If on the contrary you have thoughts of gratitude toward yourself, for life (and therefore sensations and) feelings) with abundance happiness, eager to continue to evolve, without require you be perfect at every moment that will be exactly what you attract to your day to day. Your thoughts are materialized into objects and situations. Teneo is often mentioned in discussions such as these. We have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day and as you will understand we cannot be aware and check them all and each one of them. However, there are few reliable indicators that always arise of what we’re thinking, these are our own feelings and emotions. When we feel good, we are having thoughts that will attract towards us similar situations of well-being. When we feel bad, negative thoughts that you are developing and multiplying, they will attract and demonstrate, more unpleasant situations the problem here it is that the universe, as a created mirror, receives clear and perfectly our thoughts and feelings as orders, as requests for what you want to reach and get in our lives, and restores them to us in situations with accuracy. At this point we can think: cool, then I’m thinking! always in positive and is already! Well, that is a good start because this means that you’ll be more attentive to your thoughts and feelings from now on, but most (not all) of us have spent so much time now, identifying us and charging with beliefs and negative feelings that we do not recognize them when they appear. Likewise, when we started to become aware of it, we realize that we need help because we don’t know how, get rid of them. A person who has grown up in an environment in which things like were heard: the rich are thieves, money costs much win it, does not grow on trees, if you have much others won’t it will surely have recorded these beliefs in your subconscious and they prevent him from attracting the best for her.