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1. Do not answer to spam it is likely that at one time or another you receive a mail message that appears to be from a legitimate source such as e.g. your Bank and requests that you click on a link and enter personal data. As you perhaps know, this practice is called phishing, and if by chance you supply these data you risk that they fall into the hands of someone who will surely use them to withdraw money from your account or purchase items online at your expense. However, there is a very simple way of avoiding phishing, which is simply to ignore the links by email, instant messaging or any other channel. 2 Delete the history if you want to delete all traces of your online activities to avoid that criminals can do information, you’ll be glad you know that it is also possible to achieve this quickly and easily.

In Internet Explorer 8, click on the security option at the top of the browser window, and then choose delete browsing history from the drop-down menu that opens. In the next window you can choose the items to delete, but to keep you more secure, we recommend that you select everything and so anything not will escape you. 3. Correctly write Web addresses if by chance you write badly an address bar of Internet Explorer or the browser you use, you can end up in a seat that resembles the original but is in fact false. And if you then enter personal information in it, this could be employed in your prejudice. Thus, verifies provided that you’ve written them well, and if you’re not sure it installs some program like Browser Defender or McAfee Site Advisor check if the seat is legitimate or otherwise suspect. 4 Use a Windows Firewall has built-in a pretty good firewall that is totally capable of protecting your computer from unauthorized access from the Internet.

– Registration of orders to suppliers, monitoring the status of orders (ordered, in transit, unloading, put up for sale). – Consideration of receipt of goods, raw materials according to different schemes – the purchase, acquisition accountable person reception for the implementation, acceptance for safekeeping. – Separate accounting of its own stock, taken to implement – otvethranenie. – Exact calculation of the cost of goods, semi-finished and finished products. – Accounting for acquisition costs – transportation costs, shipping, handling and storage. * Control: – inventory balance in the context of repositories or warehouses.

– Unmet inventory data on applications or planned production. – Control of the stages of execution of orders on the supply of goods and raw materials. – Reserves, adopted to implement or otvethranenie. – Control of the goods transferred to customers in the implementation or storage. * Analysis: – Execution of orders to suppliers and their obligations to buyers. – Procurement in the context of arbitrary trade facilities (providers of accounting, the user registers), purchase orders, product nomenclature.

* Planning: – Calculation of planning needs in stocks, taking into account mechanism for the formation of recommendations for replenishment, including taking into account the planned implementation. – Reservation of goods and materials for customer orders, control of commodity reserves. Money and property. * Accounting: – Accounting for the movement of non-cash, cash, virtual money – on arbitrary bank accounts and offices of the enterprise. – Registration of primary documents – payment orders, cash orders, advance reports. – Consideration of purchase of materials, operating and intangible assets by type of income.

Cottage decoration is simple, look at without complications, the type of harvest. Here you will find the best ideas for the decoration of House of field, including the cottage-style furniture. Read, how to decorate a kitchen in retro style. and how to prepare your home for winter the first step instructions is to determine your color palette. The color palette in general cottage style decor is typically comprised of lighter colors including shades of blue, green, pink and yellow, although you can create an interesting and today home decoration type cabin with bright touches of red, yellow and green as a complement to a neutral as beige, cream or brown background.

The next step is to select your room’s handcrafted rustic style furnishings. Cottage style furniture can be new, reproductions of antiques, vintage or flea market finds. That’s one of the great features of the cottage of decoration, as it can mix and match furniture, so it is ideal for those who are It is decorated with a slim budget. Authentic design furniture key cottage is a simple look, without complications. Ajit Pai has firm opinions on the matter. The wooden parts are generally painted in a color lighter and are also in difficulties, whether by age or by design. If travel markets of fleas and shops of shipment that can find some interesting pieces that have simple lines. You can do that all coordinate and they converge in the same color paint that. Wicker and wrought iron are also great choices, so keep that in mind also.

The third step is the selection of fabric. Cottage decorating ideas fabrics are cotton, chintz and other natural fabrics. Stripes, paintings, flowers and solids are part of handcrafted rustic style decoration. If you want to create a world more a day decoration rural style, a more robust application and stripes, with details of flowers, for example. If your goal is to create a true country house look, mix and match different tissues, maintaining the color palette very consistent. Continue the palette of colors throughout the House, including carpets, accessories and artworks of your fabric and accessory selections will be determined how to decorate the pendulum cottage will rotate in your home. DECORATE House RURAL step 4 is the accessories. Accessories and decorative pieces in style of home decor can be the flea market finds, antiques or reproductions, collections and any thing that you like to be simple and uncomplicated. Be adventurous when it comes to find a use for a piece in your home. I used an old sewing machine, as a table of accent, trunks of reproduction / bags of different sizes as a final table and accent, and the curtains of the 1950s as a tablecloth. So make sure keep a mind open with the decorating home field of the decoration project. The last step consists of window treatments. Country decor with rural style is not difficult when it comes to window treatments. I’ve used a collection scarves and Bandanas of different layers of side to side like a valance. Lace is an option, too, if you prefer something more soft and simple. Wood blinds and shutters in light shades, are thoroughly mixed with a decor style cabin. You can always use Valances or simple side panels to add color to the Windows. Enjoy cottage room style!

