystyrene, they are soft and elastic have a small diameter of 1.5 mm. Polystyrene is environmentally friendly it is harmless to health – hypo-allergenic Waterproof and durable. This material – perfect thermal insulator, retaining heat and giving comfortable feeling. He also has high strength, durability and low weight. On average, a chair weighs from 3 to 7 kg, depending on whether the child is a model or an adult. Freely rolling inside the cover, they take the form of the body sitting in a chair person. External Covers are made of different upholstery fabrics. The presence of two covers is a great advantage: firstly, it is easy care – you can easily remove the top cover, which is usually fastened with a zipper, and wash it or give it to the dry cleaners. Secondly, most manufacturers offer such service as additional blankets, ordering that you can easily and naturally for a minute to change the interior of the room. Have a special love for this amusing piece of furniture and children adolescents: the first happy absence of sharp corners and general hard surfaces, allowing them to freely fabricate the most intricate somersaults, not fearing to hear the cry of parents "Caution !". For the second it stylish and modern piece of furniture that gives individuality and giving freedom to communicate with friends. This chair will complement the original interior room, will come in handy in the country for a comfortable stay.

Holiday flyer ranks in survey of holiday flyer Condor was titled family friendly company 2013 “awarded. ServiceValue took 300 companies from a total of 35 industries examined in cooperation with the world on Sunday and the Goethe University of Frankfurt. “Condor reached into the category Airlines” ranked second and receives the seal of silver “. Condor thus once more clearly their quality as a customer-oriented holiday flyer. Academy of Art University oftentimes addresses this issue. “Condor is a family airline holiday air basically.

We are trying to make the flight for families, whether with pre-boarding for families, children’s toys will be distributed to each flight, the own children audio channel or changing facilities in each aircraft relaxed. Flight attendants are trained in the basic training for dealing with families already Condor. Family-friendliness plays an important role within our company: Condor spirit’ contributes together with the relatively small size of our company, that the colleagues feel as a kind of family. That’s why it is important to respond to the needs of the employees and to facilitate the settling of work and family for example flying colleagues through various part-time models with Condor”, Dr. Ulrich John will, summarizes Managing Director for finance, HR and IT, the special feature of the airline. Interviewed was online and excluding households in which one or more children live. In the online survey, eight evaluation criteria were used for the perceived family friendliness. Among other things was assessed, whether the employees are family – and child-friendly, if additional services are offered for families and children and whether needs are met by families and children. Condor may feel therefore the objective to meet the wishes and needs of its clients, confirmed.