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That is, in the measure where ' ' Small Flor' ' technique was multiplied by the reproduction dafotografia, substituted ' ' the only existence of the workmanship for one existnciaserial.' ' (BENJAMIN, 1993. P. 168) For other words, at the moment where ' ' Small Flor' ' it is displayed, shown to the mass through […]

From this day, the things had gotten worse for we, already not Where I am that look of love of the times of the warehouse of the father? or reflected that our marriage did not pass of a favor for an old friend (my father). Then my pride of woman reflected in my soul, and […]

The Young

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On the second floor, which housed the large square sofa with colorful cushions, turned out to be a couple of free seats. Maria sat on the sofa, covered her short skirt pillow. – Mash, how about a little note our casual acquaintance? – Sergei began to talk when they half lay on the couch, between […]