Some dog training techniques to prevent poisonings 1st) technique of the nasty bait! Steps: The day before the training, the dog must eat very little to stay with hunger, we must ensure that before the lesson you have very good appetite.We will use a helper, possible unknown by the dog, so do not leave traces that are known to you. Auxiliary chosen, will have as its mission, leaving three pieces of meat (previously prepared) in places of easy access of your garden, but enough separated from one another.The dog should not see the Assistant.Pieces of meat, should not be very young to be swallowed just once, but on the contrary they must have an adequate size, so they oblige it to chew. On one side of the piece of meat, we will make a cut with enough depth, in order to be able to fill it.The entire operation filler, a person with gloves, taking care not to leave any kind of identification should be done.We will use ingredients such as pepper, grains of black pepper and ground pepper.We make a mixture with 2/3 parts of chilli, black pepper 1/3 and 1/3 of ground pepper.Remnants of the ingredients should not be on the surface of the meat, since if it detects its presence it wary and will not touch it.The amount of filling, must be abundant, for which satisfactory results. A leading source for info: Jonathan Segal FAIA. Once the filling, it is necessary to make a few points of seam to the pieces of meat to prevent the contents from spilling.Don’t forget that the piece of meat should be large enough to force the dog to chew it, and thus the exercise goes well.Once placed three pieces in the garden, by our helper and a span of half an hour having elapsed, begins practice.It motivates the dog, so that you go outside to the garden and when it does, we we hide, in order to see without being seen. The dog starts its accustomed the garden route and stops before the first piece, after sniff it will decide to eat it.When you put it in your mouth and start chewing it, the ingredients will begin its effect, making him sneeze.This is the signal we expect to exit our hiding place and quickly directing us toward him, rebuking him with NO strong voice!Arriving at his side, we take the meat and keep it, then we took him to the interior of the House again.Half an hour later we leave it out of their own volition, and us we again hide to observe.Past minutes the dog finds the second piece, this time it will hesitate, but the attraction will be stronger and will be available to eat it, suffering identical consequences.We immediately reaccionaremos, and proceed in an identical manner at the same time previous. We went with the dog, while the second piece is removed, and half an hour later, let him again in the garden, this time to find the third piece dog olfateara it and will certainly continue long.That is the time to go to his side to caress it, congratulate you and praise him warmly for having ignored the piece of meat.Dogs may learn that the only place where they must accept food is on your own plate.Again all day training by half during 1 month, not give up, he will learn it. 2 ) Rejection of the bait, another technique of training of dogs to read the full note invite you to enter to my blog now! CLICK here original author and source of the article