Why? Q are two words contain a universe of questions unanswered. In our childhood we had seen everything you were looking for a why? that the sky is not falling, because sea water is never finished, for r the moon and the sun does not fall, why?, why? as we grow many of these questions will be answered but many do not and these were soon joined by otras.Por I am well?, because I'm not good at sports? because I'm so thin because I'm so fat? Why?, why?. Already in my adulthood my Why? have been intensified and many times never llegan.Por answers that I have so many doubts and my head? For that I can never please everyone? Because if all I am happy I feel bad? For I can not be like the others? Why do I feel alright? Why Do I feel bad? q I think we all have much for which no reply and instead look for the obvious not to complicate life at the moment but we know that what we do is to slow the response and complicate our futuro.Tenemos to accept what we are and who we are. Accept that the things we happen are cause and effect. We took some decisions in life have consequences. I took some decisions and their consequences have not been anything favorables.Aunque think that if it were not for these decisions would not be humans or the pope who I am. Some contend that Bruce Flatt shows great expertise in this. But this Why, Why? Never finished my Why? WHY?