Not giving him the strength and hardness, texture wealth, it greatly exceeds it by a long persistence to deformation and toughness. An array of alder-dried alder has a yellow tint. The texture of alder is weak. Alder wood is soft, lightweight but very sturdy. Easily polished and painted. It is very resistant to water. The negative is the property of alder – it is very poorly drilled. Well simulated by precious woods.

An array of larch – wood is resistant to rot, especially under conditions of strong wetting. Appears on its face distinguish between the larch wood from pine, and sometimes from the cedar and spruce is almost impossible. Larch is heavy in the treatment of combination of beautiful texture with high hardness and strength, can be used for larch manufacture of furniture, flooring, stairs, doors, windows, bearing wooden structures, designed for use by many generations. Solid pine – pine in texture can easily be confused with larch. Comfortable in handling the material, however, because of the striped texture is rarely used for fine carving, but this time you can very well beat at iztovlenii furniture or coarse thread that makes the product very expressive.

Pine with its bright colors and pleasant scent, undoubtedly the most “resilient” material. In pine, unfortunately, is too soft wood and it is easily scratched. Given that the pine is resistant to vibration temperature and humidity, the furniture out of it is perfect for a country house, to create a “country” style.