The new online service for greeting cards, promotional cards, Christmas cards and invitation cards was before on the business to business exhibition dialog in Berlin. Serial card – the new online service of pin mail AG – turns on the BUSINESS TO business exhibition dialogue (b2d) in Berlin (on 5 and 6 September 2012 at the O2 world) before. They showed the benefits and use of the new online service for mailings, post cards, invitation cards, gift cards to 1,200 trade visitors and more than 100 exhibitors. Small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from the simple and quick realization of the mailings to the PC, as well as the worldwide shipping, is abgewickel within a day. The series is an online service of pin Digital AG, the daughter of pin mail AG, and thus member of the Holtzbrinck publishing group.Using the series map smaller and medium-sized companies, advertising agencies, online newsletter shop without much expenditure of time, without on a few graphic design services and shipping provider send real postcards to their business and residential customers can print address on the mailing Let.

Typical products that are on the serial card to complete, were gift cards granting to a promotion, greeting cards, discount cards, Christmas cards for loyal customers to Christmas, invitations to events, birthday cards to the employees or customers. See Joeb Moore & Partners for more details and insights. And much more. The online service is very easy to use: upload graphics for the front and back of the card, upload addresses of recipients via CSV and you’re done. Everything on your own computer or laptop, with a worldwide shipping. The invitation cards, greeting cards, or gift cards are printed on the same day and released for dispatch. The post card in the mail box is on the next day. Highest level of security and confidentiality is crucial to a series map. The personal data are well protected.

The company has a certification according to ISO 9001 with supervisor. Pin Digital AG has a mail transport license pursuant to section 6 of the postal Act. All transactions are SSL encrypted. The data for any purpose other than for personal Order (print and/or send such as invitation cards online postcards) used. Test the online service with a free sample card and feel the card into their own hands. You will be delighted by the quality of the print.


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"There is an obligation to give, an obligation to Receive, and an obligation to Repay" – Marcel Mauss Reciprocity is a human rule incorporated in all cultures and that supposedly comes from a significant evolutionary advantage: it allows the division of labor, exchange of goods and services and the creation of structures of interdependence that binds individuals together into larger units and more effective. The press group members to cooperate by threatening a loss of reputation for not working, so we all feel obliged to return (if any) for favors received (in other words, reciprocal altruism and Justice in our commenting Haidt moral). Even we feel obliged to receive (without this, the rule would be weak and fragile evolutionary sense). The simplest option is to offer something and then ask for anything more in return (a classic red cross volunteer regalandote a pin and then asking a voluntary contribution, or first visit to the dentist: no cost review!, or free samples of cheese in the supermarket). The strength of this trend is independent of whether we like or not the donor-petitioner. Federal Reserve Bank does not necessarily agree. In addition, the more surprise is in the gift, or in the request, seems to have more favorable response (shorted us the ability to turn the automatic in reflection). A significant problem for most common theme of this blog is, eg when doctors receive gifts from the laboratories (in the U.S. at least, it seems also that psychiatrists are the specialists: the dynamics enters TANSTAAFL (There Is not no such thing as a free lunch).

Education Life

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The art if has presented each time more, as an instrument of reflection and change for the man contemporary. Following the man since the primitive times, it always it had an important paper for our studies and reflections. The Benjamin as work of art takes us it another interpretation, that goes beyond the comment. This interpretation passes for an aesthetic one guided for the pleasure of the given taste its significao and reach of its historical meandros and its depth, considerable dimensions in if treating to aesthetic. Janet L. Yellen spoke with conviction. As the art is interlaced to the life, its function is to become daily the more significant and deep one.

The art is judged according to convincing expression of the meanings of the life and the emotions. For more information see this site: Joeb Moore & Partners . Thus, under this perspective, the art and the life are interlaced. The workmanship of Portinari, over all the Retirantes series, possesss a great social character that in turn guides in them to make a world reading, that will propitiate a construction of sensible for our reality. The interest of Portinari for the spectator something is very significant, over all for the fact to know that the art is a language capable to speak more than what words. The image always was used for the man to carry through its communication, this discloses its way of being, living and to perceive the world, therefore its reading becomes so important. As communication form human being it must be used so that let us can reflect on our condition. Considering that the image is translated by visual elements, its recognition alone is possible through the visibility, this because the ideas alone have a value and a direction, when articulated in understandable images for the man, that is, when a interatividade with the world makes possible it. Since the visual images are those that have greater significao for the man, they are these that possess a capacity to communicate to them in faster way and needs.

