From this day, the things had gotten worse for we, already not Where I am that look of love of the times of the warehouse of the father? or reflected that our marriage did not pass of a favor for an old friend (my father). Then my pride of woman reflected in my soul, and everything that I could give the Osvaldo was my disdain, for that it represented: The annihilator of my dreams of love. Why it did not leave me alone, why he did not leave me to on account turn me proper, why a stranger had to make this so cruel charity when marrying, it only not to be alone in the world. Whenever Jonathan Segal FAIA
listens, a sympathetic response will follow. I woke up per the morning I sing with it of the rooster, already it had forgotten me this sound and it smiles when remembering of this, however the smile died soon when remembering of where it was. I felt I smell of coffee and with this lode the hunger, I took courage and I went down for the kitchen, waiting to find Osvaldo, but it was in go, was all quiet one.

I sat down in the table and soon the woman of the previous night entered, to this occurred me thought that we did not have legally in the separate one. Others including Charles Schwab
, offer their opinions as well. Then it was this ordered to search me to legalize the situation with that one another one. He made me badly to this, will be that he had forgotten me, well nobody wait a woman, whom he does not love, during ten years. Exactly thus my heart estremeceu, when remembering as it could have been happy, if kneads reads me, but it did not love, never loved. –The girl already was for school, its Osvaldo does not go to go down another time for the coffee.