The Tati had a friend and took together one day in the house of it. It was very pretty. Data decided to present it for the Beto. in the end of that one month, the four was living all together in the house of Data. This made each time more deliveries and never more it attends the TV. But, Beto all hour remembered it who some deaths were happening, for overdose, nor thus Given if it bound and it stopped. Source: kitchens. In the end of two months, it had bought everything that always dreams, liveed with the woman who wanted and optimum friend and did not import itself if somebody was dying for its cause.

It was only business. Finally the fifth period of the college had finished the final straight line outside tiring. But it obtains. Its notes were excellent. its very contented parents. It was intelligent, good for the people and studious. They did not have no claim of it. A friend of the college was namorando has some months, and it she was of excellent extremely likeable family and.

They had decided to presentear it with a trip in the summer and it had chosen a famous beach close to the city, would go to take namorada and friends. The Christmas is last in family and in the New Year they had been all to a party in the house of the family of the namorada one of it. The life flua normally. The only thing that bothered a little the parents was the passion that the son had for the computer. Ace times, it was hours in the Internet and the games. But, this craze for computer never had confused its studies and nor its life, therefore, found that it was part of the age, would go to pass: he was ape