To take care of to the determination of the Superior institution of Education and the Legislation that Ensino conducts Superior the law, LDB9394/96, for the Supervised Period of training of the Course of Biological Sciences, I carried through the period of training in the Municipal School Dr. Israel Pine, and counted on the orientation of the Thaisa teacher Blacksmith Da Silva. The period of training was an important moment in my trajectory as educator. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ajit Pai on most websites. I taught and I learned, and as Pablo Freire says (2003, p.23), ' ' who teaches learns when teaching, who learns to teach aprender' ' . The supervised period of training of the Course of Bilogicas Sciences, that has for objective to take care of to the LDB and the internal norms of the State Univeridade of Clear Mounts, was carried through in the Municipal School Dr. Israel Pine, school of the public net of the State of Minas Gerais, located in the street Salustiano Boiler s/n, New quarter Horizon, in the city of Una-Mg, carried through in two parts, with extracurricular activities and Practical of Formation, I participated of pedagogical meetings, planejamentos, carried through analysis of pertaining to school reality, I participated of projects, advice of classrooms, observing the teacher regent and in it practises of the regency of lesson, being supervised and evaluated by the teacher Clea Mrcia Pear tree Chamber, and added a total of 120 hours of supervised period of training..