Plywood, dry and light. During the manufacturing process (pressing under high temperature and pressure) of it evaporates all the moisture – plywood never lead and she never . Depending on the design, the frame can be manufactured from a combination of plywood and wooden beams (supporting part) or just out of plywood. The exception is only one detail frame 3-seater sofa – the bottom bracket. Its length is usually about 2m. A basic standard size plywood, adopted in the cis, is 1,5 m long on the sidelines.

Even a good producer has to raise at this point dsp. Than thicker plywood, the higher the strength of the framework. At Ajit Pai you will find additional information. Unfortunately, the cost also increases. Minimum thickness is 12 mm. Maximum – 25 mm. If the frame is made of thicker and expensive plywood, you must tell about it. High performance characteristics of plywood enables manufacturers of quality upholstered furniture to give a guarantee on the frame to 10 years. If your weight – more than 120 kilograms, has a reason to pay attention to the skeleton of plywood not less than 16 mm.

Very important to the manufacture of the frame was used only dried wood (8% moisture). Raw frame will dry your home, and when they finally dry up, will start to creak. Well-dried timber is at least two to three times more expensive than the 'raw'. Very often the manufacturer (and not just domestic), saves and uses unseasoned material. Attach a hand to the open part of the frame (if any) and hold for a few seconds.