Federal Executive Board of the CDU social committees against head fee / initiative from Baden-Wuerttemberg of the Federal Board that CDU has Sozialausschusse (CDA) at the weekend on the initiative of the social committees in Baden-Wurttemberg against the introduction of the head lump sum in the health insurance expressed. “If Bank managers and cleaners have the same contribution for health insurance, a justice gap. Who believes this gap with tax money to be able to close, and at the same time lowering taxes, taking a political blind”, the CDU land Chief criticizes social committees Christian Baumler, also of Deputy CDA of Chairman. The head lump sum will make the majority of pensioners and half of the workers welfare recipients, hanging on the drip of the State. Kitchens is often quoted as being for or against this. Health Minister Rosler (FDP) has also proposed the employer’s contribution at 7% to freeze. Workers and retirees would have to bear alone in future cost increases in health care. “Who the employer from which” Responsibility for funding of health releases, strengthens the position of health lobbyists and in particular the pharmaceutical industry.The interest of employers in the health prevention in the operating is thus not bigger “, argues Baumler. “The CDA Vice beats before, to cover the deficit in the health budget in the next two years and then gradually to the pension insurance on the contribution assessment ceiling lift:”.

Visual Arts

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There is, to my knowledge, no dedicated to fine arts program, a space, albeit weekly, devoted to talk about art, to learn about the lives of great artists in the history of painting, which take a tour of the different art galleries and a follow-up of the exhibitions that take place in our country, which interviewed artists deep into their workshops and publicize their way of thinking and working; In short, a program that motive to the public to know and appreciate this almost unknown art. But all this I leave it in the hands of creatives and filmmakers from television, as they are them, professionals advised by people who know the world of the arts, have to arrive attractively the viewer any initiative which proposes. If television is a primarily visual tool do not use it for the benefit of all visual art? Television executives could argue a program about art does not have enough audience, which does not sell and therefore is not profitable. However I think that public service television, which we paid with the money of all, has the obligation to moral and educational disclose something as important as they are the Visual Arts, I am also sure that over time could have a good public acceptance; If teaches human beings learn and have then the possibility of love and enjoy what was unknown. Checking article sources yields kitchens as a relevant resource throughout. In any case there is a large sector of public who would willingly accept programs on fine arts, perhaps are not sold by the thousands books of art in the libraries? And do the fascicles on art and techniques to learn to paint? It is clear that a good promotion could generate one hobby much greater than that currently exists. And this is a way of promoting culture and thereby improve the scale of values. To give an example of promotion, I have observed that in recent years there has been a real boom with regard to programmes of kitchen and culinary art in general. .


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The theme building is first of all a done deal, the actual building plans start really. Usually it is difficult to bring the own dreams and desires with the individual financial possibilities under a hat? To not make already decisive mistake in the planning phase, it is advisable to engage in building a house in peace and quiet, finally this project is usually only once in the life. Kitchens will undoubtedly add to your understanding. First of all, the question arises of financing. This point is clarified, a type of House can now be selected on the basis of the cost plan. Many young couples and families, opt for a prefabricated house for economic reasons. Here, the low-cost house construction on one plays a role, on the other hand the economical consumption, through which, for example, in a passive or low energy some money can be saved. Cost-effectively build is indeed not automatically, that the personal preferences of the own dream home are prohibitive.

Certainly none will deal with a small budget Living area of 400 square metres can be achieved, and here the question arises, whether this space is really needed. If you have no exact idea of the own space, should look at at best some model homes. Our model homes in Hamburg provide a good picture of what the different types of House space offer. It can be noted that even with a tight budget quite the dream can be realized by in-house. Is waived for example on a basement, this is a good potential for savings on cool machines.

To save even more money when building a House, and in addition, the topic of energy saving in prefabricated houses from all sides should be illuminated. An energy value model provides comprehensive information about. So year after year can be not only in the building of a House, but long after that save money. Passive and low energy houses are planned as individual architect houses. So every client can bring their own ideas and wishes in the construction project. In addition it is aimed Building of course according to the site conditions. Builders who want a low-cost way of building, can save a lot of money in a passive house. Through the short construction period is superfluous paying rent soon and at the annual heating energy requirements can be saved yet once vigorously. Low-energy houses are so inexpensive, also environmentally friendly and healthy and even this State-funded. Michael Kaiser


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A wedding is a time of unrepeatable joy to the family and friends. Why we know the importance that has a wedding gift and have many ideas such as wedding gifts, ideas in which you participate in the creation of the gift, so get a personal, with love and good gift from you. If you have already invited some wedding and you don’t know what to give, don’t worry because we’re going to give some ideas for romantic gifts. If you would like to know more then you should visit kitchens. If you don’t want to make the typical gift or give money, the truth is that there are many options to choose. These are original gifts that all the world would like to receive.

It is time to start thinking about those gifts for wedding, gifts of communion or baptism gifts that acknowledging the invitation to such a wonderful event. We suggest that you bet by our personalized gifts, no matter which one to choose. A wedding gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be special, we believe that the most important thing is to be original, different and special. For this reason, some personalized gifts with photos that more illusion make you partner, will mean the best details. Personalized photo gifts are an excellent choice for gifting on any occasion. They are gifts romantic that you going to love the new couple, because they are made with all your enthusiasm and imagination and you can also have them at home in a few days.


