Learning on it as human improvement that leads to the evolution of consciousness, so that if there Domestically, we will have consistent and responsible solutions to the problems of life, but on the contrary if there is conflict in our consciousness we are going to generate is a lack of control on our planet, it must be remembered that our consciousness is related to all consciousness of humanity. The space where learning takes place is significant or holistic comprising or related to the classroom, home and community, these three are inextricably linked so that learning occurs spontaneously, on a permanent throughout life. Holistic education is based on the teaching of universal love in which the relationship of teacher and student is given from subject to subject in a conscious way, profound, comprehensive and spiritual. The paradigm that we are making is based on the separation of the individual and their environment, and this is reflected within the individual, as there is a divide that prevents it from evolving their consciousness, however holistic education is that knowledge is experiential for the student to appropriate him, since he takes it as significant and therefore it retains. Evolution of consciousness. To study the holistic education we must analyze the context in which they develop the four levels of Ken Wilber Kosmos handled based on the development of consciousness, he proposes four levels are: -The Fisiosfera (matter) is only matter. – The Biosphere (life, plants, animals) begins life on earth. – The noosphere (mind) thinking develops in humans.