Travel management for business today faces growing challenges. Travel management for business today faces growing challenges. Objectives for the successful organization of travel within the company should be the integration of all relevant factors in an integrated system, it is important first of all to identify the tasks and requirements and to incorporate appropriate provisions in a company-specific travel management solution. Frequently mentioned problems are for example: where can I find the best deal? How big is it the time to find the right offer? I note the company’s travel policy? More problems lie in the often time-consuming travel expenses, there is often no standardized approval processes within the company. Booking ways are not uniformly organized, the travel organization within the company’s processes is complex. There is much potential in addition in the field Cost saving already at the time of booking. There is the possibility to book with reasonable service charges/fees? Do I need for this booking service? Do I have control over when selecting a hotel, airline or rental car provider? Is the flight really cheaper to book online? Here, it is important to carry out an analysis, which is geared to the needs and requirements of the company.

Successful travel management must incorporate all factors in a holistic solution, so that the company receives an platform increases transparency and controlling ways, to define clear and unambiguous processes and integrated approval procedure. Aim is the optimisation of processes, creating transparency in the Organization, as well as cost reduction for booking and expense. Through exploitation of cost-reducing factors such as gunstigigere conditions by provider, integration of travel agency and Web-based business travel solutions as a holistic solution, on the other hand can Price optimizations are being. By bundling, reduced fees, pricing and easier identification of appropriate offerings arise often considerable savings potential. The solution for corporate customers should include an integrated Web-based business travel solution therefore in addition to cooperating with the travel agency that makes easy and comfortably off these processes and enables a harmonise and standardization of travel management.

Image tours flight and travel service in Hamburg offers its customers a Web-based tool that is easy to implement, and also allows to take into account the individual needs and requirements of the individual company. So companies with smaller travel budget as well as large companies hereby get a comprehensive, highly efficient and low-cost solution that provides a comprehensive travel management in collaboration with our travel agency. Filed under: Declan Kelly. Get more information, Tel. 040-227 270-12 Mr Thorsten Augurzky or on our Web page under Thorsten Augurzky