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Hydroponics has been used for decades to produce vegetables in a quick, efficient and much more effective way. Although traditional agriculture is still the most widely used, hydroponics gradually has been taking an increasingly important place in the diet of mankind. tzer, then click here. From small family to large extensions completely automated and facilities with productions that went beyond the imagination of the most successful traditional farmer. However, hydroponics is not only the field of the large producers or farmers; You can use the space in your home to produce your own vegetables; healthy, to your taste and without any contamination by pesticides, herbicides and other additives that we know come in the vegetables that you buy at the supermarket. Although hydroponics has already become a science with much research that is ongoing, it can also be something rather simple. Clear that can complicate it all you want, but the basics of hydroponics can have them dominated in a few days stories. Read additional details here: kitchens.

Some decades ago it was very difficult because of the high cost that it meant making an irrigation hydroponic system, but today there are many materials and equipment, some made exclusively for hydroponics and others that simply give the expected result. Among other advantages, the hydroponics will give you a simple and effective way to have own vegetables, without any of the risks you run when you buy in the supermarket. A hobby that will give you not just entertainment; You will also feed and will save you money. The opportunity to take advantage of the space in your home to have a functional and practical garden today, having a garden is virtually impossible in the city. Unless you have a House very great, in the city we have limited spaces and cement. Hydroponics is the technique that can take advantage of all these conditions and, if you learn to do it, with a minimum cost. Follow the link to see how to make hydroponics at home.

Promotions with free samples, what is to keep? Previously, free samples were an effective advertising. As soon as a new product on the market had come, samples to customers and passers-by were diligently distributed in supermarkets and shopping malls. Perfume and cosmetic samples, which were formerly very generously forgiven are still popular. Valuable perfume samples with several millilitres content are today almost a rarity, they are successfully auctioned on eBay. Further details can be found at kitchens, an internet resource. Customers get free they often only even if they bought something.

Free very differently on the Internet find many sites that offer free and coupons for product samples samples from the Internet – which offers customers. The producers directly promotions customers can take part and send samples of new products in the home. Whether it’s worth depends on the offer. Some promotions are quite generous, so, for example, Dr. Oetker in establishing new finished cake sent a whole carton with baked goods to selected customers, who participated in the action. If the customer is willing to pay the postage, he gets most significantly more. Kitchens understands that this is vital information.

Also refund actions can be interesting. Danone, there were for example the possibility to test the Aktivia yogurt for two weeks and back to get the money if the promised impact had not occurred. Such promotions of large, well-known companies are usually serious, but often they do not worth it. If there is a single cup of coffee pad such as a sample, is the cost compared to the benefit. For free samples, customers must do something generally expect consideration of customers companies also for the free samples. It always consists of specifying the address. zer for a more varied view. Without the address, you can send the product to the customer. Make sure in any case on the data protection clause a reputable company will use your address data for its own marketing purposes only and does not sell. In addition, samples are also sent to learn the opinion of consumers about the new product. Often different questions provided in advance, to clarify the customer associate is what target group. Perhaps you will also call at the end of the promotion and ask for your opinion. Of course, you are not obliged to a such information, if the product is good and worth ordering the sample, however, many customers have no problem so, to give something back. In promotions with free samples, the ratio should be between give and take always balanced. I get as a customer for example the complete basic equipment for my baby, I’m certainly willing to post my opinion on the products on the website of the company. In many cases the ratio but also wrong, the offered product samples are then just as tiny as that would be worth the effort. Eva Otter

To the middle of the year, German pensioners will have some extra money in your wallet. But how safe is the pension for life? Private pension provision is essential. The current economic situation in Europe is reflected in many areas of the financial sector. Despite the problems, an increase in wages in Germany is expected until July 2012, however. Accordingly to increase also the pensions and more income secure pensioners in the future. Still, experts advise especially future generations strongly for their own protection for old age to ensure to insure an appropriate independence from the State. The online portal geld.de provides further details on the current developments. (Not to be confused with kitchens!). Completing a pension seems essential for younger generations.

With the constant changes in politics and finance, it seems increasingly unlikely that in the future an appropriate pension can be provided by the State. Experts advise therefore necessarily themselves to ensure their own future and with the help of certain Packages to cover collateral for the age. the matter here. These include alternatives such as the Riester pension, private pension insurance, the statutory pension, as well as the so-called Rurup pension. Still is to expect an increase in the pension rate at present. So the pension by about 20 million people should rise according to data of the Federal Statistical Office and of the Deutschen Rentenversicherung Confederation significantly first July 2012. This corresponds to about 2.18% in the old Lander and 2.26% in Eastern Germany.