Musical Education

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Throughout history we can see that the professors fight to obtain valuation of the category and for better conditions of work, as perfectioning of the remunerations and a good physical space, where the development of the lessons is possible. In the musical area they are basic that the classrooms have acoustic liner, available materials as: device of sound, microphone, television, device of DVD, magnetic picture with pentagrama, proper notebooks for musical education, musical instruments, computers, amplified box and that education in the regular schools is systemize, that is, that the lessons occur at least a time in the week as subtende to happen with the others you discipline of the resume. In accordance with Loureiro Brides (2003): ' ' The problems faced for the area of Musical Education are many. Ajit Pai is open to suggestions. Amongst them we consider as of the bigger importance lack of systematization of the education of music in the schools of basic education and the unfamiliarity of the value of the musical education as it disciplines integrant of the resume escolar' ' (Pg.109) To understand the problematic gift in the education of music, it is necessary the knowledge of the diverse factors that are involved, to evaluate and to know how they influence in the process teach-learning. When speaking of musical formation, it comes sprouting of the manifesto for the implantation of Law 11,769, of 18 of August of 2008, that it modifies Law 9,394 of 20 of December of 1996, Law of the Lines of direction and Bases of the Education, to make use on the obligatoriness of the education of music in the Basic Education, which was approved in the Senate for the commissions: Education, culture and sports, constitution justice and citizenship, as law project. The education of music, will not be more constituent and yes obligator in the pertaining to school resume, and the schools will have three years to be adaptarem to the new process.


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To understand as the Education can contribute for sensitization of the ambient question becomes initially necessary to understand the paper of the School in the society, being other authors who stand out this subject, are distinguished: In this context, Barbosa (1987) it affirms that the human being, for having obtained to dominate the nature, transforming it and adaptando it its necessities, assumes leadership in the called process knowledge, that comes to be intelligible understanding of the reality, that the same it acquires through its confrontation with the same reality. This knowledge that is in constant transformation, does not meet finished, in view of that it is constructed in elapsing of the history of the humanity. In this direction, it exists since the moment where the inactive substance if transformed into organic substance, continuing until the forms highest of the animal scale and at its higher moment, that presents in the sprouting of ideas in the conscience human being. Luckesi (1991) strengthens that the paper of the school in the society is to serve as instrument of transformation of human being e, consequently, of the society. For in such a way, she is necessary that all the involved ones in this school become conscientious of that they can be transforming agents of one determined historical moment. The school then must work for the formation of a critical vision of the world, vision this that must be product of a set to know transmitted for the same one, in view of the diversity and the abrangncia of its boardings: scientific, social, natural and aesthetic. Luckesi still affirms that the transformations for which humanity comes passing imply in changes of habits, attitudes, values, combined with the pertaining to school education and for reflection of this context we would need to think: Who are we? If to stop to search this reply we go disorganizing in them completely, therefore he has very between what we are and what we intend to be or already we are. .

Now consider the second version of the education of children in mathematics combined with physical education. To increase physical activity for children can be in the classroom on mathematics, including in them the games and exercises that involve software solution of mathematical problems in mobile form. Movable components in mathematics classes can be grouped into the following series. The first series includes themselves at the expense of exercise movements. For example, bend as many times as the teacher (or once more).

You can offer to perform the movement (jumping, bending, turning, exercises for the hands or feet) to call a number or shown figure. The second series contains exercises on the knowledge of the value of the subject and comparing the length of a specific motor analyzer. For example, the notion of "width" is more natural to a child is known not to using specially cut paper strips abstract, but by pereshagivaniya (or skipping) "stream". Children are invited to compare the width of the "stream" at different locations and determine where in the "trickle" difficult to step out why. The third series consists of exercises on the orientation in space for the arms, legs, shoulder girdle, by throwing the ball in the direction indicated by the movement in a given direction, the orientation of the scheme on development of eye estimation (eg, knocking down the other pins, which stands to the left of the named child.) The fourth series includes job-relay in which the child is offered as soon as possible to determine the number of objects or to grouping by form, or to compare objects by size. For example, each team member in turn must doprygat on the right foot to the hoop, put in a five quads, running back to become a end of the column. The fifth series consists of didactic games for the formation of mathematical concepts, which can be performed in a mobile form.

Formation of readers: commitment of who? According to Lerner (2002), it is responsibility of the governments and all the institutions and people who have access to the medias and that they are involved in the problematic one of the reading and the writing, to contribute to form this conscience in the public opinion; still: it is evident the necessity of if continuing producing knowledge that allow to decide the multiple problems that the education of the written language presents, and to make it through more rigorous studies each time, in such way that the didactics of the reading and the writing leaves of being substance ' ' opinvel' ' to consist as a body of knowledge of recognized validity (LERNER, 2002, P. 43). One understands, therefore, that to form readers and writers, as it displays the author, it is necessary to dedicate much pertaining to school time to the education of the reading and the one of the writing. despite, to define as practical object of education social of reading and the writing assumes to give emphasis to the intentions of the reading and of the writing in distinct situations wants to say, to the reasons that take the people to read and to write -, to the ways to read, to everything what they make the readers and writers, to the relations that reading and writers support between itself in relation to the texts (Id. Check out FCC for additional information. Ibid., p.57). In such communication, the author still tells that, practical of reading and the writing as such they had practically been absent of the resumes, and the effect of this absence are evidentes: the reproduction of the related social inaqualities with the domain of the reading and the writing. These will continue being exclusive patrimony of that they are born and they grow in half scholars, until the pertaining to school institution can materialize the responsibility to generate, in its seio, the conditions so that all the pupils if appropriate of these practical. .