A special place in the decoration of the home always was given to textiles. And rightly so! After all, decor fabric – it's not just curtains. There are many ways to change the interior design, decorating it with cloth and fabrics. Let's a closer look at this issue. The first two pictures, we see how to decorate a bedroom interior decoration textiles. At the top photo headboard and her feet – are decorated with purple cloth, which is complete with Roman blinds on the window.

Apparently, the lady herself put a hand to, to make your bedroom cozy. In the bedroom, behind a headboard wall, laminated woven silk. Woven wallpaper – that's a topic that helps make the interior more domesticated. However, these wallpapers are not cheap. U.S. Mint shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Well, that mozhnol think a lot of ways to decorate the walls of fabric – stretch fabric on the frame and mounted on a wall or hang it like a rug on horizontal guide. In the ethnic interiors are often used to decorate the walls of woven rugs, embroidered with beads and various other trinkets, as the next photo.

Looks nice, when the drapes and furniture padding or blankets to make it a harmonious ensemble. Any needlewoman can sew a set yourself, and blankets on the furniture can be both removable and non-removable. You can simply change the upholstery on the furniture with the upholstery and furniture staples. In ethnic and other styles of interior fabrics can be used for the canopy or a canopy over the bed (see next photo). Looks nice, when the bed linens, cover and canopy over the bed match any color or by style. We would like to dwell on the possibilities in the interior decoration textiles, kitchen. Kitchen is a room where you can apply the fabric in many places: as a window decoration, as the curtains instead of doors cabinets (in agriculture, ethnic interior), as soft removable seats on the chairs and stools. In the next photo you can see that the owners cloth decorated space under the sink. Well, a few ideas for textile decoration room with his hands. The variety of colors on pillowcases pillows on this couch just blows my mind!