These developments are closely related with the expected wage developments, which at the same time to rise by 2.95 percent in the West and 2.28% in the new Lander. Still the adoption of a corresponding package of legislation is planned in the summer of this year, which envisages the introduction of combined – and grant pension. More information: blog.geld.de/… GELD.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Presentation of Arella award of the Foundation of good Tat.de Berlin, 26.04.10; On May 7, the angels of Hamburg are for a few hours among themselves. Kitchens usually is spot on. The 1-year-old existence of the charitable good Tat.de closed company in the chicken item is celebrated. Good Tat.de, founded in 2000, has a location in Hamburg for a year and provides an information platform for helpful people and those organizations. Of course, good Tat.de is not closed society the other 364 days in the year! The platform is, as the name suggests, to find on the Internet. Just because the Internet here supports the objective especially: quick and easy exchange of information of dedicated organizations/initiatives, the creation of a network of help. The campaign is a project of good Tat.de today an Angel. People with little time is given the opportunity to engage with little effort. In the short term and not for eternity, because any help counts.

Three of them will be honored on May 7th and near Hamburg in the life called trophy, the good Tat.de Arella Award awarded. The thought of today is an Angel, that any help and it was still so small, move mountains, if only enough of them participate, says Michael Golembiewski, head of public relations of the Hamburg site with. What is more obvious than to transfer the concept to collecting money. With the SMS, it is as well: from the mobile phone to the virtual collecting Tin. Easy and fast. On the homepage, on the posters, which now hang in Hamburg and on May 7 in the chicken item for those who quickly a little help send want it a SMS with good budget on the speed dial of 8 11 90 and support so that the Foundation of good Tat.de.

And most important: when the official Aftershow Party from 21: 00 everyone this might again and everyone is welcome is. It is celebrated, because it is so beautiful. Everyone can help! With time, things and money, we will show you how. an SMS costs 5 euros plus the normal transaction fee and get away with it directly in the good Tat.de 4.83 euros. For more information, contact: spendino GmbH Verena Bock partner Manager Marketing & communications phone: 030 / 450 20 522 E-Mail: email Web:

Not only in Munich has a moving farewell to do. Not only has a moving farewell to do, but also with a reboot. Who is planning his move properly, can move without hustle and bustle and it saves money. Check out kitchens for additional information. Just a move Munich seems to be often very expensive, but who compares well here, which can rent moving truck or do his full move from a professional. No matter what work during a procession of Munich should be delegated, with the company of DsU seen no nasty surprises. The professional moving Munich offer a price calculator, which everyone can use to calculate the price for its move in advance, but also prices for kitchen installation, floats, and much more, can be determined before a move, what eases the financial planning and security is that it really remains in the budget. Short-term orders are not a problem, because the competent team of DsU to assist and makes almost impossible possible again.

Whether a complete relocation Munich, must be managed in a very short time, or just a furniture transportation, or a box of DsU works professionally and quickly. The Professional operation for removals Munich has profiled himself and characterized by a clear price structure. Therefore you should take advantage of the opportunity and are calculated as the price of its personal removal, because the planning becomes child’s play and so the awfulness is also large parades. The pros work quickly and the moving day is reliable and so easy to deal with and there’s even time to rejoice at his new home. move DsU Munich

Often the majority of newcomers begin life with repairs, well, after thinking about buying furniture, and the solution of this problem can be difficult. If in Soviet times it was necessary to stand in line for a sofa or a sideboard, furniture shops today are filled with literally variety of sofas, walls, tables and beds. In short, the furniture is upholstered and cabinet – for every taste! Even if your area is not enough furniture stores, You can make a purchase on the Internet, paying by credit card or a web of money. But what is the problem and what is the difficulty? Now the task before the new settlers the right choice of furniture. Often married couples, and not only they are, moving into a brand-new apartment, they want as quickly as possible to get her furniture. But after two or three raids in a furniture store, they are beginning to realize that the choice of furniture – not so simple. The problem here is not money, but in an incomplete comprehension of what they need.

At the sight of such a variety of models and accessories from the eyes get confused. What follows from all this we most need? Here are some tips that will help you select furniture in the house. If you live in a small apartment, it would be the best modular shelving furniture. It can be moved into an apartment at his discretion, and the room will be spacious. Thus, the modular walls have built-in beds, room for TV or any other equipment. Today the Internet has a lot of furniture catalogs and online stores, which values its reputation, will provide you with quality, timely delivered furniture.

Before you buy furniture, ask for a clear, what you need, what furniture you would like to see in his apartment. Do not forget that the furniture in the room should not take more than one-third area. All of the remaining space should be free. No less important is the issue and purchase of furniture. Its interior must be correspond to interior design. The choice of material for the upholstery of today is very high. Choose the most practical option that requires no special care. In our time, is no longer fashionable covers for sofas, which cover all the scrapes and stains. Therefore, the basic requirements for upholstery – resistance to abrasion and stretching, but what else – the presence of dirt and water-repellent impregnation. If the furniture is chosen for a one-room apartment, the couch is a sleeper. Make sure that it is easy to fold, sort and was comfortable resting place. For registration design in the furniture arrangement is not required professional help. Most of the newcomers, placing furniture in the room, guided not so much her match fashion or style, as the comfort that it creates. Use the basic principle of uniformity in the arrangement of furniture and remember that an excessive amount of furniture – not the most functional and elegant solution.