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South African jeweler Yair Szymanski (Yair Shimansky) made the most expensive in the world of tattoo. It is not surprising, because it is 100% composed of diamonds! The creation of this exclusive body art worth 924 thousand dollars needed 612 polukaratovyh diamonds. As a living canvas for this truly brilliant masterpiece was chosen as the […]

So there should be a reality of any kind of common man to compromise? The answer, of course, must be positive and unequivocal, because only purely because of this everyone will real opportunity to live a normal life and bright. In addition to this with full conviction should absolutely state that in the definition of […]

After receiving a task from a second caster Plastic Kozlov Oleg Pavlovich, who was a senior at the site began molding of plastic parts for injection molding. Constructively to the electric injection molding machines is provided of the Override working body in an open enclosure. However, when performing the assigned work Korsunov AN, feeling that […]