On the opposite side were two sofas. When at last an arrangement of things, as are things have ceased to hold, it was decided a radical solution – get rid of all the furniture in the room. This was the beginning. What – that global rearrangements were not going to do – I wanted to do a minimum of cost. Nevertheless, after some thought decided to change the box on the plastic – a new elegant window immediately transformed the room, also ceased to blow out all cracks.

Now you can not be afraid to put the window seating, beds. How was the idea – that razgorodit way space, but it quickly vanished when we release the room. In – First, there was nothing particularly share – the room still small, and secondly, now even a sense of spaciousness, which we as time was not enough and not terribly like now it's feeling violated. Therefore, based on the same sound ideas about light and air, we plastered room wallpaper rich peach-colored and lit up a room (if used as light seemed to be lacking, despite the sunny side). In addition, the basic background, picked up wallpaper paste from another color, to limit them – have a zone that will be filled in as well – for example, you can hang a picture, photographs and so on. The ceiling was pasted special ceiling tile – is not the greatest investment. Next: carpet on the wall – it's already past. The small room is also a free lesbian at the same time, he also "Steals" space.

So we got rid of all carpets. Purchased a small, modern rug on the floor. The windows were immediately hung blinds, which quenched the sun's rays without darkening the room, and of course, beautiful modern curtains. Was purchased a sofa corner. The question of where to put it resolved itself – its size can be set only along the window (and the basis for it, we have prepared). Front of the window and, consequently, the couch, put the TV. Over time, this place will rise a neat little pile, now quite a large selection of furniture, including for small apartments. In the meantime, here placed floral corner flowers always solve the problem of interior decoration. Naturally, many people – so many opinions. Some of your friends to see our version, saying that furniture is wrong, that couch is not in place, resulted in some arguments. But we all arranged this way, the more that is still our main idea – a relatively large, spare room, visually transformed into a square and not loaded, the shaded rectangle, which looked like a room earlier. Of course, initially we planned a very small remontik-swapping (under permutation understood primarily take-out and unnecessary emissions.) As a result, we spent a little more – but it depended only on our desire and opportunities. In any case, when it comes to repairs and remodeling, is enough to start – and then there will be ideas and opportunities. And what is with all things? Part simply thrown away. And what do decide to leave, will be hidden in pantry, which in a small closet pereoboruduem. Indeed, to paraphrase the famous song, "a repair has a beginning but no end of repairs." And the fact that "there is no limit to perfection" – we learned into practice.